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PTB Feature | Xbox One vs. PS4, Which Console Should You Choose?

Choosing the best console can be difficult. PTB breaks down which system is most likely to be declared as the industry leader. (Microsoft, PS4, Sony Computer Entertainment, Xbox One)

lifeisgamesok  +   434d ago
If you want great launch games and games that have great potential in the next few years choose Xbox One

If you believe in Sony choose PS4

I'm loving the One!
RIP_Weazel  +   434d ago
Great PR there Mattrick...
Howsabout people choose what they want to, without the immature sales pitches? Eh?
candoa  +   434d ago
Yeah just like the administration on this site that have being constantly filling all hot article with anti xbox news. you don't believe me and check all the hot topics. Now their target is titanfall all those articles trying to bring the game down are insane is like we get a new one every hour.

theirs is a youtuber name shokio he tried to post an article about sony losing money he has a video on youtube showing proof and he got denied 3 times. this site constantly promote sony undercover. I have to admit that is a good persuasive tactic bravo administration team.
xHeavYx  +   434d ago
Admins barely submit/ approve stories, if you can't take it I suggest trying another website (Polygon seems to be the best fit, according to your comment)

Personally,I think the PS4 is the best choice. More powerful, more 1st party studios, cheaper, too many advantages
hellzsupernova  +   434d ago
It Is the community that chooses what news gets approved, what news is hot etc.
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ricochetmg  +   434d ago
ARE U CARZY...Consistency over the past 5 years goes to sony with their first part and second party games ...buying exclusive multiplaform content for one month then get a xboxone
AngelicIceDiamond  +   434d ago

Now leave it be.

What's wrong with people on here seriously?
ssj27  +   434d ago

We are gamer's in the end and PS4 gamer's are nice and kind and want the best for their fellow gamer's.. so we PS4 gamer's want other gamer's to make the right chose and that is to buy a PS4 over a xbone because indeed the PlayStation has prove itself to have better top rated games in the long run, better value + is $100 cheaper.. we just want the best for the gamer's and PS4 indeed also has better multi platform performance in all multi plataform PS4 games..

plus let's not forget that M$ try to f%$&$ all us gamer's.. and they introduce online fee to a industry that did not need and have such a evil fee.
ricochetmg  +   433d ago
its okay to want a Xbox one its a good system but dot delude yourself.
MysticStrummer  +   434d ago
Best reviewed launch lineup and best future potential based on past performance goes to PS4, but the answer is…

Buy the console that has the games you want to play, or that your friends want to play (if you're weak minded). It should also have a controller you're comfy with, or that your friends are comfy with (if you're incredibly weak minded).
UltraNova  +   434d ago
So basically buy the damn console your friends like and get it over with !(screw your opinion you weak ass dipshit!)

Something like that MysticStrummer? ;-)
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MysticStrummer  +   434d ago
Ha ha I'm not the one to ask. All my friends bought 360s while I waited for PS3. At first they tried to get me to go along, but I just waited. A few more years down the road, halfway through the generation or so, they had all ditched the 360s for PS3s.
NeoTribe  +   434d ago
Judging by sales and hear say, the ps4 has won over the world. Name one place on earth ms is beating sony in. Ill wait...
hellzsupernova  +   434d ago
According to gaf New Zealand is the only country where ms is winning still after it lost Aussie recently.

But we just got more stock here in New Zealand so that should change hopefully
Eonjay  +   434d ago
Why do I like the PS4? Nice design, nice controller. Best looking multiplats, free games each month (with +). Quick installs, Super clean UI, Good price, and Streaming. Its far from perfect, but seeing as the updates to the PS3 extended what they could, I feel very confident in my selection.
Insomnia_84  +   434d ago
PLAYSTATION 4the Players!
Common sense, logic!

The best games are on Playstation. It only takes a look to the GOTY's nominations and winners to realize that Playstation has the best games and developers! The variety of games is great! Arcade racing, sim racing, the best baseball video game, platformers, first shooters, third person shooters, F2P games with no online subscription required, action adventure games, indies, fighting games, you name it!

