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Rumor: Nintendo Set to Release a Skylanders-Style Game for Wii U

After a 25-year hiatus, Nintendo will be at Toy Fair 2014, which sparks the question: Why are they here now? Various media outlets have speculated that Nintendo might be trying to get in on the interactive toy market utilized by games such as Skylanders and Disney Infinity by releasing their own game with the Nintendo license. (Disney Infinity, Nintendo, Pokemon, Skylanders, Wii U)

Hard to tell
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fredolopez  +   408d ago
I hope this is true!!
abzdine  +   407d ago
color me excited
Benjaminkno  +   407d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   408d ago
That would be wild.
I wonder what such a game would play like...
tinparron  +   408d ago
So the most likely (if our speculation is true) would be for either:

A) something like Infinite with different worlds and collectible mascots or
B) a Pokemon collectible game similar to Skylanders and along the lines of that rpg everyone's been wanting

:D thoughts?
OtakuDJK1NG  +   407d ago
uh they tried Pokemon didn't work never will
tinparron  +   407d ago
They tried it as a arena fighting game, which was kind of a ridiculous choice to focus funding on...but what about an rpg similar to X/Y with which they only release the three starting pokemon plus a select group of pokemon not available in the world of the game, itself, as figures that can be used on any Wii U owner's game.

This would allow for trading AND duels with anyone who has the pokemon game!
OtakuDJK1NG  +   407d ago
Yeah like wii u owners gonna go across the nation to get one figure.
eaise  +   408d ago
IMO they will probably just be promoting Pokemon Rumble. If they were making some huge new game like the article talks about it would be announced at e3 or with a Direct not at a toy fair. If they do announce something good though I will be happily wrong and very surprised
Alex_Boro  +   408d ago
Hopefully its not true. Nintendo needs to cater more to hardcore audiences. This would probably sell a lot though and its a smart buissiness move, but I want to see more hardcore games.
NihonjinChick  +   408d ago
That's what games like Zelda, X, Hyrule Warriors, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, and Bayonetta 2 are for.
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SageShinigami  +   407d ago
Right now they need anything that will make the Wii U sell more consoles. Sub Gamecube levels are not cool.
4ShotKing  +   408d ago
Didn't they do this already with Pokemon Rumble?
Bahamut-Shin  +   408d ago
in my eye nintendo is still the king of platform game,it would be a really good idea if they do it.
tanookisuit  +   408d ago
They do have a lot of varied characters that could be put in the game universe. Overall, I'd be interested in buying it.
Geekman  +   408d ago
It's called Pokemon Rumble. They did this already.
fredolopez  +   407d ago
I didn't know Donkey Kong and Link came out in Pokemon...
yugovega  +   408d ago
who could have seen this coming? nintendo, a company that makes toys, being at a toy fair? never. what do gamers honestly think video game systems are? toys. there is no reason to even think they are making a skylanders type game by being there. pointless rumor.
nintendo is there to promote their new console "toy". more advertisement is always better.
BattleN  +   408d ago
WiiU should've been wii a long time ago, but it's nice to finally see Nintendo's franchise's in HD.. I swear when I saw the Mario Kart 8 reveal I thought it was CGI footage, was impressed by the level in detail in that game! :)

If I didn't know better I'd ask did nintendo hire pixar haha!

On topic: I would buy the figures for Smash or Kart if they made them!
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strigoi814  +   408d ago
i think a pokemon game would be awesome, mmorpg style skylanders style of game woth this collectible action figures
porkChop  +   407d ago
Unless they plan on using Pokemon, I'm not sure Nintendo would have enough characters for something like this. I mean, Nintendo has some really great characters, but they'd need at least 30 characters that are popular enough for people to want them.
SpiralTear  +   407d ago
"they'd need at least 30 characters that are popular enough for people to want them."

Where have you been for the last 30 years?
porkChop  +   407d ago
What 30 characters do they have that are popular enough for a game like that?
MrSwankSinatra  +   407d ago
i can see this being successful.
diepdiep  +   407d ago
I can imagine them using a Smash Bros. Theme for such a game. The toys would act as "trophies" that come to life when placed on the gamepad.
maniacmayhem  +   407d ago
Has to be Pokémon! They should have been "borrowed" that idea from Skylanders.
X1PS4WiiU  +   407d ago
When is the toy fair? Nintendo already confirmed that theyll talk about their nfc games at e3.

So if the toy fair is before e3, this rumors false.
WeAreLegion  +   407d ago
Please don't nickle and dime us. I love Disney Infinity, but extra content is a freaking joke. The figures and tokens are WAY too expensive.
R00bot  +   407d ago
Nintendo is all about value, maybe their figures will be cheaper (but they'll hold their value well, as Nintendo things always do).
Sarobi  +   407d ago
It would be awesome if they did a Pokemon game like this, but instead of figures you use the trading cards.
Kevlar009  +   407d ago
Iwata said they were going to show-off NFC games (NFC allows you to scan physical objects btw) at E3, so the rumor isn't far off at all.

My guess is Nintendo is there to show off and maybe entice some business to use their licenses and technology (WiiU is the only console to have direct NFC built in.) Nintendo very rarely visits convention and show events, so this is big news either way.
just-joe  +   407d ago
Who makes up these rumors?
XiSasukeUchiha  +   407d ago
Yes yes
DryBoneKoopa85  +   407d ago
If this becomes true, I would buy EVERYTHING Nintendo released for this.
link2Dpast  +   407d ago
Don't know if anyone else said this but this would be a perfect idea for the next Mario rpg.
for we are many  +   407d ago
This is not a "Rumor", Nintendo is hard at work on a game that uses the NFC a' la Disney Infinity and Skylanders. It could be a huge hit and much larger than both games I mentioned if the gameplay is polished the "Nintendo" way.
linkenski  +   407d ago
That would be cool. It's like a non-fighting version of Smash Bros.

BUT, Don't fill E3 up with it, like with Nintendo Land. It'll be SUCH a bore.
Jagsrock  +   407d ago
They did say they wanted to do more with their Licensing . This could be huge especially if the figures are nicely made. Collectors won't be able to resist

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