The Order: 1886 is Both Exciting and Worrying | IGN

The alternate history slant of The Order: 1886 speaks to me. After all, few things are more interesting than taking the historical record and bending and twisting it to make something new, yet subtly recognizable. Ready at Dawn’s upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive title strives to do just that, marrying its so-called “Neo-Victorian,” alternate-history story and aesthetic with more standard conventions of the third-person shooter genre.

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4ShotKing1368d ago

That's a bit worrying about the gameplay side of things, IGN didn't sound too positive, but I agree with the visuals, they're astonishing, truly next-gen.

Paulie_gualtieri1368d ago

I said the same exact thing in another article last night and got 40+ disagrees lol.

Clearly the gunplay is stiff and in my opinion, downright horrible.I even mentioned as Colin did in this piece, it has the same crappy shooting mechanics of Gears of war.

I know they have a lot of time to polish things up but i'm still skeptical.This is their first big console AAA title they've ever done..

4ShotKing1368d ago

I said the samething and was bombarded with hate and disagrees. Seems like I was right after reading more previews.

The Meerkat1368d ago

"same crappy shooting mechanics of Gears of war".

So it's a Victorian steampunk vampire werewolf gears of war.

I'm sold!

Farmassy1368d ago Show
asmith23061368d ago

What was wrong with Gears shooting mechanics??

nypifisel1368d ago

The press didn't see more than 12 minutes total, out of which roughly 2.5 min was gameplay. Honestly, they haven't seen more than us so I'm not sure how anyone could come to such firm conclusions. There could be another 10 months of polishing the game in any way so I'm not worried one bit. It is after all from what we've seen probably the best looking game ever to have been made to date.

SuperLupe1368d ago

It'll be another Ryse scenario.

Fantastic graphics and stmosphere and ok-ish gameplay.

At the end of the day it'll still be a nice game.

But I must say, for a crowd that absolutely ripped Ryse a part at every opportunity possible, PS4 fanboys sure seem content with the "bland" gameplay shown and the QTE's.They are even "blown away" ... Funny huh.

Outside_ofthe_Box1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )


lol wut? What about the crowd that went around ripping Heavy Rain and Beyond for being nothing but QTE to point where they even went as far saying that they aren't even games... but then Ryse came along and it was all fine and dandy... Funny huh?

The gamepaly is far from bland from what [email protected] has revealed themselves. The footage they've shown isn't fully representative of the full scope of the game.

Saigon1368d ago

I guess no one really read what Colin stated. He said he saw this game play at the last Gamescom. So that is sometime around July/August if I am not mistaken. All of his hits on the game is from that time frame, nothing of recent. This is his opinion and my only issue with the article, is that it should have been released during Gamescom. I am sure the game has been worked on a lot since that time. And if the game is still not polished, I doubt Sony will release it. Also, wasn't there rumors that ND was helping [email protected] with this game to help get it up to par.

LeCreuset1368d ago

I don't know why some of you are astonished that you're getting disagrees. You come off like, "Hey, the other day I had this unpopular opinion which got me, like, 40 disagrees, but now I found this other guy who has the same opinion. Do you know what that means? Yeah. 2 opinions to your 40. Eat it."

Debaitable1368d ago

It gets a negative nod for being like Gears of War but when Microsoft announced a GOW followup for the Xbox One a month ago it was OK to be excited about that.

I guess.

blackbeld1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

The title should be like this.

"The Order: 1886 is Both Exciting and Worrying Xbox One | IGN"

Here I fix that.


You ok? Cause more AAA games for PS4 is coming out this year. Hope you can keep up.

hellzsupernova1368d ago

I thought people love the gears of war at shooting mechanics? I couldn't play gears cause it was far too dude bro idiotic for me, but if this is more mature and uses similar mechanics I'm stoaked. I'm really concerned about performance though

Kryptix1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

You do realize that this game has a very long way to go till release date, right? There's a lot of room for improvement, especially in the combat.

And what's wrong with a Gears of War style cover system? I truly enjoyed tactical advancing with the Gears cover mechanics. It also looks like the lore is starting to sound like it's going to be beefy. I want to learn more about where these monsters come from, how the order was created, who designed the weapons and all the technological advances that had to be made to survive.

