The Order: 1886′s Gameplay Will Have the Same Quality as Cutscenes: New Story Details Revealed

Some more details have surfaced about The Order: 1886, thanks to a preview published by the french magazine Jeux Vidéo.

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Kingthrash360864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

o my....anyone else aroused?..ha...hha cuz i am.
just hours till goodness.
*hugs ps4*
true next gen incoming

Eonjay864d ago

Just wow. Next Gen is really here!

Unreal01864d ago

Haha, hilarious gif Vegeta. I laughed a lot.

Redrum059864d ago

Now. Now that's just fine

ThunderSpark864d ago

Oh My Godlike PS4! Those gifs are what gaming is about! Damn, this destroys everything out currently on PS4 and Xbox One... with room to spare!

ABizzel1864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

Uncharted + The Last of Us + Werewolves (hopefully more monsters) =

I've always had a soft spot for a game called Hunter, especially the GC version. I know The Order is single player only, but if it's like that game, but good, I'm in love.

The Order looks like it already has the potential to get one of my rare 9.5+ / 10 review for the Next-gen consoles. Only 2 games scored that high from me last gen, which says a lot for this game.

Getting a strong League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vibe from this, game. I usually keep hype low, so I don't get disappointed, but goodness this is it ladies and gentlemen.

Outside_ofthe_Box864d ago

Easily the best looking game on next gen consoles. I can see why Sony is calling it "their first Naughty Dog game"


More pics :

And another gif :

Am I seeing an authehtic 19th centry movie ? Thi s filter completely translated the vibe of that era. Thi is so immersive. Sorry Kojima san, you should have applied the 80th filter to MGSV on PS4, the PS4 is so capable of displaying such atmospheric effects.

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SilleGamer864d ago

These gifs are amazing.

If this is what the PS4 is capable of in 2014, I think what we see in 2015-2018 is going to be breathtaking.

Kingthrash360864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

hey, lets not mention 2015-2018
the mind can only take so mu.........*brainsplosion*

mania568864d ago

wow, better than i anticipated, love it, cannot wait to see all that is comming out tomorrow

M-M864d ago

The first gif, holy crap.

HeavenlySnipes864d ago

easily the best looking game this gen

killzone619864d ago

so much motion blur....*sigh*

ABizzel1864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

So much desperation, these are poor quality gifs, and it's already looking better than anything shown thus far. Best of all the gameplay looks on point.

OMG can't wait for Uncharted.

jhoward585864d ago

TY Rider...

Wow, this is 30FPS? looks a bit more to me.

jhoward585864d ago


it's accelerated? Please explain what that means...

My guess is motion blur but I could be wrong.

Abriael864d ago

@jhoward585: I mean animated gifs don't play the frames at the same framerate the video would. Those gifs evidently skip frames and play them faster.

fenome864d ago

Gifs are more along the lines of just taking frame by frame screenshots and putting it in a really fast slideshow, it's not the same as a video. It's like drawing a stick figure walking over 100 different pages, you can choose how fast you flip it so that it looks like he's walking fast or slow, you can even make him walk backwards if you wanted to.

jhoward585864d ago (Edited 864d ago )


LOL, I make animated gifs myself and I have a keen eye for frame by frame animation being that I'm artist/2-d animator.

I can tell just by looking at those gifs the frame rate is above 30FPS even thou the gif aren't running the full animated sequence. The key frame is what I observed...there well over 2 key frame per frame.

I knew the FPS of those gifs wasn't the actual video speed.

fenome864d ago


Oh haha, then you actually probably now a lot more about it than me. I was just trying to be helpful :p

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FlameHawk864d ago

The way his clothes move is f'ing sick!!!!

HappyWithOneBubble864d ago

I was thinking the same. Looks sick.

Z_-_D_-_3864d ago

Those GIF's just made me think.... What in THE HELL is The Last Of Us 2 going to look like??!!!!

Conzul864d ago

We will cry next gen tears. They'll be heavier and wetter than anything the PS3 could pull off.

Beastforlifenoob863d ago

Or uncharted 4...
OMG cant wait

Doletskaya864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

Holy crap man, I am speechless. How can I play any other TPSs after watching this? Can't believe I'm saying this but Uncharted or The Last of Us on PS4 got A LOT to live up to now if this is the standard of TPSs on PS4 at least.

