Pier Solar HD Developer Says “Nintendo has been absolutely fantastic!”

It's not easy for an independent development division to be able to make it big in the gaming industry. As WaterMelon Studios, developers of Pier Solar HD, describes it, "you pretty much feel like a tiny dot in the wide universe." Fortunately, since last year, Nintendo has been making large strides to improve their indie publishing policies and, so far, it has been paying off for both parties. In this particular case, WaterMelon studios describes their experience with Nintendo as "absolutely fantastic!"

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Sly-Lupin1525d ago

This is great for Indies, and great for Nintendo, but not so great for Nintendo.

I'm not saying Nintendo should start treating indie studios like Microsoft, but they would better serve their customers by working as a publisher for these smaller studios--they don't need to give 'em huge amounts of money, but even just a modest budget for a small indie team could result in some much higher quality games--which would benefit the indie studio's reputation, and Nintendo's userbase by increasing the number of exclusive titles.

This really is the way to go. For the same amount of money and time it takes Nintendo to produce a single Mario mini-game collection, they could probably finance 2-4 solid indie titles in multiple genres.

ChickeyCantor1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

The fact Nintendo makes Wii U accessible to indie developers ( at low costs ) allows them to grow on their own terms.

If their game sells well enough they will have enough money to work on a bigger project.

Ol_G1525d ago

Yeah right Nintendo should start moneyhatting Cause that put Sony in the black numbers :/

Realplaya1524d ago

You make no sense. They are already treating them well.

Sly-Lupin1524d ago

Or, rather, you didn't actually read my post, as indicated by the fact that your response has nothing to do with what I said.

To sum up my point as clearly and succinctly as possible:

A positive relationship between Nintendo and Independent developers does nothing to benefit CONSUMERS.