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Dead Space Should Tone Down the Action and Focus on Horror

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mochachino  +   560d ago
If you want horror, play Outlast (PS4/PC).

Hands down the scariest game I've ever played.
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WildArmed  +   560d ago
I've been wanting to play that, but I'm pretty sure Amnesia the dark descent would give Outlast a run for it's money.

I never really found Dead Space scary anyway, having a gun in your hand gives the player a lil' bit too much control (esp. when ammo is abundant).

Dead Space franchise kinda felt like RE4/RE5. More focused on kicking zombie ass.

Horror games like RE1/2, Amnesia, Silent Hill, etc play much more differently (at least to me anyway)
Ashunderfire86  +   560d ago
They should make a ghost horror game, with Outlast hide and run mechanics. I can imagine that game with a lot of physical use to the environment, because ghost can move objects in horrifying ways, to scare the crap out of any player. It could be a TV that suddenly turn on, as the player jump to the loud sounds from the bad signal.Even objects in the kitchen can be toss around to build up fear in the player's eyes. Its those jumping moments that scares the player, before the monster comes in. You see anybody can be scared due to a lack of taking notice of what's around or even behind them, because their too busy concentrating on one thing. "Its a classic scare, where your parents sneak up behind you to say boo! Then you jump."

If any of us think about it, its not that hard to come up with an idea for a horror game. There are many ideas unexplored, and thrown out the window in favor of in your face action. Where the monster just run up to the player mindlessly without intelligence, and become cannon fodder.

Dead Space doesn't have to follow the hide and run approach from Amnesia, Slender, and Outlast. It could be scary in many other ways, like the build up fear idea I type from above. EA could have the Nercomorph A.I. taunt the player with sounds and manipulation of objects, then they could decide when to jump out an attack the player. This could be done with unpredictable A.I. like the Alien from Alien Isolation, but on a bigger scale. EA should also not make Isaac overpowered with overpowered weapons, but just lighter weapons. They could make Isaac use object in the environment in many ways to slow down, and possibly kill enemies. "There you go! We would have a real horror, and deep thinking Dead Space game.

Now EA hire me on the team, I just gave you an idea.
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gillri  +   560d ago
nah I played more games scarier than Outlast, its feels more like a haunted house ride rather than a haunted house
-Foxtrot  +   560d ago
Which is what they should be doing anyway since it's a horror franchise.....too bad EA ruined up the story and characters with Dead Space 3.

Thanks Guys....
Flipgeneral  +   560d ago
Id go as far as saying that even DS2 had too much action.

nothing was as intense and immersive as the first entry

my 2 cents
Conzul  +   560d ago
Meh, I thought DS2 was perfect. Just pump up difficulty level if you need more tension because waaay less ammo.
Deadpoolio  +   560d ago
Please for the love of god stop calling Dead Space a survival horror franchise....It never has been, never will be....AND Dead Space 3 wasn't that much different than Dead Space 2 yet 3 is supposed to be the ommmmggggzzzzz its toooooo much action. All 3 were the same
-Foxtrot  +   560d ago
Dead Space WAS a horror franchise

Dead Space - Horror

Dead Space 2 - Action/Horror

Dead Space 3 - FULL ON ACTION
gillri  +   560d ago
How is Dead Space 1 NOT a survivial horror?
tigertron  +   560d ago
I agree that Dead Space needs to focus more on survival horror, though I thought DS2 had the perfect balance of horror and action. The first game was all about the horror, the second was in between then the third was all about the action.

I love all three, but I'll admit DS3 could have been so much better with a greater focus on horror. EA needs to realise that games don't have to be action packed to be popular.
NYC_Gamer  +   560d ago
Dead Space is dead and now EA will have Visceral working on pure action shooters
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DarkLord1003  +   560d ago
What year is it?
Gore-Content  +   560d ago
The same applies to Resident Evil.
SmielmaN  +   560d ago
Agreed. IMO, a brand new resident evil game made with the static cameras from 1-2-3 and all the puzzles/limited ammo&health would be incredible! Then make it a 30+ hour game! Ohhh that would be awesome!
cyclindk  +   560d ago
I had an idea for that, use static cameras until you come to a dynamic "run away" moment, and you can switch between your character's view as you are running and the view of the attacker (in first person) watching you run away until you evade him/her/it, or he/she/it loses sight of you.

