If you said Telltale’s Walking Dead games are terrible I wouldn’t blame you...

GameZone: ...and if you were angry about The Wolf Among Us too, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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RosweeSon892d ago

Yeah this won't get a few million people disagreeing

JsonHenry892d ago

I didn't know the games had issues this bad on the xbox. I have these games on the PC and never had an issue. :/

DarkLord1003892d ago

Yet another useless article written by a nobody on the internet who's just crying for attention...

GentlemenRUs892d ago

Yet another post by some nobody crying over something written by a nobody crying for attention.

It works both ways ;)

DarkLord1003892d ago

Difference is I'm commenting on a article from someone. That's one of the reasons this site even exists.

porkChop892d ago

Did you bother reading the article? He's absolutely right, the games are fucking broken on all platforms, and instead of fixing them Telltale just works on new games and expects people to pay up for another broken game. The stories are good, but the games barely even work.

mgszelda1892d ago

This game is one of the most overrated of last gen. Let's make a game with an awful choice system, that makes mass effects endings look lime the work of Aristotle

fluxmulder892d ago

Yep. More of an interactive motion comic than a game.

Chapter11892d ago

Look at me I'm stating my opinion as fact and I'm not using anything to back it up! LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME!

porkChop892d ago

He didn't state anything as fact, but ok.

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