GTA Online Brings in Over 60 Million In Microtransactions, According to Distributor Take-Two

GTA Online has to this date brought in almost $66.4 million through microtransactions.

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Magicite1554d ago

GTA5 PC/next-gen edition, GTA6, GTA7...GTA10 confirmed.

TheBurger291554d ago

Yea its great that they are making a lot of money but not when it comes at the expense of the gameplay. ALL of my friends on xbox stopped playing in November.

Audiggity1554d ago

Well, the 4 of you certainly put a big dent in their revenue stream. Keep it up.


KrisButtar1554d ago

I was hoping the Microtransactions would fail and they wouldn't try it again but now we will see them more often from Take Two.

Palitera1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Obviously. Did you really hope it wouldnt work? It is perfectly designed to have an awful progression. They don't even give the players the usual lots of variety from GTA games to make the grind even worse.

Pay to win (Warframe, Deep Down), pay to pay (ESO, GTA5 MP) and all this BS will dominate this generation.

The exploit works.

Meanwhile, we can't avoid that stupid people fall for the scam, but we can always support the last decent companies: From Software and CD Projekt, for instance.

Audiggity1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

What about the "scam" to pay a monthly subscription for MMO's?

Or the "scam" to sell recycled DLC and games (Call of Duty)?

Or how about the "scam" to pay for $60 games vs. $50 games?

Oh, and the "scam" to pay for extremely overpriced, terribly slow, US based internet connectivity with awful customer service and equally bad cable providers?

Then there's bottled water... what a "scam"...

It's called capitalism. Sorry!

Seriously. Stop whining about microtransactions. You don't NEED to pay to play. You don't NEED to pay to win. The game is fine without buying Shark Cards and the people who do buy them don't even gain a large advantage. It's nominal at best and EASILY defeated by anyone that is actually good at the game.

Muffins12231554d ago

Yes the weak 12 year olds fell for the trap and now all us gamers must suffer with this curse and be forced to live with micro-transactions in the gta universe.Before you know it we will be paying for cheat codes!

KakashiHotake1554d ago

Unfortunately gamers it seems microtransactions aren't going anywhere. Company's are making too much money off it.

Muffins12231554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

If it gets out of hand or really bad then people will not support it and the game company will fail. Theirs always that game company out there that's gonna say "We don't do this".So there will always be healthy competition fighting this. :)

GentlemenRUs1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I feel sorry for the people who paid out for the GTA$... Oh wait, I don't...


This is another reason to why I stopped playing back in October.

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The story is too old to be commented.