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Microsoft Deny Xbox Losing The Game

Xbox denies losing the game, after new figures show PS4 was most sold console in OZ. (Industry, Jeremy Hinton, PS4, Xbox One)

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Kingthrash360  +   649d ago | Well said
lol man o man bro.
what next they gunna say the same about the US.
the guy at MS are sneaky...i smelled a sneaky comment when they said "gamers in australia SPENT MORE MONEY on xbox" they didnt say sold the most units. the x1 is 50 more plus battery packs they make you buy i'm sure they sold more accessorys...smh these guys kill me with the twist of words...like "sold faster this week" or "720 just as good as 1080" or "xbox1 is the most powerful"...i really can go on. this is such a sneaky practice.
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TomShoe  +   649d ago | Well said
They're selling well, the PS4 is selling better.

Not much else to say.
Kingthrash360  +   649d ago
truth...they both are doing well..and thats good for gaming. but...that deception kills me. some blind fanboys still comment saying things like "in 2015 xbox will be more powerful than the ps4"...smh
SITH  +   648d ago
I don't care what they do. I don't get a dime of it, and nor do you.
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Eonjay  +   648d ago
I thought Microsoft and Nintendo and Sony get retail sales figures from NPD. If Microsoft is disputing NPD, what does that even mean. How would they know what retailers are doing if they don't receive reports from NPD. For the last 7 years Microsoft has always quoted NPD sales figures. I'm confused.

Damn it; I had hoped it wouldn't come to this:
Listen up everyone - If you purchased an Xbox One please raise your hand.
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Jury  +   648d ago
Yes ps4 is selling better but it would be a whole lot better if there were more available

Eeeew ms pr
Jughead3416  +   648d ago
Microsoft is losing. Can't spin it any other way. But, this generation is supposed to last 10 years right? We're barely over 3 months in. How did the 360 do compared to PS3 early on? How did it end? I think PS3 was either tied or in the lead right? But that was due to Sony exclusive titles like Uncharted, God of War, Little Big Planet, etc. If Sony can produce exclusives like last gen, which I'm sure they will, then they should dominate this gen.
Pogmathoin  +   648d ago
some blind fanboys still comment saying things like "in 2015 xbox will be more powerful than the ps4"...smh

Kingthrash, back that up please. PS4 is obviously and will remain more powerful, so please, enlighten me. Either that or you simply are that blind fanboy...
BitbyDeath  +   648d ago
Wii U is selling about the same amount as Xbox back when it released so all 3 should be considered as selling well.

But yes PS4 is selling better.
Giul_Xainx  +   648d ago
This sounds like the statement that any company would give in order to sell their brand.... to the highest bidder.
Edsword  +   648d ago
It doesn't matter how fast the XB1 sells if Sony still ends up with 60 percent or better of market share. MS depends on third parties for exclusives and the bigger the gap in market share the less MS will be able to get third party exclusives. This is good for gamers, but it only makes the PS4 that much more attractive.
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mewhy32  +   648d ago
Oh the xbone isn't going to fail by a long shot. The PS4, however, is trumping it in every market.
morganfell  +   648d ago
"Microsoft is losing. Can't spin it any other way. But, this generation is supposed to last 10 years right? We're barely over 3 months in. How did the 360 do compared to PS3 early on? How did it end?"

Apples to oranges.

The PS3 launched a year after the 360 in the US and Japan and a year and a half later in the EU. Naturally it would seem tobe behind.

The PS3 was more difficult for which to develop with an architecture vastly differnt from the 360 and from anything the industry had seen.

Sony possessed a far superior number of studios and development houses.

The PS3 was the machine that packed the next gen disc format.

The PS3 was outselling the 360 from the day it launched. The X1 started out behind by mere weeks but the gap is widening rather than closing.

The PS3 used industry standard items such as the HDD and the charging cable.

Both machines were initially aimed at core gamers.

The list can go on for some time. While initially it may seem as if one can draw a correlation between the two situations the connection that exists is at best tenuous and hardly exists in the same light.
frostypants  +   648d ago
@Sith: "I don't care what they do. I don't get a dime of it, and nor do you."

