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FIFA Manager to Merge with FIFA 15 and a whole lot more

EA has been in the head-lines for some bad press of late. Controversy of a potential law-suit over the quality of Battlefield 4, and being nominated as one of the worst companies of the year for three years in a row has resulted in a lot of head-aches and heartaches at EA head-quarters. However, after speaking EA themselves they seem to be very optimistic that 2014 will indeed be the year for them. (PS4, Xbox One)

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FiLTHY ESKiMO  +   225d ago
Very disappointed with Fifa 14. This article has got me hopeful again.
listenkids  +   224d ago
Aren't we disappointed with every iteration? Every year the AI get's worse, I played Pro Clubs last night, was fouled and they got a red card, but I was sent off. But, we'll all buy 15 even if it's worse.
abzdine  +   224d ago
i didnt buy FIFA14 i stopped at 13 it was too much for me this series is garbage since FIFA12.
i am waiting to try next gen PES, i hope they get it right i want my habits from PS1 and PS2 days to come back.
SegaGamer  +   223d ago
For me only FIFA 07, and FIFA 14 have been worse than it's previous release. FIFA 13 was my favourite ever and i still play it because of how bad FIFA 14 is. FIFA 14 is the only FIFA game i have ever given up on since i started seriously playing FIFA in 2003. I really hope FIFA 15 is a big improvement.

There was a lot of FIFA's in what i had to say there :P
Sako  +   225d ago
I truly do hope that they remedy much of the BS of Fifa 14
XiSasukeUchiha  +   225d ago
Hope for this game is back!
chrissx  +   224d ago
Fifa 14 is such a disappointment I played it a few times and gave up. Hope 15 is more like 13 with the gameplay speed and player control
Linwelin  +   224d ago
But will these new features be on the PC version :( or will us PC users be fobbed of with PC not powerful enough rubbish from EA again :S
KNWS  +   224d ago
Fifa 14 was the worst Fifa yet. Honestly EA sales doesn't mean the game is good. I probably going to skip Fifa 15 unless i hear the game is good.
SniperControl  +   223d ago
I just wish they would sort out the off-side, it has been broken since fifa 12.
SegaGamer  +   223d ago
What a load of crap this article is. It's full of lies, nothing of what he said actually happened.

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