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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review - A Wonderfully Crafted Experience | FanBolt

FanBolt.com writes: "I’m pretty sure I fell in love with Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze before it actually began. The opening presentation of the story looks stunning and captures the player’s attention ever so easily. It’s great to see this new “evil” sailing in from sea, bringing freezing conditions along with it. The character reactions are really pleasant to see and it gets players ready to begin their journey into this new Donkey Kong Country title." (Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Wii U) 9/10

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Beastforlifenoob  +   499d ago
Trolling Review is trolling lol

Its just better graphics and you guys give slack on COD.

fonger08  +   499d ago
Just because you don't like 2D platformers doesn't mean this game isn't worth the 9s,8s, and 7s it's getting. Not to mention not one reviewer has said this game is simple. If 1st person shooters are your thing... stick to commenting on those.

I look forward to hearing your response... oh wait.
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bullymangLer  +   499d ago
sony fanpies say the same about mario 3D World for wiiU.

ha haa . so confused and butt hurt that nintendo makes better more inventive more challenging games using same iP.

lol sony ip's VS nintendo iP's
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Justindark  +   497d ago
why isn't this guy banned yet? he trolls way to much bubble down.

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