You should care. Hardware sales help determine which platform devs will focus on if they only have the resources for one. Also, the further back one falls behind the other, the more expensive paid exclusivity becomes for that system (and the cheaper it becomes for the winning system).
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assdan  +   648d ago
The xbox one sold a lot better than the wiiU for the first month or so, but I'm honestly thinking it's sales might not be as high as I originally thought. In january, the xbox one wasn't tracking that much better than the wiiu's january. And it's looking like it might be the same in February. Now I'm not going to say that it's another wiiU for at least 2 or 3 more months of sales, especially considering that a crap ton of games are coming out in the next month and a half, but it can't be seen as impossible.
ikkokucrisis  +   648d ago
Say what you will, but it's pretty amazing how on a site like VGChartz (which I always felt was funded by M$) we see the PS4 selling almost THREE TIMES as much as X1 in the first week of Feb.
150k (PS4) to 50k (X1).

The cumulative amount of consoles sales side shows the PS4 has almost doubled the X1.
5.2M (PS4) to 3.4M (X1).

There was no year head start between the two consoles, and already there is a wide margin between how much each has sold.
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UltimateMaster  +   648d ago
What do you expect from a company that charges you Xbox Gold Live service which is supposed to be an online on things like game DVR that uses your Xbox One internal recording device to do so?
It's not a cloud-based save, it's saved on your HDD.
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Withdreday  +   648d ago
They're denying it so I guess we know it's true.

They'd seriously be better off just keeping their mouths shut on this one. It does them no good.
djplonker  +   648d ago
@Sith not true more money for sony would logically mean more exclusives and better/more ps plus games!
BX81  +   648d ago
Good devs make better games not money.
DragonKnight  +   648d ago
@BX81: Good devs with more money make even better games.
G20WLY  +   648d ago
^BX81, Great devs often make both.
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Insomnia_84  +   648d ago
The good old Microsoft's arrogance. Ugh! Disgusting.
fenome  +   648d ago
Notice how he keeps saying they sold more 'accessories' when he's talking about everything? I wonder if they count Kinect as an 'accessory' even though it's part of the package? They might even count Duracells too, knowing them. Ha!
sinspirit  +   648d ago

Wasn't there a big story about them considering the power brick an accessory? So, Microsoft didn't want customers sending the power brick to them in the return box for the console,they had to spend their own money to ship the power brick, even though the power brick could have been the issue, and much of the time people found out that it was the issue.
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showtimefolks  +   648d ago
so just because they deny it doesn't change the fact its happening lol
osu22duke  +   648d ago
both consoles have been out for about 3 months and have seen a total of 1 holiday season backed up by poor launch games. I'd be an idiot to say the ps4 isn't selling better and isn't more powerful but i don't think anyone is really "losing" at this point. MS needs to drop kinect support and get to the $400 price point if they want any chance of matching the ps4 in sales. this next year will definitely set the stage for years to come
Retard  +   648d ago
Tides turned
GT67  +   648d ago
@ osu22duke

E3 2014 will definitely set the stage rest of the year for consoles. SONY will seriously kick our wallets in overdrive with excitement.
bryam1982  +   648d ago
lol i though he was referring to the kingdom of OZ
micbrc  +   648d ago
For humanities sake i hope your joking.
Docknoss  +   648d ago
MS must be eating all of y'alls children, with the animosity y'all have.
Major_Glitch  +   648d ago
Sayburr  +   648d ago
I think what they are tying to spin is that XBO owners are buying more software than PS4 owners, even though PS4 is kicking their butts.

I didn't see "oz" charts, but according to Global charts the PS4 is selling 2.2 games per unit, whereas the XBO is selling 2.6 games per unit.

Units - PS4 = 5046859, XBO = 3386476, a 32% variance in PS4 favor.
Games - PS4 = 10859657, XBO = 8722982, Adjusted on a per unit basis, the XBO is selling 16% more games.

I don't think VG Chartz includes digital downloads in their numbers, so there might be some skewing in the data.

Still, M$ is using the numbers to their advantage...
3-4-5  +   648d ago
Both will sell fine.

PS4 in the end, will sell better most likely. They seem to be doing MORE right.

If Microsoft listens to the gamers/fans a bit more, they will be fine.

The problem is, they are a company run by egomaniacs who want to make ALL the decisions.

They are making MONEY decisions, not gaming decisions.