Can't wait to learn more about it. Hoping for some sort of skill point system even if it's simple. Just wanting the game to have depth in it's combat just like it's story.

TheGreatAndPowerful1368d ago

Old habits die hard IGN? The game is still being developed so of course it's going to suffer from framerate and other issues.

guitarded771368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Colin says:

"I saw ran relatively poorly, with sudden, sharp transitions between scenes,"

then he says...

"Technical issues aside, seamless transitions between cutscenes and gameplay are well-executed,"

So which is it?

Personally, my opinion of games has always been in contrast with Colin... we are very different gamers. I need to see the gameplay myself before believing it. Not saying it isn't true, but until I see it, I'm not worried. Optimization issues on a non-QA tested bit of gameplay are expected in a demo. I seen worse than what I assume he's talking about in BETAs.

BlackTar1871368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

So now Gears of War shooting and movement suck now? Please confirm Xbox faithful.

I'm interested to hear how stupid Gears of War shooting mechanics are now.

Please fill me in.
I hope no one says Gears Story is Epic cuz it just isn't. Better yet i do want to hear people sayi they played Gears for the story. I want to read that

ShinMaster1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

WTF are you guys talking about?

IGN said they found the lack of polish on the technical side of things in the build they played worrying. NOT the gameplay itself, which was said to be "well executed".

mediate-this1368d ago

Gears has wicked shooting mechanics

morganfell1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

You are trying to compare The Order with Ryse? Branching QTEs versus button mashing?

No, just no.

Back to strict Xbox defending SuperLupe. It is all you normally do. But then again you are reaching the point of desperation.

Everyone knows what they witnessed in The Order. A tour de force of gaming. The Xbox is getting buried in hardware performance, sales, the press, and now coming titles. The last couple of days must have been brital for you. No amount of DLC purchases or people like you attempting to draw apples to peach pit comparisons will help you now.

InTheZoneAC1367d ago


What I find weird and funny is that someone was calling out a different green. Then you "green" show up out of nowhere, despite not coming here often, thinking flunkinmonkey was talking about you.

No where else in these comments did you post anything so how did know to look for flunkin's post or even guess that he was talking about you?

are you sure you don't have THREE accounts?

cozomel1367d ago

So this Colin guy must be really worried about Titanfalls framerate issues, game drops down to 35fps

CryofSilence1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

No one has had any hands on time except the developers. The game looks phenomenal, and I am confident they will fix any performance and control issues prior to release. Ru himself tweeted that what they saw wasn't optimized at all.

Zhipp1367d ago

Gears of War was awesome. Your point is not valid.

xx4xx1367d ago

I realize Gears may be stale at this point, but the mechanics of the game are solid. I was looking for The Order to dethrone Gears...sad no mp.

scott1821367d ago

This shares a common characteristic as gear of war so.... what? I thought gears of war's shooting mechanics were awesome, and this game looks awesome! Best looking game so far as well.

TruthInsider 1367d ago

So Gears of War is "amazing" and "revolutionised tps" when in an Xbox article but its "rubbish" "bland" and "crappy Gears of War shooting mechanics" when in a PS article!?

Right, think we all see what's going on here!

WilDRangeRrfc1367d ago

Same crappy shooting mechanics as Gears????
I have PS4 but let me tell you something bud,Gears revolutionised 3rd person shooters and games like TLOU and Uncharted followed Gears. Gears MP to this day is the best gaming experience I have had,just cause you probably played it once( if at all ) sucked ass and gave up don't shit on a game that has millions upon millions of the most dedicated fans in gaming,not to mention Gears average metric of over 90,MP is untouchable even to this day,the game has a steep learning curve and the game takes years to develop your skills( I went from 0.5 kd to 1.8 took me 8 years ) show one of the greatest,successful and most loved franchises of all time a bit more respect pal,go play COD you will find the mechanics in that a little more suited to your skill

princejb1341367d ago

So what exactly do you expect from a shooter
Each shooter is a copy of each other
Play one first person shooter and 90% of them play the same
Third person 70% play almost the same expect for a few things that make them unique
As long as this game gives me fun and good story I'm sold on day 1

Kribwalker1367d ago

You guys tell me what's wrong with gears. Ps fanboys are the ones that were saying it was tired and worn out game style when Microsoft announced they bought the rights. Which is it then, is it that you are upset that you won't have gears or is the game style as terrible as you claim it to be?

scott1821367d ago

Just because some people aren't interested in a series doesn't mean they think the shooting mechanics are bad, I never heard anyone say they thought that about Gears of War. besides there are many games that used a cover system and over the shoulder shooting before gears, and people loved it then too.

