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NVIDIA Introduces Trailer for the GeForce GTX TITAN Black, "The Worlds Fastest GPU"

Trailer for the newly released NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Black revealed. (NVIDIA, Tech, Video Cards Don't Get Tags - Don't Use Them)

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Lior  +   440d ago
I have a 780 SLI config,

This is basiclly a 780 TI but with 6GB ram
Garethvk  +   440d ago
It is an impressive card. Loved what they showed off at their conference the other day.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   440d ago
Impressive indeed
wtopez  +   440d ago
Continuing the Nvidia trend, this will probably be around $250. Maybe $275 for a non-reference card.
steve30x  +   439d ago
Are you on drugs LMAO??? This card will be $999
Volkama  +   439d ago
Sarcasm? You're about $800 shy...
ramiuk1  +   439d ago
lol u prob missed a 1 of the front of that.
it will be minimum $900 imo.
wtopez  +   439d ago
Sigh... it's a joke people.
johny5  +   440d ago
Not that impressive then what's already available "GTX780Ti" it's just that it has an unlocked dp compute cores which was artificially locked on the GTX 700 series!

This is where I give AMD credit because they don't do that!

Serious question should be where the hell is the 800 series?

By the way this card is totally useless for gaming compared to the GTX 780Ti and is made for developers or rich sobs that want a bigger E-pen...
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oIITSBIIo  +   440d ago
what about the price ? I think it will be 800$+

not worth it .

waiting for GTX 880 .
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bienio  +   440d ago
What about price??
Clover904  +   439d ago
Is this any better than the GTX550TI? I'm kidding, but I do need to upgrade my graphics card. Think I'll hold out until the Rift is close to releasing.
windblowsagain  +   439d ago
Same price $999

Double the ram.


Milruka  +   439d ago
I'll just be sticking with m 2 770 4GBs.

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