They aren't doomed unless they doom themselves, there is a market for the xbox out there and it's a healthy one.
Gamer1982  +   648d ago
LOL at MS blaming lack of consoles being available as why there not selling as many as Sony though.. I can buy an Xbox One tomorrow from anywhere that sells them. PS4 I will struggle. It took me 3 weeks to get mine and I got it last saturday after constantly refreshing argos website at midnight..
Joey_Leone  +   648d ago
Microsoft is EVIL.
kenshiro100  +   647d ago
Not sure what Microsoft was expecting. They snoozed on Sony so now they're getting their butts kicked.
lifeisgamesok  +   649d ago
The X1 sales should increase this holiday season with the big exclusives and next month

djplonker  +   648d ago
Same goes for ps4!

P.s titanfall isnt an exclusive ;)

(Assuming the good exclusive is titanfall cause the only other xbone exclusive with a release date is kinect sports...)
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aragon  +   648d ago
titanfall esclusive to microsofts platforms = pc = windows = ms = xbox 360 = xbox one = ms
k2d  +   648d ago
@aragon: Exclusive - Not in any meaningful way, seen as many already have gaming pc's that can handle titanfall, and - MS don't make any money from PC sales.
GameSpawn  +   648d ago
Mass Effect says hi. :)

Exclusive is just a word that goes away with poor sales and time when a 3rd party developer/publisher is involved.

Money can buy exclusivity yes, BUT money can also buy its way back to multi-platform/non-exclusivity . Contracts are just pieces of paper that can be changed or invalidated with enough of another piece of paper, money.

EVERYONE and EVERYTHING has a price. It's only a matter of what it is worth to those willing to pay.

Also, remember EA is involved. Look at their history before placing faith in them keeping any matter of exclusivity.
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DragonKnight  +   648d ago
@aragon: PC is not a Microsoft exclusive domain. Xbox fanboys need to get that out of their head. Titanfall is currently an Xbox console exclusive, that's undeniable, but MS doesn't own PC.

Titanfall Omega, coming to PS4 this fall. Hopefully not, but it's a distinct possibility.
Retard  +   648d ago
PC and XBOX huh? I didn't realize they were the same! :O
WilDRangeRrfc  +   648d ago
I have PS4 but it annoys me when people say TF isn't exclusive to X1,ok it is exclusive to MS platforms so we won't get to play it til number two so stop bitching
acting like you dont care and just take it on the chin X1 has a great game so what!!!
kenshiro100  +   647d ago
Microsoft fans need to stop using games that are also on the PC as exclusives.
JodyCones  +   648d ago
Saito  +   648d ago
Is Titanfall the only word implanted in your brain? Like other XDF, they say day and night Titanfall Titanfall Titanfall Titanfall Titanfall..
TheTowelBoy  +   648d ago
Seriously, it's all the rage apparently. Lol it's almost like 70% of articles, anywhere, gaming wise. Starting to annoy me.
MrSwankSinatra  +   648d ago
id love to know what big exclusives are coming out holiday season since you obvious can see into the future because last time i checked there are no exclusives announced for the holidays.
MysticStrummer  +   648d ago
lol @ "the big exclusives"
doolin_dalton  +   648d ago
You guys can pretend that Halo and Gears of War aren't coming simply because they don't yet have release dates, but we all know they're on the way.

Halo & Gears are the top two proven system selling exclusive franchises. That's why so many PS supporters are high fiving each other now over PS4's early sales. Enjoy it well you can because the biggest system selling franchises have not yet arrived, and it will be a much different story when they do.
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T2  +   648d ago
Noone is pretending gears and halo aren't coming but when? You think ms can just continue to be outsold 2:1 until halo magically arrives? and then all of a sudden everything will be great?
Cyanide85  +   648d ago
@doolin I'm sorry but GoW, Halo? Come on you can't possibly think that thoose games can even compare to what Naughty Dog and SSM are working on? I mean SSM at least are from what I hear working on a new IP.

MS studios are just pushing out the same franchises over and over just like COD.

I see zero innovation from any exclusive game coming to the X1 at the moment, they are just like "hmm... games for our new console, wait I know GoW, Dead Rising and Halo! Heureka!"

And over at respawn they are making CoD with mechs, I'm sorry but personally I cannot for the life of me find anything interesting about that game.
MysticStrummer  +   648d ago
"You guys can pretend that Halo and Gears of War aren't coming simply because they don't yet have release dates, but we all know they're on the way."

