Need For Speed announcement due today - is it a new game?

EA is preparing to make an announcement linked to Need For Speed later today, according to teases made by the game's official Twitter account.

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Probably DLC the game got a new update today

Magicite892d ago

No year without new NFS/AC/CoD :)

Blaze929892d ago

Well, there is a Need for Speed movie coming out...

core_5892d ago

Its the game update today that weights 1,3GB

Starbucks_Fan892d ago

Nah I'd rather have a new Burnout

galest892d ago

AAAAAAAah another non customized need 4 speed game

iCaruth892d ago

I just deleted that boring ass game last night. The online is trash. Like what were you thinking making this NFS? After coming from NFS:HP & Most Wanted this was a big steep back. Make NFS: Underground 3 damn it that's what the people want not this.

BakPAin892d ago

Yeah, Need for Speed Underground is where it at man!!

iCaruth892d ago

Yep & I want that at a DL on PSN but EA still have yet to give Sony the game yet. I guess they hate money lmaooo

porkChop891d ago

Hot Pursuit was great, sure, but the Most Wanted reboot was pure trash.

iCaruth891d ago

The online sucked but the game play was good. Did you like Burnout Paradise? If you did not, I can see why you think the Most Wanted reboot was trash. I want custom car back & DINO charts & so on.

When EA finally see that's what the fans want then NFS will be truly back...

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The story is too old to be commented.