Are you too old for video games?

16BitKings - My favourite hobby has always been something that I have kept quite private, partially in fear that I would be judged by others but also because I thought I might grow out of it. Social pressures are not uncommon for anybody of any age, but it seems to me that there is definitely a stigma surrounding those that choose to spend their time with a video game. It is as I have grown older and continued to enjoy playing games that I have started to become aware of the growing pressure by society to ‘grow up’ and move on. But why is there this pressure? And where does it come from?

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Kingthrash3601395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

no such thing as too old.
my dad is 68 (thats 22 in gamer years) and plays tiger woods everyday...he murders me when i come by to challange him. ....he got me into games when atari came out so he's been a gamer since the beginning. he got me my ps4 for my b-day and i'm like father like son. i picture myself gaming on my death bed bro...real talk.

imXify1395d ago

Amazing story. Too bad my father is the worst a$$ ever...

FITgamer1395d ago

That sounds so wrong lol.

PeaSFor1395d ago

am i too old to read a book, listen to music or watch a film?

osu22duke1395d ago

too old for gaming? never
too old to play COD for 8 hours a day until 3 am? maybe...

N81395d ago

Agree with that 100% . To many times I stopped playing and I always say I'm to old to sit here all day playing whatever

tethered1395d ago

As far as online gaming goes, my reaction time isn't what it used to be. lol

Still love to play tho!

rezzah1395d ago

I've stopped playing multiplayer for most games, the few I still play are for limited hours.

I stick to single player because that is what is most enjoyable for me.

medman1395d ago

Getting older has curtailed my gaming at times, life gets in the way. Like you said, the sessions til 3 or 4 in the morning stopped for me years ago. That is why I hardly touch multiplayer anymore. It's just too much time spent ranking up, leveling up, to get some perk or attachment that I don't have the time to grind away to get. I love a great story that let's me play for 30 minutes to an hour, and I can return to it at my leisure, and pick right up where I left off. You can't take that approach with multiplayer.

GordonKnight1395d ago

Does this mean the Wii U is for older gamers?

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hellzsupernova1395d ago

Man I remember playing wings of glory with my dad, and there was a gold game at the time as well lates 90s. Then we played grand turismo on ps2 for hours, now days my old man beat me to buying a ps3 and has clocked up more hours on gt than I could imagine. And now he is 64.

He wants me to install war thunder on his laptop after seeing me play it. Love my old man.

HaveAsandwich1395d ago

me and my dad used to play ice hockey, on a mini tabletop rink, with a plastic puck. worked like Foosball. it was awesome. we used to play scorched earth against each other on pc, back in like 92, i guess it was. he's 61, and you can still get him into certain games. good stuff.

Raccoon1395d ago

lol men don't grow up they just learn how to act in public.. that's the most ridiculous and ignorant tittle I've heard all week...

Magicite1395d ago

One can never be too old for an entertainment.

schlanz1395d ago

Everytime I see old people sitting around looking sad just watching TV with a blank expression on their face I think to myself, if only these people were into video games they would live out their golden years with a lot less boredom...

medman1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I agree. Gamer til I return to dust. Do what you love, what you enjoy. Anything less would be uncivilized.

kabala1395d ago

Im 47, been playing since pong. Im not to old for videogames and ill never be to old to play.

SmoothC9111395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

I'm 43 with a ps3, 4, xbox one and a Vita for when I travel for work. Been playing like your dad, since Atari (some great memories there!).

I think you're never too old to do something you love, screw those who think that part of growing up is giving up things you love to do!

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Batzi1395d ago

The only thing that is keeping me playing is the Metal Gear series. When Kojima retires, I quit gaming.

NeoTribe1395d ago

Thats like once every 6 years...

RioKing1395d ago (Edited 1395d ago )

Wow, you only game for Metal Gear..and yet you have 1300 comments on here. That's alot of Kojima-talk! Honestly I think fans as hardcore as you deserve some sort of job related to MG.

MysticStrummer1395d ago

Yeah he retires at least once a generation.

Mr Tretton1395d ago

lol, I can't imagine gaming for only 1 series, much less MGS.

Sly-Lupin1395d ago

I'm too old for bad games, certainly.
And I'm also old enough to tell the difference between a good and bad game.

sdozzo1395d ago

Never. But you have to be cool about it. Moderation.