No need to pretend when you really don't give a damn, but release dates do kinda matter a little when talking about a year's lineups.
Whiskeyjacked87  +   648d ago
Desperation pours out of your sentences. Stop.
frostypants  +   648d ago
The problem for MS is most One purchasers are 360 owners. For the 360 owners who don't yet have a One, why would they spend $500 on a system to play a game they can already get on the 360, without losing any of the gameplay and only a small graphical reduction?
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bobsmith   648d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Tedakin  +   648d ago
Here's the thing. I saw a story on Yahoo yesterday that was seriously titled "Xbox One is a Total Failure." The smear campaign is out of control and it's not true. The PS4, yes, is crushing the Xbox in sales at the moment, but that doesn't mean the Xbox isn't selling well in its own right. As a stand alone product it's been very successful for MS, it's doubled the sales of the 360 in the same time frame. There's an illusion of failure because it happened to come out at the same time as the biggest video game console launch EVER.
djplonker  +   648d ago
It is a failure because the ps4 is the direct competition and they are dominating after all the smug crap the microsoft execs said since e3 and all the denail about power and cost its not hard to see why it is failing!
KwietStorm  +   648d ago
Failure would imply that they lost, gave in, it's over, done. Both of them are still infants. I love my PS4, but this almost inherent desire to see another platform crash and burn is nothing but poison in the gaming community.
pupa  +   648d ago
Payback is a bugger, remember the time after the PS3 came out?

Live with it!
Eonjay  +   648d ago
LOL at that title! No seriously I laughed out loud. Yes people are really jumping to conclusions really fast. This is worse than the time the emperor broke the bad news to Anakin.
MrSwankSinatra  +   648d ago
kinda similar to the smear campaign of the PS3 when it launched, funny how karma works.
Pixel_Enemy  +   648d ago
Yeah roles have completely reversed.

PS3 had nothing but bad press for the first half of it's life. Sony couldn't do anything to convince MS fans that PS3 was worth their time.

Multiplats were better on Xbox and the fanboys loved shoving it in Sony fans faces.

XBL was the place for indies.

Sony was the more expensive console.

Xbox fans loved to play the sales game in every argument online.

It really is funny how this gen is unfolding.
GetRealOne  +   648d ago
@pixel_enemy this is totally my experience as well. I talked the last years to other gamers and they prefer the Xbox. It's ok to each his own. They said PlayStation has the better games, but they prefer the Xbox, because the multiplattformtitles are better on Xbox and this is what matters, also Xbox live was better and many prefer the controller. All this arguments are totally understandable. Now the PlayStation has a equal in my opinion better controller, better multiplattforms and the online service improved a lot and is equal or better. The Xbox has at release higher rated AAA titles. So it is a 180 switch to last generation. And guess what they are talking the complete opposite. How ridiculous is that? It's like a very very very very bad movie. And I thought what stupid fanboys with no brains, and that is nice said.... They don't think they are only followers/fanboys.
frostypants  +   648d ago
From a business analyst's perspective, the One *is* a total failure. You think MS shareholders like what they're seeing? Do you believe that MS is not regretting their decisions behind closed doors? Rapidly losing relative market share to your biggest competitor is a big deal.

They wanted the One to become everyone's living room media center...they wanted non-gamers and casuals to jump all over it. They haven't. It is selling almost exclusively to gamers, and its relative problems as a gaming system are reflected in the results.

Debate games and system preference all you want, people. But from any objective business standpoint, Microsoft seriously f*cked this up hard after all the ground they gained with the 360.
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DC777  +   647d ago
Then stop putting the same games dumbed down on the 360. Killing themselves is more like it.

