The director of Final Fantasy 7 on the remake everyone wants

A Final Fantasy 7 remake - often called for by fans of the Japanese role-playing game series - is not currently in development, Square Enix has said, and it doesn't look like it will be any time soon.

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MrSwankSinatra1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

I would like a remake but with a battle system similar to Final Fantasy XV. I think that would be the proper approach to remaking FF7. An I know purists will disagree but sometimes old ways do not translate well into modern times. I just can't see playing this huge scale, graphically badass remake of FF7 using a timed based battle system in this day and age. I mean imagine having visually similar battles to that of advent children

pedrof931674d ago

The battle system from 7 was good.

abzdine1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

the materia system was amazing indeed.
they'll announce the remake on PS4 the evening of the japanese launch event..BOOM!

MegaRay1674d ago

I 100% agree... XV battle system for VII remake ^^

Azfargh1674d ago

The system MIGHT be outdated, but the pace works much better for extended periods of gameplays because the player do as he please.

He can play a battle while eating, while surfing on internet, doing some kind of activity that does not require much attention... makes grinding easier as well.

I miss games like that... less reflexes, more thinking. The game market is saturated of pressure-inducing games (action, quick-time events, racing, fighting, sports (exept golf, fps, etc...) and few games for people tired from a tough day of work...

3-4-51674d ago

They should remake FF9, and speed up the battles.

kalkano1674d ago

"old ways do not translate well into modern times."

There's nothing old about it. It's not as old as real-time combat. People like you need to realize that YOU don't like it, but OTHER people do.

Make Final Fantasy 7 an action-RPG, and it is no longer Final Fantasy 7, and I'll pretend it doesn't exist.

MrSwankSinatra1674d ago

people like you need to realize it's an opinion of mine and if you don't like it well then... too bad.

kalkano1673d ago


So, in your opinion, no one should have any games to play, except for people who share your opinion.


MrSwankSinatra1673d ago

dude where in the hell did i say that only people should have games to play that share my opinion. are you moronic, if square ever remakes FF7 they're gonna remake it however they see fit even if it mean changing things for a modern appeal or not. i don't have control over the development of it. so stop twisting my words just because your mad that i have a differ in opinions on how a FF7 remake should be made.

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Blaze9291674d ago

I've pretty much given up all hope for this. Whatever Square.

Inception1674d ago

I'm gonna wait the result of FF XV. If it's great than i believe they can pull FF VII remake that stick with the original. But if not, than i think we should forget it and move on to the next FF (FF XVI, etc).

Iltapalanyymi1674d ago

Why they wont just do it? It would sell loads!

aLucidMind1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

It may be possible that they lost all the files. Capcom went through that problem with the Silent Hill HD collection; they lost most of the files with exception of several assets and couldn't figure out how to redo it so they just left it. Hence why there were very obvious changes in script and, for example, how Silent Hill 2's fog was non-existent some times while being little more than a gray block other times. They could not remake it exactly due to Team Silent being long gone.

It may not be out of the question that, due to the original team not being there anymore, do not want to risk putting out a remake that is generally seen as inferior in script or soul. Could you imagine how upset those clamoring for it would be if they shelled out $60 for a subpar FF7 remake?

creatchee1674d ago

I'd rather see a remake of IV or VI. Much better plots.

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