Watch yourself run from his/her/its perspective.

Be tough to work out smoothly, but neat.
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SmielmaN  +   560d ago
That would be awesome, like old school/new school hybrid! Bubbles for intelligent conversation! Lol. At this point, I would love a remake of RE 1/2 like that except with more fleshed out stories and added locations/characters to run around with. That would be something that would bring my inner geek to explosive excitement levels haha. Out of bubbles :(. I knew I shouldn't have fed those two trolls.... Lol
SmielmaN  +   560d ago
I would definitely agree with this. I absolutely loved playing dead space 1-2. Then DS3 came out and I could barely be bothered to finish it. Just action-y and less searching for stuff, puzzles were crap, monsters were expected and not surprising. Never lost a lot of health/had plenty health in inventory(had loads of ammo too). Just disappointing. But I hope they make another, just a lot better
cyclindk  +   560d ago
Agreed, the fear of running out of ammo, or being confined with a monster, or even being unexpectedly ripped apart in some viscous manner just were never there for me in DE3 like they were on even the EASIEST setting in the original.
cyclindk  +   560d ago
Agree here, while I would LOVE the aspects brought in DE3 to another type of game, I would love it even more if DE4 would bring back the horror.

Atmosphere, subtle musical score and absolutely the sound department can be thanked for a large part of what was spooky in the original Dead Space. The story accounted for perhaps 18 percent give or take and I think there is a great deal of room to expand it's role in "scarring" us by utilizing more psychologically tantalizing narrative forms.

Either way, none of Visceral's games have been bad, so I am confident they will make something fun no matter what.
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cyclindk  +   560d ago
IDK why I keep putting DE... I mean DS... dead space...
i haven't seen an article like this before... /s
Dynasty2021  +   560d ago
I thought EA officially cancelled Dead Space...
arbitor365  +   560d ago
the first game was one of my favorite games last gen. dead space 2 really pushed the action aspect too far and was not nearly as effective or atmospheric as the first one. and dead space 3.... was gears of war with necromorphs. it was garbage. there is no coming back from that. the mythology of the series has been ruined and there is nowhere left for it to go.
maniacmayhem  +   560d ago
Oh, you mean like part 1? Unfortunately like most games that get popular, the sequels tend to lose focus on what made it so great in the first place.

They get further and further away from the creator(s) original vision as more corporate marketing hands, super star producers and designers get involved.

We see it all the time with most once great franchises.
Ra3030  +   560d ago
"Dead Space Should Tone Down the Action and Focus on Horror"
What, that's just kooky talk. Why not add mech's and some really dumbed down AI and EA could have Microsoft hype it as the greatest game ever.
Austin48  +   560d ago
Well i liked dead space 3 and the co op is fun too
Gamesgbkiller  +   560d ago
I think DS2 was the perfect mix between action and horror-ish.
I don't consider the series as a horror game maybe survival game.
Lord_Sloth  +   560d ago
Idc, I just want the series to continue.
kreate  +   560d ago
'Dead Space Should Tone Down the Action and Focus on Horror'

Same goes for resident evil.
KHATL66  +   560d ago
I enjoyed ALL the Dead Space games....yes, even 3. You can only scare someone so many times. I played Outlast the other day and it did not really scare me like so many people say it did for them. I feel like the first two Dead Space games are still much scarier then Outlast. I love the Dead Space franchise. As long as they keep the quality alive they can make them until the end of time and I will buy every one. Here's hoping we see Dead Space 4 sometime in the near future.
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ShaunCameron  +   560d ago
I would have bought DS3 had it been a single-disc game for my XBox 360 as I actually welcomed the more action/TPS direction EA was trying to go, though I think they expected way too much from an IP they already blew their load on with the first game.
ShiftShock  +   560d ago
Dead space 1 could be a scarey game if you turned off the lights and turned on the surround sound. The other ones weren't nearly as scarey, especially 3. The atmosphere just wasnt there like in the first one.
NeoTribe  +   560d ago
Deadspace 4 with titans.

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