PS4: Battlefield 4: Second Assault DLC Rolling Out In Europe

"An image posted online suggests that Battlefield 4's Second Assault DLC has started to roll out in Europe on the PS4."

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allformats1368d ago

If this DLC pack will take me back to BF3 days, then I welcome it. Because Battlefield 3 wins over Battlefield 4 in most scenarios.

angelsx1368d ago

Agree with you.If there was Battlefield 3 for PS4 i never gonna touch bf4.Maps,weapons balance,sound everything is better.Fuck that scripted and unreal levolution.

STORK1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

Totally agree allformats.BF3 so much better. Loved BF3 but BF4 feels different it just not quite there? I just can't love it.

allformats1368d ago

Agreed. Something went wrong somewhere. The game doesn't feel the same. It doesn't play the same.... It feels more arcade than anything... It's not as fun taking down someone as it was in BF3.. .You'd actually feel it when you took out someone in BF3! But now... I just can't rbing myself to like Battlefield 4.

In fact I only play Battlefield 4 because it faintly reminds of me the glory days of Battlefield 3... Faintly.

Tru_Blu1368d ago

Yep BF3>BF4. They are trying to hard for the casuals nowadays.

famoussasjohn1368d ago

I don't particularly like Gulf of Oman because of the sandstorm, but the others are great. Metro is still a cluster of nade spam and can be easily dominated by one side once B is capped.

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TheUberAsian1368d ago

Is this out on PS4 in America?

Aleithian1368d ago

Not yet. I just checked at about 10:10 EST.

STORK1368d ago

BF4 is boring.maps clostaphobic.and it use to be fun taking off from a runway or it feels rubbish when you spawn into a pre flight aircraft.

Tru_Blu1368d ago

And the tiny area to dogfight in while the mobile AA sits in the enemy base firing off active radar missiles. They might as well take the jets out of the game now.