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Majin-vegeta1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Gotta love that PS4 power=)

What does scaling internally mean??

BigFnHooters1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

"I doubt the PS4 will have any problemd running it at [email protected]"

Graphically the engine doesn't look to be that impressive compared to how amazing the previous Metal Gears were when they were released on the PS1,PS2, and PS3. None of the previous titles were forced to cater to much weaker hardware like the 360.

Still, the power advantage of the PS4 over the Xbox One is huge:

1920x1080 is 2,073,600 pixels
1280x720 is 921,600 pixels

So the PS4 is running the game at 2.25 the resolution of the Xbox One.

Rig_Master1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Yeah, quite a letdown graphically. It looks like they pretty much just added some extra graphical effects to the last gen console versions for the PS4.

Too bad. Would have been nice to see what the game would have looked like if it wasn't targeting the lowest common denominator and could have used a real PS4 graphics engine.

Of course the big WTF is the Xbox One only being able to run at 720p. It is looking more and more like the Xbox One is closer in power to the PS3 than the PS4.

morganfell1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

The judging of the graphical quality will come in the live play and video rather than still shots.

This is the way it is going to be the entire geberation. The PS4 is game focused.


Look at the disagrees. Some people obviously hate math.

LeeMajors1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

>Yeah, quite a letdown graphically. It looks like they pretty much just added some extra graphical effects to the last gen console versions for the PS4.

The entire game is going to be gimped by the fact that it is forced to run on the horrible Xbox 360 DVD format. All the world layout is going to be forced to run the same even on the crap 360 hardware. Which pretty much means that any PS4 additions are going to fairly minor and mostly window dressing.

xHeavYx1279d ago

Glad to see yet another game at 1080p on the PS4

thereapersson1279d ago

@ morganfell

Since when have logic, reason or facts applied on N4G?

@ heavy

Expect this to be the norm for most of the generation. The PS4 has the hardware to pull off 1080p with relative ease, and it will only get more efficient as developers learn more about the hardware. You'll probably start seeing more implementation of anti-aliasing or other enhancements.

morganfell1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )


Rarely. If it did then more persons that claim to be gamer pure would be supporting the company that put gamers first.

I certainly agree with your predicition. Also these early developers are setting the precedence of not caring about parity and that is also paving the standard for this generation.

Sarcasm1279d ago


There's only one non-1080p game on the PS4 and that's Battlefield 4.

vishmarx1279d ago

PS4 vs ps3 night and day.
xb1 over xb360.not much really

aaron58291279d ago

I honestly feel really bad for the xb1. The difference between 360 and 1 isnt that much (besides the fps) ... Must be because the resolution on both platform is the same.

The same can't be said when comparing the ps3 to the ps4. I clearly see the difference there.

morganfell1279d ago


This was a decision made by MS:

Yet when the X1 version fails to rival the PS4 version, MS supporters - the very ones that MS abandoned in order to chase the Wii casual crowd - attack Sony supporters.

abzdine1279d ago

but... the cloud??

PS4 leads the way once more, and this game isn't even truly next gen. i cant imagine how it will be when devs will focus their ressources on PS4.

Please be excited

showtimefolks1279d ago


you know if Kojima could he would. But its a business but truly its a shameful. I would love to see what Kojima can do on ps4 when he doesn't have to worry about xbox one


funny thing is there are still those who deny the power of ps4 lol, where are the fanboys who said cloud would make xbox one more powerful.

pyramidshead1279d ago

Haha wow.

Didn't even think there would be disparity with this game but DAMN! XB1 owners getting that consistent short straw.

Next up: The Witcher, Watch_Dogs, and Thief all running better on PlayStation 4.

Cupid_Viper_31279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

As Liquid Ocelot famously said: "This...Is the victory we've won for ourselves."

The quote above might seem unrelated, but I think it suits perfectly. In my opinion, PlayStation gamers have always asked (demanded) that Sony put their best foot forward at all times. Hell, even the industry as a whole(unfairly)holds Sony to standards than the rest. (remember how 24pixels used to be a big deal when comparing multiplats?, and how PS3 exclusives where nitpicked?)

That is partly why we PlayStation gamers have online for Free on the PS3 and PS Vita, and why PS+ is so good, and why the PS4 is so well designed. So this "victory" is indeed one we've won ourselves.

But the Xbox camp has always been very reluctant to criticize Microsoft.(Try and criticize Ryse, or Forza, or Titanfall and see how quick you'll be labeled and insulted) They simply just accept and defend whatever decision Microsoft makes, whether it be right or wrong.

Just look at how the Xbox camp handled the pre-Xbox One-reveal rumors of always online, 24h check-ins, crazy DRM where you can't lend your friend your games, etc, every app behind a pay wall while they're free everywhere else,etc. The list of things that they accept goes on and on. And in the end, this is the result you get. You get a company who believes that you, as the core consumer, is secondary. So they thought they could LEND you and machine where you have to sign in every 24 hours, other forget about gaming. And they also decided that you don't really need much power under the hood nowadays .