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FlunkinMonkey1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

I think you are the most indiscreet troll i have seen for a long time.. Actually, it's pretty obvious that you are TheTruth or Green (who are the same person mind).

What is your purpose? except for evidently being so insecure about his/her console that you actually waste time creating different accounts? It is so pathetic my friend, god forbid you lose your virginity before you are 40.

IGN are so blatantly in MS's pocket, before anyone says anything, MS have been caught multiple times recently literally paying sites for good reviews, because they are so unsure of their product, this reflects perfectly on how snake like, and misleading they are.

IGN didn't write up anything about their worries with Titanfall (horrible A.I., extremely dated graphics, repetitive gameplay), and now he voices his concerns about frame rate in which the game isn't going to be released for many months.

It's moronic. Gaming journalism is a sham, along with MS.

4ShotKing1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

I actually own all the next-gen consoles and I'm neither of those people you mentioned and I'm not trolling, simple stating what I'm reading from IGN and this is my first account... Just because I joined recently doesn't mean I'm a second account.

Actually IGN made an entire video talking about Titanfall's AI...

I've never seen anyone that get's so upset over the slightest criticism over a Playstation exclusive... Grow up, you're absolutely pathetic.

green1368d ago

"Actually, it's pretty obvious that you are TheTruth or Green (who are the same person mind)."

Whatever helps you sleep at night lol.

FlunkinMonkey1368d ago

Ha, I'm not upset my friend, i'm actually laughing at you.. You think anyone here believes you?

You should practice subtlety, it's clearly not your speciality. Bahahaha, i'm reading your comments now, you are a SHAM.

4ShamKing, see you on your new account soon.. I love arguing with multiple personalities..

You might be TheKayle actually, I literally made him delete his account the other day.. You seem to speak the same pearls of wisdom as he does /s

360ICE1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

What's wrong with you, FlunkinMonkey? People can't have differing opinions without you dragging up conspiracies?

I welcome IGN's critical angle. Far too often previews are too positive, without the writer taking any time to take a more critical look at the game.

Colin Moriarity was extremely positive to PS4 arounds its launch, so to suggest he's a fanboy is just bs.

"except for evidently being so insecure about his/her console that you actually waste time creating different accounts?"

Apparently you're so insecure that you go around calling people insecure, blame them of having multiple accounts and accuse a writer of bribes, all of which you do without good evidence.

Shame on you. People like you ruin N4G.

green1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

If you believe i have multiple accounts (wonder what made you come to that conclusion when i do not post on this site frequently), then as i said, if that helps you sleep better at night, then good for you lol.

FlunkinMonkey1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

^ - @green. I'm talking about GreenPowerz, not you..


If you can't see that IGN are full of blinding inconsistencies, letting Titanfall get away with so much, so close to release, and then for some reason, now having these 'worries' about a games frame rate, when it's months and months away from release, then I don't know what to say.

Also, if you are honestly going to try and sit there and tell me that 4ShotKing isn't blatantly a second account, then my gage of your naivety has just gone through the roof.

I would welcome their 'critical angle', if it was consistent, which it isn't.. So don't try and lecture me on my reaction with regards to other peoples opinions, when I am expressing opinions of my own.

You can call me out all you want for ruining this site, but you're letting 2nd account trolls go over me at this point, so maybe you need to get your priorities sorted out.

Sorry for hurting your feelings there, champ.

green1368d ago

Next time clarify by using the actual name of the person you are accusing.

SuperLupe1368d ago Show
360ICE1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

"I would welcome their 'critical angle' if it was consistent".

Sometimes they don't find anything worthy of critique. Not everyone likes every game equally, so the idea that there must be some balance to which games are criticised makes no sense.

Also, the conclusion of the text is "I'm excited, but...", so if you ever wanted balance, I think there's rarely been a less conclusive judgement. Basically he's saying "Let's wait and see".