The hardware is the best for $100 less! Streaming, upcoming Virtual Reality headset, Free games with Playstation Plus, the best controller with the most tech integrated, an advanced PS EYE, reliable, upgradable HDD, fast, instant sharing of vids and pics....

Need more?
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LogicStomper  +   434d ago
"Common sense, logic!"

Yes it does require common sense and logic to decide which you want. If you enjoy PS4 games, then it is common sense and logical to go with PS4. If you enjoy Xbox One games, it is logical and common sense to go with Xbox One.

"The best games are on Playstation. It only takes a look to the GOTY's nominations and winners to realize that Playstation has the best games and developers!"

Controversial/debatable, therefore not a good point towards conclusion.

"The variety of games is great! Arcade racing, sim racing, the best baseball video game, platformers, first shooters, third person shooters..., action adventure games, indies, fighting games, you name it!"

True, but just because it's great is not enough reason to choose PS4 over Xbox One and vice versa.

" F2P games with no online subscription required,"

This is a good reason.

"The hardware is the best for $100 less! Streaming, upcoming Virtual Reality headset, Free games with Playstation Plus...an advanced PS EYE, reliable, upgradable HDD, fast, instant sharing of vids and pics.... "

This is a good reason.

"the best controller"

This is not a good reason as it's controversial.

Overall, you've got decent reasons for why you think the PS4 is better. Good work.
Geekman  +   434d ago
Sony has always made good hardware, but in the end, it's the games that matter. I'd say wait a little bit and see which console has the most exclusives, since they both have the same Multiplats.
bobsmith  +   434d ago
I really wanted the xbox exclusives they have right now like forza, titanfall and still got ps4
they have the same multiplats but sony gives them free with ps plus like crazy thats why I got ps4
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Biggest  +   434d ago
"I'd say wait a little bit and see which console has the MOST exclusives..."

Really? Is that really what you'd say? Is that really necessary? -_-
ricochetmg  +   434d ago
I agreed with you because the games are less then stellar for right now.
AnEwGuY  +   434d ago
Both, unless you're too poor.
jessupj  +   434d ago
I could easily buy both, but I love gaming and want to see it thrive and for anti consumer policies to never see the light of day.

And that means evoking just a little bit of self control and not supporting companies like MS and EA. I will never buy any of their products new.

Can't stand to be without an MS exclusive? Just buy it second hand.
AnEwGuY  +   434d ago
LOL... you're just ate up with the hate. It's just sunshine and unicorns in Sonyland, eh?
hellzsupernova  +   434d ago
But a gaming pc unless your poor, you don't need the consoles you won't have time for them with all the games on pc.
AnEwGuY  +   434d ago
Dumbest, most overused argument there is. I built my own PC gaming rig, just so I could replay some of my favorite games with mods + max graphics, like Skyrim, Fallout:NV and Just Cause 2. But considering I don't like RTS, sim, MMO, or isometric dungeon crawler games....and I hate cheap indie crap...."all the games on pc" are useless to me. But I DO like LBP, Uncharted, Fable, Gears of War, Red Dead Redemption....all of which are not only not on PC, but there's no PC exclusives SIMILAR to any of them on PC. So, since I'm not poor, and love games from ALL platforms, I get to enjoy all of those games on consoles, as well as Skyrim on Ultra w/ENB, and JC2 with multiplayer mayhem. ;)
Meltic  +   434d ago
Ps4 only here. Great games. Great machine and sony you can trust :).
bienio  +   434d ago
I choose Pc 100 time!!!
ssj27  +   434d ago
I will like to own a PC but is to much money, and don't come with the crap of "I can build a pc for $500"

why in the f%$^$ i will game on a PC and have a weak one? is stupid and to have a high performance one cost a lot on money specially if you want to keep up to date.

then we have many other inconveniences like, viruses, and just to use a PC is a lot of stress imagine set in up one, finding the right drives and blah blah blah.. it';s indeed a lot of drama.

The PS4 is turn on the ps4 and I'm in a Killzone multiplayer match in less than 15sec. no drama..

