Destiny – Classes, loot and why this is “Bungie’s next great action game”

From classes, loot drops, vehicles and cut scenes, X-ONE covered all the bases when it chatted with David Dague about Bungie’s epic new shooter Destiny.

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Geekman1524d ago

This and Evolve are the only First person shooters that interest me. I feel like that genre is dying.

3-4-51524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

This is the one next gen game I could see myself sinking hours and hours into.

Definitely getting a PS4 for this game. Well others too, but probably wont' get one until this game is released.

* Love the loot system though. It actually encourages playing with strangers because they CAN'T steal your loot.

All Loot is unique the the player.

mewhy321524d ago

I'm really excited about this game. I love this type of game. I'll be playing on the PS4. Anyone heard what the resolution and frame rate is for the xbone release?

TRD4L1fe1524d ago

I really need more active gaming friends for this game

mo2411524d ago

you coukd just hit some forums. Find people who have your similar playstyle, for example roleplaying that way it is much funner.

respekanize911524d ago

next gen shoot and loot baby!! hopefully it will push Gearbox to make Borderworlds

Grimhammer001524d ago

I paid off destiny. Can't wait!
Evolve I'm very interested in.

Devision is another game that looks promising.

Qwagy UK1524d ago

Hope this runs at 1080p on the xbox one.

Utalkin2me1524d ago

[email protected] fps is the best you can hope for or maybe 900p at 30fps.

n4gamingm1523d ago

no 900p 60p i believe they can hit that i hope.

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