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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Will Be As Hard But Not Similar To Dark Souls, Size Similar To Oblivion

DSOGaming writes: "According to the team, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be as big as Oblivion. Obviously this applies to the full game, meaning that all three acts – Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be released in three acts – will offer you a world similar to the size of Oblivion." (Kingdom Come: Deliverance, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

Paulie_gualtieri  +   564d ago
Any word of multiplayer or co op?
This is rapidly becoming my dream game!
john2  +   564d ago
No word yet on MP. From what we know so far, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be an SP focused title
trywizardo  +   564d ago
co-op would be nice , MP would make it worse , so no MP for swords games and yes co-op
wsoutlaw87  +   563d ago
dark souls mp was great
Geekman  +   564d ago
Good to see hard games returning. We don't want 8th gen to be full of wusses.
KingKelloggTheWH  +   564d ago
If only the game werent firs person.I can't stand first person sword combat.
MysticStrummer  +   564d ago
First I've heard of this. I'm interested, but it's funny that the thing they focused on as different from Dark Souls wasn't really different… losing stamina while blocking.
wsoutlaw87  +   563d ago
watch their combat video on youtube from the kickstarter. The combat system is nothing like dark souls. If you havent heard of the game go watch all the video updates then pledge lol
MysticStrummer  +   563d ago
I believe the combat is nothing like Dark Souls. I just thought it was funny to say it's different and then talk about an aspect that's the same.

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