Activision and EA are laughing all the way to the bank with 4+ consoles to sell the same rehashed shit to now. They probably all went out and got "We Love 'Next Gen'" tattoos together.
Meanwhile the rest are screwed producing hardware which no company worth it's salt wants any part of anymore.
RandomDude655  +   648d ago
corvusmd   648d ago | Immature | show
RiPPn  +   648d ago
They are as delusional now as when Mattrick was at the helm and they thought their DRM scheme would fly. Truth be told they know they are in trouble, but they think their ace is TitanFall, and it may very well be, but if not they will be sounding alarms in Redmond.
WilDRangeRrfc  +   648d ago
It makes me laugh when people say stupid shit like you, MS one of the richest companies in the world could give Sony the Xbox division for nothing it would be like giving loose change to a tramp,I have gone PS4 this gen and love it but some of you die hard Sony fans are getting too fucking smug for my liking,your like a bunch of childish vultures,listen and listen closely Sony need this way,way,way more than MS,in 20 years time it is more likely that Sony will cease to exist,so cut all this MS are in trouble BS,Xbox bashing and enjoy the PS4 which is amazing,and cut the arrogance out cause I promise you all it's gonna bite you in the arse one day
KakashiHotake  +   648d ago
Its not that Xbox One is selling bad, it's just they aren't selling nearly as well as they should be. Their 1st mistake was letting PS3 end the last generation with all the momentum. While Ps3 was pumping out titles like TLOU, Gran Torismo, Beyond 2 Souls, etc. the 360 was noticeably silent. Then when Microsoft makes their new console announcement its comes in the after math of bad rumors and publicity which all turned out to be true. Then they start nailing their own coffin with poor PR. Throw in the fact Xbox One is $100 more expensive but almost 50% less powerful and it shouldnt come as a surprise things are turning out the way they are. To be honest they're selling better than I originally thought it would but are still losing.
mediate-this  +   648d ago | Well said
How well should x1 be selling? You say they are selling good but not nearly as good as the x1 should be? Explain that please... Because in my eyes x1 is selling good, just not as good as ps4. Whats the problem??
MysticStrummer  +   648d ago
PS4 has been outselling XB1 in MS's strongest territory, even though PS4 has been in short supply.

That's a problem for MS. It just is.
Veneno  +   648d ago
I can answer this. Xbox one is not selling well if Microsoft has to lie about the cloud, create meaningless zombie stats in all areas, create a layaway program just to buy the system, secretly pay Machinima to advertise, create a PS3 exchange program to sell xbox one.

It doesn't matter what YOU think. Microsoft knows Xbox one isn't performing like they wanted to and they are in full damage control mode.
frostypants  +   648d ago
They no doubt expected the One would at least sell in close parity to the PS4, like last gen. So, if 8.5 million total units have been sold, then, say, 4.25 million of those would be Ones. They are nearly a million off that pace.

And as I keep saying...the bigger the lead the PS4 gets, the more money publishers will demand from MS for exclusivity and the less they'll need from Sony.

Stop trying to spit-polish a turd, people. From a hardware sales standpoint, the One is in trouble. Moving a lot of units is nice, but not when your competitor is moving twice as many and your future software support is consequently threatened.
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mediate-this  +   648d ago
Doesnt this sound familiar?? Doom and gloom articles just seems the third console curse is happening, ps3 went through this now x1 is. All will be good, people end up buying both systems down the road anyways.
bobsmith  +   648d ago
iuno ps3 had free online 2 yearly fees i think more ppl just stick to 1
and ps3/360 were half as cheap
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rainslacker  +   648d ago
I've yet to buy a 360 myself. Saw no need when I finally felt MS got it's act together after so many years and made a quality revision of the console. I've yet to own the original Xbox system as well.

There are many gamers like me. I would consider myself hardcore. I own 12 systems and 5 portables, both current, fairly recent, and retro. But never a single Xbox.

I hate to say this, but outside the hardcore, most people only buy one console. If either company doesn't make compelling software that entices those that chose the other console first, they would likely stay a one console gamer. Or go the Nintendo/X1(or PS4)/PC route. Between the PS4 and X1, putting aside the power differences, the only reason to own both is for the exclusives, and to that people will go with what they prefer. If not enough compelling software is available on the "other" platform, it's a hard pill to swallow. Do you drop 400-500 on another system, or spend that 400-500 on games for the system you already own. Or half that 3-4 years from now, but my point still stands.
frostypants  +   648d ago
The PS3 outsold or matched the 360 on a month-to-month basis for nearly its entire lifecycle. Not the same thing at all here. These systems are going head-to-head and one of them is crushing the other. That never happened last gen.
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Geekman  +   648d ago
*Another I don't give a @#$% joke.*
WeAreLegion  +   648d ago
Are we still playing The Game? I thought that died in the early 2000's.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   648d ago
Watch and see MS will get so desperate that they could buy COD. They already wasting millions in time exclusives for COD and BF. Bought Gears and Titanfall rights so what else is they gonna do.
Dark_king  +   648d ago
Sorry COD can't currently be bought maybe when it stops making Act so much money.After they have drained ever dollar they can they might sell it.Though at that point nobody would want it.
king_george  +   648d ago
I dont think they could buy CoD... its just too big at the moment. And they didnt buy titanfall rights. Respawn owns that ip.

