If the Titanfall launch goes south, we riot

As the world prepares for the massive Titanfall launch, Rory can't help but worry about EA's "golden" publishing touch.

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Godmars2901556d ago

Think if TF has launch issues, prolonged ones, or if it just fails to move XB1s MS is going to be the one to riot.

Volkama1554d ago

It's running on MS's servers, not EA's. There were some issues in the opening couple of days of the beta, but everything seems to have been spot on for the last few days.

Bodes well for a smooth launch, but who knows what those pesky DDOS folks will do.

SmielmaN1554d ago

Light the torches and grab the pitchforks!!!

gamesR4fun1554d ago

ya its not like the pc markets worried about if this game hits or not ms on the other hand need this to be big enough hit to move its console....

IMO stupid to put all that money into getting it exclusive even if launch is golden it only appeals to the online fps fans.... not the biggest market and one with lots of competition.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

haha, what!? how many copies has the the Call of duty franchise sold over the last decade or so? If Titanfall can get quarter of the COD fans they will be doing very well.

I have 2 friends who are buying their XB1's now instead of waiting for a price drop solely for Titanfall... they are casual gamers... this game will help MS in a big way!

@calydom Not just Titanfall. - Project Spark, Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive, Halo, Gears of war, Below,D4 to name but a few.

SmielmaN1554d ago

You know 2 ppl that are going to spend $610+ to play a multiplayer shooter.... Smart guys *rolls eyes*

Afirmitive1554d ago

2 people who are "casual gamers" that are spending $610 to "casually" play titanfall... (rolls eyes indeed)

RyanShutup1554d ago

Yeah I call BS, they'd just play it on the much cheaper 360 if they're "casual" gamers

calydom1554d ago

If this is all they have in Titanfall being the savior of the Xbone. Microsoft is in some trouble.

cyhm31121554d ago

I would not hold my breath for it to be otherwise

gamernova1554d ago

Woah Woah Woah, we can all agree that ps4 is starting to look better than ps2 in relation to sales (beginning, not lifetime obviously) but saying the Xbox needs saving is a huge lie. Sure, it isn't winning but it's not Wii U neither. It's selling well. Since when is not being number 1=to trouble? Ps3 wasn't number one forever and look at the how it turned the tables. It isn't a sprint and this Gen barely begun. We are looking at the demos of what's going to be the best games of all time on the next Gen consoles.

calydom1554d ago

What's going to happen to a product that started out rocky, then found some success, but lost it again. All the while losing millions year after year and the only thing that's keeping it afloat is a big check book.

mediate-this1554d ago

Xb1 does not need saving, tf will do good, I too have friends picking up tf and a few picking up xb1 just for tf. Tf wont surge xb1 infront of ps4 but will open peoples eyes to what system has the fun games.

bumnut1554d ago

You can't say Xbox has the better games on here! are you crazy?

mcstorm1554d ago

I don't see Titanfall being a flop or a mess in any way. So far its getting good feedback from the beta players and a lot of hype from casual players too. I know quite a few people who are looking at getting a xbox one for this game and quite a few avid ps fans picking up a 360 just for this game too.

If done right by Microsoft and EA it could give Gears a run for its money on becoming the 2nd biggest name on the xbox brand but I don't see it being as big as Halo.

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