Xbox fan to this day swears by Kinect, even when it is obvious to everyone else that nothing has been more detrimental to the XBox than kinect (project Natal) has. Even the RROD has helped the Xbox more than kinect has. Kinect represents a complete shift in focus for the Xbox division, and you guys got on forums and defended it with your lives.

You let a company get away with one thing, it only set the precedence for them push further and see what else they can get away with.

It is human nature really. Hell, there are very few companies who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to sell an inferior product at a superior price to their direct competitor, if they knew they could get away with it.

To the guys who supported Microsoft through the RRODs, Paying for Live while Bashing PS+, defending MS's policies to gimp 3rd party titles for parity, etc. To those guys, this "ONE" is on YOU! Enjoy it....

Cloudyday711279d ago

@BigFnHooters "So the PS4 is running the game at 2.25 the resolution of the Xbox One."

I'm not sure why some people are crowing just to justify their console purchase, most people won't be able to tell the difference. Also Xbox One balance means the experience will be the same on both platforms.

DEEBO1279d ago

The reason why GZ looks like last generation because it is that's why you have ports for the 360/ps3.

The phantom pain on the other hand is going to be x1/ps4 only so you will see major improvement.this guy is known to make hardware sing from ps1 to the ps3 metal gear games are always beautiful.

The real problem here is the x1 is having a hard time running 7 generation games at 1080p.
i like the xbox one but the only way i would buy a multiplatform game on it is if it's like titanfall but if i have a choice out of x1/ps4 it's ps4 because it's the better hardware for games.

johndoe112111279d ago


Dat balance. What the hell does your statement even mean? Do you even understand what is happening here? Do you understand what it means that every multiplat is running significantly better on the ps4? Jesus, I guess ignorance really is bliss.

mewhy321279d ago

This is, and will be, a continuing pattern this gen. The power disparity between PS4 and xbone (got to be sure to use the right word for xbone, got 5 day restriction last time I used the wrong word LOL) is just going to make the gap grow wider and more pronounced.

Visiblemarc1279d ago

@Cloudyday 71 You're joking right? Please say that you don't use made up Xbox marketing terms in real life discussions...

As for people who are downplaying the ENORMOUS pixel count difference as described by BigFnHooters this has to stop.

I'm not a console fanboy BUT I am a logic fanboy. If one machine is pushing over 1.25 million more pixels you have to know the difference comes down to much more than 'just' resolution. The resolution difference is already enormous, anyone who says they can't see it is lying or needs glasses.

The difference in raw pixel pushing however can mean a major difference in what will run, period. Imagine going forward with games get more demanding (they will). 50% more power will mean a super complex game that can only run at 720/30 fps on Ps4 won't run at all on xb1. That DOES matter.

Is there anything wrong with owning/loving xb1? NO! But PLEASE stop bending logic itself to make it seem like a really clever purchase. I love my 3DS but I don't pretend it can touch the Vita in power. I just love it for what it is (and also own a Vita).

mantisimo1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

So I reckon Microsoft will start paying Devs to gimp ps4 versions next, sounds extreme and not a possibility at all?

Yet Watch this space if they can't have their exclusivity or multiplats on equal terms, how will they make up for the very limiting discrepancy in power.

This is a huge corporation out to make money and be the best in the market. Not happening though is it?

This gens multiplat fight could get dirty.

Thank goodness for ps4 and it's exclusives.

Hercules1891279d ago

Why is everyone saying theres not much difference between the X1 version and 360 version. The difference is just as clear between the PS4 and PS3 versions.

assdan1279d ago

Who still thinks the ps4 isn't twice as strong?

morganfell1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )


What about those X1 fans living in denial and quoting the worst of MS marketing to justify their purchases?

Wizard_King1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

It's official people.

DON'T BUY AN XBOX1, if you already have sell it before the thing goes Dreamcast on you.

Why buy an under powered piece of crap that doesn't even work properly?

Gaming1011279d ago

LOL @ all the articles coming out lately titled "The X-bone may actually win 2014" and "X-bone may win this entire generation"

They're so butthurt over this they're going to need some ass cream and vaseline.

mcstorm1279d ago

@Wizard_King its people like you who give gaming a bad name. Going off your comment you never owned a PlayStation console until the ps3 because the ps2 and psx were the lest powerful of there gen. Also if its all about power why even bother with a games console go and buy a pc as a high end one will walk all over the ps4.

As for the article it looks like the 3rd party games are going to be like this for a bit maybe all gen. Its something we will have to live with. I don't have an issue with it as I always get the games I want on the console I want it on and its not on who has the higher rez.

Looking forward to this game wanted a mgs game since I got 2 and 3 on my Psv.

AndrewLB1279d ago

M$ got seriously xbwn3d in this comparison. To be honest, I would have expected both consoles to do 1080p since these graphics are not very impressive.

Unspoken1279d ago

They probably didn't take the time to optimize it for the xbox if they choose 720p instead of some other odd number. I guess if the game sucks it really doesnt matter what console it is on. But it is 1080p on the PS4 and that is all that matters in life.

Sad... PS4 just made it to 1080p and can't even hit 60 fps after all this time when 4k is coming out. That AMD 265 is holding developers from producing high end graphical games.

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pwnsause_returns1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

As ocelot has stated " everyone always wants to use the latest and greatest technology"