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Nintendo Embraces The Darkside

A few days ago, Nintendo announced their entrance into microtransactions. Is this the best move for Nintendo to make? This article takes a critical look at the move. (Culture, Nintendo, Nintendo)

TheLyonKing  +   191d ago
I don't think this will be a common thing I feel nintendo are just trying something out, i doubt microtransactions will be a main driving force in mario games etc.

Only time will tell i guess.
MichaelZack  +   191d ago
I definitely hope not. Nintendo has a great history of creating phenomenal games! I'd hate to see them go full microtransactions
Concertoine  +   191d ago
This is stupid.
Thus far they had a very dignified approach to DLC. Fire emblem, pikmin 3, etc
MichaelZack  +   190d ago
DLCs aren't necessarily the same thing as microtransactions. They are very similar, occasionally resembling a money grab (which is why I mentioned it), but not completely the same thing. Microtranactions deal a lot more with getting the gamer to pay for the right to continue playing the game in some way. This is what they are doing currently. Hardly the same thing as what they did in the past
foie  +   190d ago
I just hope this isn't them dipping their feet in the water before they dive in.
SilentNegotiator  +   190d ago
Careful now, Nintendo; you're sticking your feet into a bubble that's already fault to bursting.
Geekman  +   190d ago
Well..... no, I can't act like it. I REALLY don't care.

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