GameTap: Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Preview - Nuevo Viva Piñata continuación?!? Bueno

GameTap writes: "The original Viva Piñata was a deliciously subversive game. Sure, it looked like a kid's game with colorful, cute piñata that frolicked in a garden that you carefully craft. But what about elements like how you essentially need to force-breed some piñata in order to serve up as fodder for more advance piñata? Or how just as you get comfortable with your garden, Professor Pester just walks in and murders your most valuable piñata? How you start with some nice whirlm homes and then coldly evict said whirlms in order to get room for some chewnicorns? Or, gasp, how you must force-breed a rashberry and a swanana to produce a pigxie baby?

Viva Piñata is also one of those games that can be part of the "best game nobody played" list, as it criminally undersold, despite being a fantastic game about piñata husbandry and urban planning. So it's a pleasant surprise to see that Viva Piñata is, indeed, getting a sequel. The overall formula is "manage a piñata garden to attract all sorts of piñata" is maintained, but now with feature additions and tweaks to make it easier to, er, ease into."

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