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'Titans were initially too powerful': Producer lifts lid on Titanfall balancing act

Drew McCoy speaking to MMGN about Titanfall balancing: "We didn’t want the Titans to feel like that massive machine, where you feel, 'Oh, I’ve gotta get a Titan, I’ve gotta get a Titan, as soon as I get it I’m going to obliterate everyone!' That's not what we were aiming for." (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

malokevi  +   159d ago
I dono... maybe they could stand to be toned down a bit, but it seems pretty spot on right now. Titans shouldn't be something that can be taken down in a 1 on 1 confrontation between man and pilot, unless you really work for it.

Using the sidewinder to take down a titan is tricky business.
curtis92  +   159d ago
My problem with the titans are the titans themselves. I think the game is fun until you get in a titan and then you feel big and slow. Not my style of fun. I know you don't have to get in them at all but then, well, just another bot running around. Which leads my to my second issue... and so on.
Bigpappy  +   159d ago
You don't have to call a titan if you don't want one.
DoubleM70  +   159d ago
You don't use the Dash button? You do know they also will have a Mech call the Strider, which is suppose to be very fast and nimble.
Geekman  +   159d ago
This reminds me of all those annoying people complaining about characters being OP in fighting games before it's released. "Wah! Little Mac is overpowered! He shouldn't have been in! I'm telling IGN!"
Deltaguy  +   159d ago
the game is almost balanced perfectly
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   159d ago
Shouldnt people wait til the full game is released before complaining about titans being op? Personally I feel they are easy to take down while on foot unless you go head up with one in which case you should get crushed like a bug.
annus  +   159d ago
I take it not a single person who has commented has read the story. It is a quote from Respawn on internal testings, not random people complaining.

"For a while the Titans were way too powerful. And we started scaling them back, and then the pilot’s were way too powerful. It’s this crazy walk we’ve had to go through. It’s taken years," he said.

Note the 'years'.
Bigpappy  +   159d ago
They are talking about complaints here on N4G, not the article.

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