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The_Infected1316d ago (Edited 1316d ago )

I'm always excited to see a new playstation commercial! This one is amazing btw. Now all we need is a Playstation Now commercial.

xHeavYx1315d ago

Makes me wonder if big mp games will be given out soon

ZodTheRipper1315d ago

No comment about the black bars? Ain't so bad after all, huh? :P

DanielGearSolid1315d ago

Whyyyyy the live action dammit!

ThatArtGuy1315d ago

Because they wanted new footage and it's faster and cheaper to produce than animation from scratch.

DanielGearSolid1315d ago

Huhhhhhhhhh? Its way easier to throw together pieces of gameplay, than direct and film live action scenarios

XisThatKid1315d ago

Either way seems like Sony is just tryin to make compelling ads. I mean it's not really advertising any one game so most of PS's ads have been live action but the individual games have more gameplay in them.
IMO I like it. Most game commercials have been live action these days anyway even some X1 commecials

My_precious1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

if AC4 in PS+ next month i'll be damned

FamilyGuy1315d ago

lol ikr?

They're showing pirates likes it's a hint at something, waaaay too soon for that though. Maybe it has to do with Uncharted for PS4? That seems like it's going to be a pirate themed game when you look at the trailer. Most likely with some sort of multiplayer aspect hence the PS+

mochachino1315d ago

Shouldn't they say new FREE games monthly

GribbleGrunger1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

I still have a beef with Sony when it comes to advertising. Why the hell didn't they mention 'free games' in a commercial about PS+ ... Come ON! For Goodness sake.

"PS+, gives you free games and discounts monthly."

See how easy it is!

RadioActiveTwinky1315d ago

Because they arent 100% free. They lapse when your sub lapses. In a sense they would be false advertising that.
They should of mentioned the discount part, that I agree.
I also wish they showed more actual gameplay on their ads. It be nice if they would go back to the Kevin Butler days. They actually showed gameplay while providing funny and great explanation on the game.

GribbleGrunger1315d ago

Before you had to pay for multiplayer, I would have agreed.

press-start1315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

they kind of did it was just a quick msg at 1.06 of the vid (new games monthly)they should of displayed the msg longer

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