ABizzel1864d ago

No kidding, and this is a Year 1 game. My goodness what is The Order 2 going to look like, or Uncharted PS4.

nope111864d ago

I REALLY hope they remove the QTEs before launch.

ABizzel1864d ago

There's nothing wrong with QTEs as long as the game isn't flooded with them after every action.

nope111864d ago

I'm tired of needless QTEs. Sometimes i just want to sit back and enjoy a cutscene.
At least an option to turn off QTEs would be nice, like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

static5245864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

Well the QTE's aren't in the cutscenes per say. It's integrated into the gameplay. Like it'll give you a choice.. For example "press triangle to smash head into wall or X to to throw to the ground" type of thing. It'll go into "bullet time" and you can use the environment around you to kill. Like bullet time activates and you look around see a dagger on ground and you can use that by pressing the corresponding button.

So yes there are QTE's but they said that each are hardly ever the same.

Ninver864d ago

the game is seriously gonna blow our minds. i just hope it's reasonably long with a great story behind it.

cell989864d ago

Considering this is a single player game only with no multiplayer, you can bet its going to have a reasonably lengthy campaign

ha8eraid864d ago

That combat looks awesome

Ashunderfire86864d ago

Holy Shit!!! The Order 1886 just beat everything!

imt558864d ago

And it's only a 1st generation game on PS4.:)

vickysud864d ago

i can't wait to play this game OMG at those gifs.

The Order - 2014
Uncharted 4 - 2015
The Last of US 2 - 2016


BallsEye863d ago

Definately will pick it up. Looks sweet but don't understand the reactions around here. "LOOK AT THE WAY THE CLOTHES MOVE !!!" etc etc. That's nothing new looks good but not that mind blowing. Do I miss something others see in that gameplay part?

RadioActiveTwinky863d ago

Curious, What game has that level of cloth mechanic without it clipping into the game world.

BallsEye863d ago (Edited 863d ago )


Tons of games with PhysX from nvidia. Hell, even Ryse got amazing cloth and even muscle/fat simulation (shaking fat etc) in real time. Alan wake on 360 had realtime cloth simulation as well. Don't take me wrong. The Order got cool atmosphere and overal visuals but it's nothing new. Textures look totally normal and even kid of flat (look when he sticks to wall for cover)models are just ok. Cloth in cutscenes move WAY more realistic than in actual gameplay. What makes this game look really nice is all the post-processing filters.

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wardestroyr864d ago

Stunningly beautiful.

Sony, please acquire Ready at Dawn!

mania568864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

cutscenes and gameplay are equal in quality, stunning graphics and gameplay and they say 1920x800 with MSAA X4 is worst than 1080p, well the gameplay and trailer releasing tomorrow will probably enlighten everyone to its quality

Destrania864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

It's the same pixel density as 1920x1080p with a wider FOV. I know I'll love the look of it. Those gifs above are absolutely insane btw. I'm stunned. Can't wait till tomorrow!

Rimeskeem864d ago

Does not matter if it looks stunning cause if people know its 800P they will always flip out anyways

Volkama864d ago

Meh I don't like the borders or any other effect that removes anything visually (film grain, motion blur etc).

But I love 4xMSAA, I'm a big fan of the image quality it provides.

If I had to choose between borders and 4xMSAA or borderless with lower AA... well I don't actually know what I'd choose without seeing them.

I'll trust their judgement.

PR_FROM_OHIO864d ago

Trust me they will Ready At Dawn is to talented for SONY to let them go!! lol

jhoward585864d ago (Edited 864d ago )

I really wish Sony would acquire [email protected].after seeing those beautiful gifs I cant see why they wouldn't.

Can you imagine what the next TLOU/Uncharted would look/play like if [email protected] and ND work together.

SnotyTheRocket864d ago

If the game is great, they defiantly will. Then they'll be in the same arena as Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, Media Molecule, and many more.

BlakHavoc864d ago

How can you not mention SSM right after ND lol.

HappyWithOneBubble864d ago

Yes Ready at Dawn have proven themselves worthy of being acquired by Sony.

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DarkLord1003864d ago

Holy shit - them graphics...

Geekman864d ago

The story will be simple. A young Native American boy will track down 5 men who killed his mother with the training of a retired Assassin named Achiles. Wait...... wrong game.