Rumor: Pokemon X and Y DLC, Mewtwo, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, And A New City

"If our translation holds true, Nintendo just gave Japanese Pokemon players even more single player content to go through."

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jonboi241554d ago

Wait, huh? This doesn't sound like new dlc. Isn't this just the same post game content in the game?

admiralvic1554d ago

I'm 99.99% sure it is and makes me wonder if the author did any research at all. I mean, looking at the source ( ) you can see some images of where to capture MewTwo, you can pretty much figure out this is post game stuff...

"20ばんどうろの奥にある「ポケモンのむら」の、 「ななしのどうくつ」。"

^ Thats the message directing you to find MewTwo. Now, you can look at the Snowbelle city map and at the bottom left you can see "20ばんどうろ"

That path will lead you to the Pokemon Village ( ), which the opening looks exactly like the image in the 4gamer article ( ) and reads Pokemon's Mura. I don't know what mura means, but I do find it interesting that Google translate will say mura (even though that is what the picture says) is wrong and will ask if you mean ポケモンの村, which says Pokemon Village.

Finally, the direction says to go to ななしのどうくつ or Anonymous Cave. This is awfully close to "Unknown Dungeon", which is located in the Pokemon Village and where you find MewTwo.

IRapeLolis1554d ago

Unless I'm missing something here this stuff all becomes unlocked after you beat the E4 anyways. It's not DLC at all,it's there on the game already. It's not even hidden away. :/

Summons751554d ago

That would be neat if they would make the other two birds available... It's annoying only having one and I'm hesitant to start over with the Pokebank to get the others. I think they need to add a new area with battles that go from lvl 50-100 so you can keep training your mons after the game and trainers that can be battled again. If the Pokemansion gave experience I would want to go there but it's pretty boring without playing online except with easier opponents.

Maybe add DLC that goes back to older regions...but that is just a never gonna happen dream, that would be an insane amount of work to bring up to 3D and intergrate into these games.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1554d ago

I would love a Pokemon-world-esque game.

youndamie1554d ago

At E3 2014 Nintendo announces Pokemon World for the Wii U. Lol a man can dream can't he.

Relientk771554d ago

Yeah, Articuno is the sh*t!

admiralvic1554d ago

I really hope the author feels stupid, because this post is wrong on so many levels...

"the game will now open up a path to a new town calledキナン."

A) The new town is spelled 「キナンシティ」, not just 「キナン」.
B) The town is actually "Kiloude City" ( http://bulbapedia.bulbagard... ) and is where the friend safari and such is located.

"There, you will be able to meet and battle Mega Evolution Mewtwo, Version X or Y depending on which version of the game you have. If you can capture said Mewtwo, you will also be able to easily obtain a Mega Stone not long after."

A) The source article does not say you can get MewTwo in Kiloude City. I even checked with a Google Translated version and even there it says MewTwo is located in the Cave of the Nameless or Unknown Dungeon.
B) I explained what exactly the article said about MewTwo in my previous post.

"More importantly, beating Mewtwo releases the Legendary Bird Pokemon into Kalos. The Pokemon you chose to be your 1st starter (Fennekin, Chespin, and Froakie) will determine which Legendary Pokemon you get to capture."

A) Again, neither the source, nor the Google translated version say that beating MewTwo releases the legendary birds. It simply says beating the Hall of Fame will make the birds appear.
B) Even reading the translation makes it obvious they're just post game stuff.

"There is one more detail, however. There will be a new set of battles with five trainers, that seem to translate to ‘battle trial’ or ‘battle license examinations.’ These may or may not be connected to the Battle Institute."

A) This is just the Battle Maison and could have easily been figured out with simple context clues.

Overall, this is a poor translation and makes me wonder where they got terms like DLC nothing on ANY level suggests that.

Beetey1554d ago

It's so wrong it's funny. How can people be this clueless and do so little research?

admiralvic1554d ago

"and do so little research?"

Doesn't this imply research? I honestly believe they saw this posted today or recently, jumped to the conclusion it was DLC and wrote a post about it. However, the real problem is that it's just fundamentally wrong.

The article doesn't mention DLC, so I wonder how they came to that conclusion baffles me. The article explains exactly how to get these things, even with broken Google Translate translations, yet they seemed baffled. Heck, I'm still confused how they got the town name wrong. It's mentioned one time and they just decide to chop it in half for some arbitrary reason.

Beetey1554d ago

@admiralvic "Doesn't that imply research?"
Good point XD