Many people are extremely excited about Titanfall. A game, btw, made by a great developer that many have played and loved. I'm not a fan myself, but I can't blame them for that.

And even if 4ShotKing had multiple accounts, who cares? Still a legitimate opinion. Moderators will have to consider that.

It's not as much that your hurt my feelings, as that you hurt my faith in humanity. If you can't stand that someone criticises a video game, I'd frankly take a holiday, make do some mindfulness meditation or even see a therapist. And remember to think equally of the different solutions, so there's consistency to your critique.

hellzsupernova1368d ago

No ign are not in microsofts pockets! The ign Xbox team might be but colin is a awesome amazing journalist who gives you the real deal and doesn't pull punches, he gave the last of us a perfect score and it got game of the year, explain that!

He is voicing his concerns in the hope that ready at dawn fix them. It's called good honest journalism

1368d ago
diehardmetallicafan1367d ago


i agree with everything your're saying! i used to check out ign daily until i found n4g and a few other half decent sites. its blatantly obvious how biased they are toward the xbox brand. most pages are covered with ms ad banners and video ads. i knew, and i think everyone knew to expect new footage on the order 1886 early tuesday, but it literally took hours before they showed anything. meanwhile over the last 24hours there have been at least 3 titanfall articles praising that piece of junk to the heavens. it is very hard to find an unbiased video games site which really sucks. gametrailers is another pile of dog turd that have there whole head up microsoft's arsehole, and its pachter leading the penetration. i have nothing against people who purchase microsoft products but that shit aint for me at all.

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bjmartynhak1368d ago

It is a story-driven 3rd person cover-shooter, what else where people expecting?

The gameplay is known for this genre, the setting and lore is quite interesting, the graphics are stunning. Day one for me!

1368d ago
hellzsupernova1368d ago

I'm not sure why people are disagreeing. I read the article they have some massive concerns, now imagine that's the best part of the game they have running at the moment there is noway this game is getting released this year. Unless Santa Monica bring a team on to help crunch.

Really hope this game turns out I love the idea, costumes, setting, graphics everything looks great but if it barely runs what's the point

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

not worried at all...this game will be just another dagger in the hearts of all the haters and non-believers.

GribbleGrunger1367d ago

And how did I know that out of all the articles about The Order, this would get the hottest?

showtimefolks1367d ago

sorry i didn't know the game was released, ready at dawn will get as much time as needed. If sony delayed drive club which was a huge title for launch than i am sure delaying the order 1886 to 2015 won't be an issue if the developers need more time

this is feedback to developers so they can try to fix what's being reported as issues

lilbrat231367d ago

The good news is they still have time to fix it and anything else for that matter.

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iamnsuperman1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Wait he is talking about a demo he saw back in August. I know that still raises issues but an entire article? Come on. That was around 6 months ago.

Paulie_gualtieri1368d ago

He's talking about the demo shown at SM last week.

iamnsuperman1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

How is one meant to assume that when he makes no reference to going to see the demo at SM. He jumps from only seeing the hands off demo at Gamescom to the 10 minute hands off demo he talks about for the entire article.

Paulie_gualtieri1368d ago

"Until just recently, no one’s actually seen the game. Sure, I saw a behind-closed-doors tech demo when I was at Gamescom last year, and we have the really pretty reveal trailer, too, but no one outside of Sony and Ready at Dawn has been privy to what The Order: 1886 is all about. Until now."

Keywords being until now.Since colin was at SM where they showed off the game (among others) i'm sure it's safe to assume he's talking about that, no?

Then there is this-

"I was left wondering how this could be the best 10 minutes of the game the studio had to show, especially when he reiterated that The Order would indeed launch in 2014."

Ru didn't confirm a 2014 release until just recently so Colin is indeed talking of a recent demo.

iamnsuperman1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Again your assuming. Your trying to fill in the gaps with your own assumption. If what you assume is true then this is poor writing. Until now we haven't seen anything but Colin has (with his Gamescom showing).

What he says maybe true but what he has written is vastly different and tells a different story. For a start no-one else has done a piece like this. Kotaku and Eurogamer are two publications who would write articles like this. But they haven't (Eurogamer and Kotaku have been really positive).

