Left 4 Dead 'Hospital' gameplay

Here is a brand new Left 4 Dead gameplay trailer

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Superfragilistic3659d ago

This could be the most intense coop of the year.

thewhoopimen3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

This game is either looks stupid or maybe just has stupid players running in front of each other's targeting sights. The game plays arcade-y like counterstrike and graphically isn't that much better. Zombie hits don't register on players except for some lame flashing redlights. Zombies just rush at you like gauntlet (well they are zombies i guess) and there seems to be about 4 uniuqe (bland) looks. The vomit blood on the player looks like old doom2 textures and doesn't really look anything like blood or vomit. Character and zombie animations fail... big time. The zombies slap people...haha
No character damage from weapons (how about seeing body parts geting shot off like soldier of fortune2?). Extremely repetitive looking and not really scary at all. How about getting pulled down to the ground if 3-4 of those guys grab you? About a C- in my book.

sak5003659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

Looks nice but gameplay wise quite boring. Same weapons, just unlimited supply of canon fodder at u. More like Dead rising meets The Club but without the innovative ways of killing the zombies.

Edit: Yeah dint notice that.

Edit 2: Fixed that. just noticed 3 bubbles left. Thanks to b.....ds.

power of Green 3659d ago

Why is the contributor lieing saying he has fixed the reports ignoring them trying to make people believe this is coming to PS3?.

Skip_Bayless3659d ago

I think gameplay wise it's going to be fun with online-coop. Graphically it has kind of a The Club(the game) art style. The video looks average at best and on a big screen it's going to look mediocre.

hades073659d ago

The game looks good and the gameplay seems fine but does it seem like the player moves around at a very fast pace, seems like he's almost skating on ice.

They should slow down the gameplayer run speed and make the game more suspenseful instead of just run n gun, make better use of your subject matter.

MEGANE3659d ago

another half life but with zombies and faster enemies!!

badz1493659d ago

there were zombies in HL2 and this game uses the same concept but the zombies have different faces unlike the roasted chicken head in HL2! I watched the video half way and didn't even want to watch till the end! I was actually expecting more from one of 'the most anticipated title' for the 360! if this is it, thank you but you can keep it exclusive and no PS3 port is required! I'm looking at you EA!!

ps: aren't zombies supposed to move slowly and will try to bite not punch you?? I can understand that the zombies in HL2 punching because they have no mouth but these are more RE like zombies and I think they're moving too quickly and they should bite!!

gringo3659d ago

I agree about the punching, but I don't see a problem with zombies running.

They walked in George Romero's classics but they run in the Dawn of Dead remake and in 28 Days Later and it's a lot more exciting.

jtucker783659d ago

I think this looks great.

I wish we were getting this for the PS3.

thewhoopimen3659d ago

People what they cant' have. period. But if you're a ps3 owner ... this is definitely a pass.

P4KY B3659d ago

Not as excited about this as I once was.

Damn you COD4 for making every other shoot'em up seem boring.

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The story is too old to be commented.