I agree that they are wasting money on exclusive content for 3rd party games. They should be funding 1st party games more to match sony. Wont happen tho
rainslacker  +   648d ago
The COD IP is worth several billion dollars. If they buy COD they would be in full desperation mode. They could completely change their strategy, make many many many new high dollar varied IP's with a huge chance of one or two striking it big, and do a lot better than spending it on COD.

In any case, I doubt their investors would look too kindly on spending that much for such a thing.
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KingDadXVI  +   648d ago
Honestly I think it is pretty pathetic when in order to feel good about your console you have to point out that the competitor to your console sold less.

How exactly does that even equate? McDonalds sold more hamburgers so are their hamburgers better than the consoles? No because hamburgers don't play games.

The same goes for the argument that the PS4 is better because it is selling more units than the Xbox One. Sales does not mean playing on it is more fun. It honestly means nothing at all. The same would go if the situation were reversed and the Xbox was selling more. Anyone who says their console is better because its sales are higher needs to give their head a shake. Did you buy it because it sells more units? No you bought it to play games.

I can tell you what makes a console great and that is the games. One would assume that gamers would have figured that out. Apparently not.

I just decided to take a break from TitanFall on my Xbox One and check out the news on here. I wasted my time because it is more of the same old same old. A bunch of salty fan boys throwing around stats that have zero impact on what makes the console they bought fun.

Have fun trying to validate your purchase of a PS4 by beating people over the head with sales figures. I am going back to what really counts about the consoles, the games. In this case it would be jumping back into TitanFall.

While you all "Await Greatness" I will be "Playing".

Break over, Prepare for TitanFall.
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Eonjay  +   648d ago
You lost me at: "No because hamburgers don't play games."
Veneno  +   648d ago
Well have you ever seen a hamburger play a game? How would it hold the controller? the lettuce?
king_george  +   648d ago

C'mon please stop it. Thats just silly what you said. It would obviously use the buns
MysticStrummer  +   648d ago
It's not a question of where he grips it. It's a simple question of weight ratios.
LogicStomper  +   648d ago
Quit with the cheesy puns guys.
G20WLY  +   648d ago
A hamburger probably wouldn't be powerful enough to run Ryse. Unless it had secret sauce, but even then you would only achieve 18 Fries Per Second.

"Mash guerkin repeatedly" ;P
#14.1.5 (Edited 648d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report
KingDadXVI  +   648d ago
I am afraid that you were lost well before then. The point you became lost was when I was telling fan boys that console sales does not equal a great gaming experience.

It sounds completely stupid to say my console is the best because it is selling more even though the games for the other console appeal to more people.

As is evidenced by the 31 disagrees I got there are a lot of unintelligent people out there that think great console sale makes up for the lack of games on their console. Either that or there are a lot of people out there extremely pissed that I and many others got to have another evening filled with fun playing TitanFall.

In the end I could careless. Wander around the woods lost pointing out useless facts and statistics that do not provide a fun gaming experience on your console. I and others will stop in every once in a while to see how you guys are handling the wait for greatness.
Eonjay  +   648d ago

Do you really think people are so stupid, that they are purchasing the PS4 for no reason? You insult people's intelligence and their right to make their own purchasing decision. I don't believe that my choice is right for everyone, but it is right for me and million of others.

I have played Titanfall on PC and it was okay, but not worth the purchase of the Xbox One in my eyes. I am glad that you are enjoying your system. Someone had to take the fall in order to keep Sony competitive and I appreciate your sacrifice.
GamingNerd013  +   648d ago
Lol ur comment means nothing but BS yo. really sad how u wasted writing all those pointless words and really I'm getting sick of hearing titinfall all the time I seen the gameplay few days ago on YouTube and it looking boring. Hell people will end up getting bored of it in a month And go back to cod g and bf4. Plus to early to say wich has more exclusives after being on market for 3 months but I can tell u sony would end up winning with exclusives in its life span then X1 and have more AAA games then X1 as proven with PS3 exclusives VS 360 exclusives. And last as a bonus all 3rd party games will look and perform better on PS4 as well.
ThePope  +   648d ago
"Plus to early to say wich has more exclusives after being on market for 3 months but I can tell u sony would end up winning with exclusives in its life span then X1"

So its to early to tell which has more exclusives, but not to early to tell who will have the most. Very strange...
HappyWithOneBubble  +   648d ago
Ok so if XB1 was in the lead, would you still be saying the same thing? Probably not right. You looking salty man lol.