I dont need to buy better parts, devs do that work for me by optimization and yes I will like to get 4k but who want 4k on non 4k textures? there is no native 4k games. mods are the only nice thing but because of the drama it's not worthy.
Fireseed  +   434d ago
Went with the Xbox for now, I simply love the Halo franchise as well as Gears of War. Oh and the fact that KI has been my single favorite franchise since I was a kid doesn't hurt :)
Meltic  +   434d ago
Good luck find any new game specially for x1 this coming months... we ps4 fans have infamous second son. To bad Microsoft cant release their games in time sometimes...
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Fireseed  +   434d ago
You know their is this little game called Titanfall... might have heard some word on it.
Meltic  +   434d ago
Titanfall doesent looks promising for those ho prefere single player Campaign. ANd 6 vs 6 player isnt fun.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   434d ago
@Meltic Titanfall and and some indie releases. Sounds like your trying to make @Fireseed feel like a piece of crap for choosing a different platform than yours.

That's seems to be the agenda here with the community. Disagree if anyone picks up a none PlayStation console especially if its Xbox.
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MysticStrummer  +   434d ago
"Went with the Xbox for now, I simply love the Halo franchise as well as Gears of War. Oh and the fact that KI has been my single favorite franchise since I was a kid doesn't hurt :)"

Nothing wrong with that reasoning. Peace and good gaming.
Fireseed  +   434d ago
Same to you with whatever you picked man! :D
porkChop  +   434d ago
I chose a PS4, and I don't regret it at all. IF somewhere down the line the Xbox drops Kinect and comes down to a price I'm more comfortable with, I'll buy it. But I'd get a Wii U before an Xbox One as the experience would be much more different from PS4 compared to the Xbox One.
styferion  +   434d ago
If you prefer multimedia go with XB1

If you want high variety of quality games go with PS4

unless you're outside U.S/U.K, then those multimedia aspect of XB1 is next to useless, in that case go with PS4
Bennibop  +   434d ago
The multimedia aspects of X1 are useless in UK too.
gamer2013  +   434d ago
A variety of quality games where? What's out on the PS4 right now? KZ, Resogun some indies and a few PC multiplats? I definitely don't see a variety of quality games.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   434d ago
Any of the 2 you can't fail.
Ra3030  +   434d ago
You should choose the console that bets fits your needs. This argument about system exclusive games holds no water. For example the Microsoft exclusive Gears of War 1 was a great game The last Gears game was so bad my friends wanted their money back as it was a complete waste of money. Forza 2 was a great game but any Forza after that was no more than DLC for that game until Forza 5 and what a cluster suck that was. Beautiful looking game but everything you want is behind a pay wall. Microsoft released it for $60 on X1 launch day but in a effort to bleed their fan base of every last penny they had they released a DLC pack for $50 the same day. Another Microsoft exclusive Fable. Does anyone remember what the last Fable game was called? How about Ryse Son of Rome? Another X1 exclusive and truly a beautiful looking game but as far as game play goes Ryse and Dead Rising 3 are both modern versions of Simon says. I know I'm picking on Microsoft exclusives here but I was until the PS4 launched part of the Microsoft fan base so I really can't speak to the PS4 exclusives but the same message apply's to the Sony games. So no offense to Microsoft fan. My point is find and play the games that move you don't follow the crowd because this things cost a lot of hard earned money. Like I said I was in the Xbox fan base but the only Microsoft exclusive that I really enjoyed was the Forza games I could take or leave the rest. I play mostly multiplat games so for me the choice was simple. The X1 exclusives meant little to me the kinect and the cable tv part of X1 did nothing for me. The $500 plus tax price was just to much so I went with the PS4 and have had not one second of regret. Making a decision that over the next few year will cost you up the thousands of dollars should not be made on games that have not been released or they may not even be made. CHOOSE WISELY!
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NeloAnjelo  +   434d ago
4 > One

In all areas except TV, camera and voice commands.

Do gamers need those 3 at a higher price?

You decide.
Max-Zorin  +   434d ago
I plan on getting both. It's games I like on both platforms.
DivineAssault  +   433d ago
PS4 no doubt about it! Best multiplats & best exclusives.. Wii U as a secondary system imo.. $500 for xb1 isnt even an option for me.. Its weaker than PS4 & i dont give a DAMN about owning a kinect..

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