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Need For Speed announcement due today - is it a new game?

EA is preparing to make an announcement linked to Need For Speed later today, according to teases made by the game's official Twitter account. (Need For Speed: Rivals, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   558d ago
Probably DLC the game got a new update today
Magicite  +   558d ago
No year without new NFS/AC/CoD :)
Blaze929  +   558d ago
Well, there is a Need for Speed movie coming out...
Tripe_Down  +   558d ago
Its the game update today that weights 1,3GB
Starbucks_Fan  +   558d ago
Nah I'd rather have a new Burnout
galest  +   558d ago
AAAAAAAah another non customized need 4 speed game
iCaruth  +   558d ago
I just deleted that boring ass game last night. The online is trash. Like what were you thinking making this NFS? After coming from NFS:HP & Most Wanted this was a big steep back. Make NFS: Underground 3 damn it that's what the people want not this.
BakPAin  +   558d ago
Yeah, Need for Speed Underground is where it at man!!
iCaruth  +   558d ago
Yep & I want that at a DL on PSN but EA still have yet to give Sony the game yet. I guess they hate money lmaooo
porkChop  +   557d ago
Hot Pursuit was great, sure, but the Most Wanted reboot was pure trash.
iCaruth  +   557d ago
The online sucked but the game play was good. Did you like Burnout Paradise? If you did not, I can see why you think the Most Wanted reboot was trash. I want custom car back & DINO charts & so on.

When EA finally see that's what the fans want then NFS will be truly back...
ironfist92  +   558d ago
And still we wait for Underground 3...
Craigatorian  +   558d ago
Man, wasn't NFS: The Run so bad!!!!!!? Shift 2 as well. Let's not get more of those.
iCaruth  +   558d ago
Oh! man I'm right there with you bro. Those two games was crap & I got them for free & still hate them.
SniperControl  +   558d ago
I borrowed Rivals off my nephew, returned it to him after two days, bumper cam and behind cam, what the hell were they thinking. poor poor game.
Afistnu  +   558d ago
Underground 3 or GTFO
GearSkiN  +   558d ago
Better not be a new game nfsr just came out
D3ATH_DRIV3R_777  +   558d ago
Another NFS game with no transmission option again? nah, sticking with DRIVECLUB and THE CREW unless they're developing one with a transmission option and no pursuit tech crap. Good car lineup, transmission option, big open-world filled with life, great gameplay, that's all i want from it. Oh and good cop A.I., RIVALS has stupid cop a.i.

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