It's a reason why PS4 has the lead; it's because it has better specs and better specs leads to better games. Nothing wrong with being happy it selling good too.
zerog  +   648d ago
K, you keep playing your cod clone demo with a whole 3 robots for killstreaks while I play the actual cod, acbf, bf4, and outlast on my ps4 till I pick up infamous next month before moving on to mgs, mad max, the division, destiny, the division, watchdogs, shadow of the beast ect, ect. I mean let's face it playstations has the superior multiplats and best new ips and exclusives coming up that aren't just the same recycled garbage. You say you're about games, that its all about games then why did you buy an overpriced roku that happens to play crappier versions of games? That's the reason the x1 is lagging, its because it was based on everything but games while the competition built a gaming machine for gamers with the ps4.
sinspirit  +   648d ago
The argument isn't "it's better because it is selling more units". It is "it's selling more units because it is better". It is more promising, cheaper, more powerful, far more history in the game market, and every dev loves Sony.

All the blind ignorance and insults people are having towards Sony and Playstation is a completely insult to gaming. Modern gaming would be completely different without them.
IRetrouk  +   648d ago
On top of that they are the only console maker to have all of their home consoles sell over 80 mill, proven track record if you ask me.
SkinnyAssGamer  +   648d ago
first off you cannot compare mcdonalds to gaming. people like you who actually think mcdonalds is the same equivalent to gaming then their is something seriously wrong with you Gaming is more important then mcdonalds and mcdonalds is irrlevent to gaming until they make a console themselves so lets just keep it gaming and not try to compare consoles to mcdonalds or things of that nature
SkinnyAssGamer   648d ago | Trolling | show
MegaRay  +   648d ago
*Looking at the comments*
Yeah I was right... its a good time to be a PS fanboy and a bad time to be an xbox fanboy, not that I am a fanboy or anything "heck I dont even own a PS4 so..."
IRapeLolis  +   648d ago
They are coming first last. So they are first in some way at least.
Ninver  +   648d ago
denial seems to be the one common thing MS and their die hard fanboys share. just accept the a$$ whooping and get back into the game.
aondaatje  +   648d ago
Did u accept the ass whooping when ps3 failed for the first 4 years? Didn't think so. Go back to playing single player only games in a dark room talking to yourself. That's what u ponies are best at
rarity  +   648d ago
u mad bro?
Majin-vegeta  +   648d ago

OT:Of course they;re gonna deny it.No company wants to admit their item is failing
iNFAMOUZ1  +   648d ago
No hes not mad but you are.
sinspirit  +   648d ago
Even though, it was selling more then the 360, despite the 360's 16 month lead on the market? Its first year was a lot more then the 360's when it had to compete with launching with the Wii's insane launch hype. Every year the PS3 was outselling the 360 and closing the gap, despite the 360 having an established market already and the PS3 costing at least $100 more.
Major_Glitch  +   648d ago
@aondaatje Calm down buddy. Explain how the "ps3 failed for the first four years".
realplu  +   648d ago
What's wrong with single player only games. I don't play online, is there something wrong with me?
Ninver  +   648d ago
absolutely nothing wrong with sp games. i myself prefer sp to online multiplayer.

the troll is just mad at the truth. MS needs to accept their being beaten at their own game and get back on top of things.
aondaatje  +   648d ago
What difference does it make as long as both have a good install base everything else is irrelevant. Ps3 started off slow and did fine in the end. Xb1 will probably do the same. All these doom and gloom articles less than 6months into the life cycle of both consoles are completely stupid
mediate-this  +   648d ago
I say this all the time, it does not matter if a company is second as long as the install base is good for both, this one company shoukd rule is ridiculous. Notcsure why you got disagrees, your talking logically.
Buzz7S   648d ago | Not a reply | show
Kiwi66  +   648d ago
Why are people so fixated with garbage stories like this both consoles are doing great and it will only get better so why don't people just enjoy their console instead of acting like little kids in a schoolyard.
Games_R_Us  +   648d ago
This story shouldnt exist if it wasn't for Sony once again trying to use its creative marketing to give the illusion its the best thing since sliced bread. Did MS say they blew Sony out the water on launch, or in Nov/Dec/Jan? No, but as soon as Sony passed MS in Sales, its all "were the best selling console in oz". Sony is playing a dirty PR game that will surely catch up eventually.

