Update: Titanfall Beta Servers Attacked

UPDATE: It looks like the Titanfall beta servers have also been hit by the group. Several Gamesided readers have informed us that they can no longer access the beta.

It appears as though the notorious hacker group has set its site on one of the biggest upcoming gaming releases.

As of this posting, the group has taken down It is unknown currently if the Titanfall beta has been impacted by the website being taken offline, but the group is also saying that it is only the beginning of their plans. What that exactly means is uncertain, but Gamesided will follow the situation as it develops.

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allformats1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Really? Are these hackers so sad that they have to pass on their misery to everyone?

Evil never prevails, however. Its wickedness only last but for a time.

scootscottskeet931165d ago

You really can't have a life to do something like that.. still funny as hell tho.

PeaSFor1165d ago Show
KwietStorm1165d ago

No its really not funny though. It's tired , it's pathetic, and it's just corny.

TGF_Zero1165d ago

Please explain how this is funny

TomShoe1165d ago

Annoying, but that Gaben Laser Beam™ has some serious power.


morganfell1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

I am not a fan of Titanfall but I am a fan of gaming and this is in no way funny or humorous. This sort of action is despicable. I won't say pathetic as that in some manner indicates a degree of sympathy for these hackers. I have none.

When you resort to attacking game servers it is obvious your life has no purpose as you occupy needed space in this world - the space, the vaccuum left by their absence is more important than they.

Hellsvacancy1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

Yeah I don't agree that it's funny, I couldn't care less about MS or Titanfall

Trolling is one thing, but taking down servers stopping people from enjoying what they enjoy is just wrong "I don't approve that kind of behaviour"

mhunterjr1165d ago

What kind of gamer would see humor in a game being ruined by hackers?

redwin1164d ago

I don't think it is funny but I'm glad it happened now so they can take action to keep that from happening again. Btw, isn't TitanFall using EA servers, not MS's?

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LightofDarkness1165d ago

"Evil never prevails, however"

Actually, yes. Yes it does. A lot. Good things, heck great things, happen to very bad people. And horrible things happen to good people. Cruel and vile human beings can live long, happy lives while inflicting suffering on all around them. But we often conveniently ignore these stories because they somewhat diminish the idea of hope and the long held belief that good will always triumph.

mediate-this1165d ago

Maybe in the short instance you may think evil prevails, but when you looking at it hindsight how ever long it takes you to get caught while sitting in your jail cell, you will say evil never prevails.

Mystogan1165d ago

No it doesn't, Ever!
eventually you have to pay for your evil crimes. Maybe not in the way you might see it. But you'll definitely pay.

Maybe you think they got away with it but truth is they're probably dying inside.

Volkama1165d ago

So true. Whenever someone says "Karma"... it isn't. Karma isn't a thing, people don't get their dues. Vast majority of the time the douches get ahead, and that's the end of the story.

However in this case the douches aren't getting ahead. Perhaps they get a weird sense of satisfaction from what they're doing, but that's about all they have achieved.

Games_R_Us1165d ago ShowReplies(7)
medman1164d ago

These hackers need to get lives. What exactly is the purpose of attacking videogames? What kind of loser do you have to be to do this? I don't get it, I really don't.

SilentNegotiator1164d ago

These guys are great

for me to poop on.

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Strawmr1165d ago

It looks like they've even hit the servers

Bigpappy1165d ago

sever are all up in US for X1

princejb1341165d ago

I hate hackers
Bored mofos who get no play from women

dizeestl1165d ago

people who ddos/packet are not hackers, stop complimenting the packet kiddies.

MINIMAN100001165d ago

lol thought you should know packet kiddies made me laugh, I like it.

Deadpoolio1165d ago

Exactly lets stop calling them something they aren't any moron with Pirate bay can download a damn DDOS program

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