You should never assume

Paulie_gualtieri1368d ago

I'm not trying to fill in any gaps.I'm just going by common sense.

He was JUST at the Santa monica event.
The embargo's JUST lifted.
Every other site is talking of the same demo he is.
Why would he talk about a demo from 6 months ago on the day the new demo goes public??

It's not some crazy mystery lol

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CrossingEden1368d ago

Wow....I really wish I had the mentality of a fanboy, if you REALLY think that he's talking about the a demo from 6 months ago, and not the demo that everyone other big gaming news outlet saw recently, then you're deluded, plain and simple.

solidjun51368d ago

"Wow....I really wish I had the mentality of a fanboy,...." do. It's pretty evident.

hellzsupernova1368d ago

The stupidity. Please fanboys from Sony I'm on your side, but why are you guys all disagree with people who are giving an analytical view on this game, Colin is talking about the preview he was shown just the other day!

We should all be concerned if the game runs that poorly hopefully they are in oldish mode now and all the story stuff etc is finished.

Stop with the downvotes of people who are not even giving a fanboy comment it's ridiculous this community is disgusting

cozomel1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

This community? really? try the whole internet. Otherwise you're deluded.

And at Crossing eden, you are a fanboy

curtis921368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Not saying Colin is right or wrong here... he's played it, i haven't... but it REALLY seems like he had something else in mind, was mad it wasn't what he was thinking, and decided to basically burry the game right out of the gate on gaming's biggest site. Again, I BELIEVE what he says (don't mistake that for 'agree') but man... with all the praise IGN gives a generic FPS like titanfall, to say the order 'feels like a typical TPS' seems a bit lopsided. Especially when comparing it to a series IGN always gives a 9+ score (GEoW).

I respect Colin and his honesty, but REALLY sounds like this isn't his kind of game, which is no reason to discourage people. But.. I dunno, who am I to say that, though. Just typing out loud.

Farmassy1368d ago

I have played titanfall and don't think it is generic. Maybe you are the one that likes to burry a game based on preconceived opinions

curtis921368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

I have played Titanfall, and I think it does feel a bit generic.

listenkids1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

I've played it ( playing it right now ), and think it's generic. No saviour here, but it's fun. Now, discredit my opinion if you can.

strifeblade1368d ago

You can play and hate titanfall all u want. Your opinion is not the end all, won't change.the will be critically acclaimed and loved by most of the gaming community who love competitive multilayer fps lol. I played it and loved it. I felt the order felt similar to gears, and I.felt gears got tired and.needs a break and revamp, judgement was alright. If this is a gears clone with nexgen graphics I'll be disappointed because I was hoping for more. I love gears multi (gears 2 was the best), so I'm surprised this game wont have it since it's similar to gears. I'm also hoping when gears does come in a.few years it should revamp physics and graphics engine since I feel it's getting stale and hope order is not falling in line with gears

nategrigs1368d ago

I don't think he's played it either, he's just seen 10 minutes of it.

Prime1571367d ago

I quote, "The brief 10-minute hands-off demo I witnessed..." fourth paragraph. Hands off. Glad to see someone else actually read it :-)

hellzsupernova1368d ago

It's exactly his kind of game, he is a historian and loves alternate timelines. I think we have all know it's a story driven tps for a long time now. I think he was just voicing his honest concerns for this game. I know all this because I've been listening to podcast beyond for 4 years lol.

Plus the people hyping up titanfall on that site are Ryan the Xbox team leader and no one could be a bigger fanboy then him. Plus he is reviewing titanfall so it is going to get at least an 11/10.

Hopefully ready at dawn iron out the kinks but I think we should be cautious about this game

gamedebater1368d ago

the game has no unique gameplay features. No Stealth, No Loot, No Platforming. It's a movie + 3rd person shooting. It's going to be like Gears 1 and get a 8 if the story is real good.

WeAreLegion1368d ago

Oh, so stealth, looting, and platforming would have been unique?

You want Assassin's Creed in 1886 London. You should ask Ubisoft for that.

gamedebater1368d ago

hey dummy. Last of us has stealth and looting. Uncharted has platforming. Other than shooting and taking cover (like killzone) what other gameplay mechanics will it have? NONE hence my