Theres one thing to be a great selling console, its another to be a real dick about it.
Grow up Sony.
BG11579  +   648d ago
Wait xbone was ahead in sales for November/December and January?
If true, wasn't in those months that the PS4 was out of stock in the US.
king_george  +   648d ago
Yeah because Microsoft was never a dick right? Please, this is buisiness. Stop being so butthurt
rainslacker  +   648d ago
MS spent a better part of last gen touting their US NPD numbers every month. Also touted their December US X1 sales, spin that it was.

Both companies do this, and they are both kind of dickish about it.
sinspirit  +   648d ago
Aren't Microsoft the ones with the creative marketing team and all the PR talk? Sony pretty much had one PR and it was Shuhei Yoshida's Twitter. He was nice, funny, and had simple responses to so many important questions. Microsoft has tons of PR people and they kept fumbling statements, lying, and twisting things around any chance they got.
Necro_559  +   648d ago
The "game" only started 3 months ago LOLOLOL
cyhm3112  +   648d ago
some people still can't see MS is losing big, we are not even talking about 2:1 here, it is more like 7:1 once Sony supply enough to meet all the demands. And MS has nothing it can do to change it. It is over. The game was over since the moment MS chosen to go the TV route and make a weaker console.
#22 (Edited 648d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Buzz7S  +   648d ago
The Nintendo Wii says hi. You know, the weaker console which gave gamers a weird looking controller with motion sensing capabilities.

If we're going to talk numbers and how it determines what is great, then Justin Bieber is the #1 artist of ALL TIME because before the age of 21, he had 5 #1 albums.
Godmars290  +   648d ago
It doesn't help that with each claim they make in regards to a game, like Titanfall's graphics, MS ends up doing damage control. Meanwhile with the Order 1866 and Second Son Sony pretty much welcomes scrutiny. Or at least doesn't seem to be openly trying to buy favor from journalist.
Dlacy13g  +   648d ago
Again...N4G mentality amazes me. Who in there right mind expected a different response? What company do you know that is trying to sell product admits its losing? Instead you talk about the good things and try to shift focus to the positive. PR101 kids...
tweet75  +   648d ago
Every store that sales games in the past month or so has stacks of xbox ones and not one ps4 in stock. Thats all the proof you need xbox is losing.
#25 (Edited 648d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
BlakHavoc  +   648d ago
I was surprised to confirm for myself that there truly are no PS4's around while you can find an X1 pretty effortlessly, of course this was about 1 month ago though. Good for Sony though, if they can keep up with the demand the ps4 will sell like cocaine.
#26 (Edited 648d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Father__Merrin  +   648d ago
metal gear solid runs at 1080p on Xbox1 + P.S.4 it runs at 720p

the Esram is kicking up the notches along with cloud powered technology

Sony fans are in defeat!!!!!!!! HA HA
DanDan7  +   648d ago
720p XBone, 1080p PS4: http://n4g.com/news/1458188...
Ol_Boy  +   648d ago
@skylyPSO Lol the people didn't get your hilarious sarcasm.
Droid Control  +   648d ago
Well they would, wouldn't they? But the numbers speak for themselves.
gamer2013  +   648d ago
The PS4 hype train will slow down considerably when more X1 exclusives start rolling out. X1 has the most exclusives including new IP's. People will soon get sick of all the indie games and old milked IP's on the PS4.
#29 (Edited 648d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
skoorydook  +   648d ago
But the X1 already has the stellar range of exclusives right ?

So by your logic that would mean the X1 would have all the hype and momentum now right ?

People will continue to buy the PS4 because going all the way back to the PS1, PS2 and PS3 Sony have always delivered on top drawer exclusive titles, do you really think those of us that have experienced all of that will suddenly forget.

Saying that still getting an X1 because games like Quantum Break look absolutely fantastic
Buzz7S  +   648d ago
So by their logic, after game 3 of a 60 game season of *insert sport here*, the champion has already been decided.

G20WLY  +   648d ago
You're being a drama queen. It says "losing" not "lost", and that much is clearly true.

MS could come back and 'win', in unit sales terms, but with each passing month it's seems increasingly unlikely.

Matters little to me, either way. :)
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