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32 year old Gamer Seriously Obsessed with Microsoft

Matt Writes:

Hi there! My name is Matt, gamertag: Velodyne. I am a 32 year old hardcore Xbox collector. I am married and have a very understanding wife who accepts my gaming addiction. I just wanted to share with you guys some pics of my Xbox 360 and Xbox collection. To date I currently own all of the North American Xbox 360 games (247 games) as well as all of the Xbox Live Arcade games (129). I also own 150 original Xbox games. Various accessories are also shown in the pictures. I am hooked on the Xbox platform and all of the achievements that can be had with owning the games for the platform. I try to play on average about 2-3 hours a night after juggling working as a full time home audio salesman, and looking after my 8 year old step daughter. My wife occasionally plays some of the puzzle games on the system and she can't wait for Ninja Gaiden to come out to watch me play. She loves the original! As a long time fan of your site, I thought you would like to see my collection as I am definitely an obsessed gamer. (Xbox 360)

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Relcom  +   2350d ago
Yeah i bet Matt is a
huge fan of Kotaku then
Creepa at GameManx  +   2350d ago
@ 2.1
Dude can't be playing video games when he hits 40 mann...you have to draw the line somewhere
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Relcom  +   2350d ago
Line between an collection
and something just being creepy is small, and i think Matt crossed it awhile ago
Superfragilistic  +   2350d ago
Why so many controllers and a dozen headsets?

The poor wife.
gogators  +   2350d ago
A few too many head sets and contorllers, unless
his wife is letting him host some lan matches. What else does some one need a dozen or so controllers for?
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sonarus  +   2350d ago
Lol that is a real obsession. He has a little shrine going on there...some serious worshiping indeed. Hard to call him a real game collector since he restricts his gaming to only one brand
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Bathyj  +   2350d ago
No wonder Mart, I mean Matt, only has a STEP Daughter. At least the freak has a Bravia.

Buy yourself a Playstation or a Nintendo, obsession is not good.
lessthanmarcus  +   2350d ago
You can play video games til you die. It's another form of entertainment. Why would you tell someone "oh you're too old, you can't watch movies." What bothers me though is all the money he spent on CRAP games. Pick up a Wii or PS3 and buy the quality games there. Shouldn't have wasted your money paying full price for all those crap games. He'll regret this later
SixZeroFour  +   2350d ago
he actually says "I am a 32 year old hardcore Xbox collector"...note the "harcore 'Xbox' collector" so yea, i would say he said it right the first time

as for his head sets and controllers, i would say that he has that many cause he is trying to buy every version of the controllers and headsets, and as for the doubles, id say they came with his purchase of the various 360 editions he has

i gotta say thats a pretty impressive "xbox" collection
potenquatro  +   2350d ago
let me get this straight. a rich guy can have a classic car collection, or a g-string collection from all the girls he has banged(best kind), but as soon as he collects xbox games he's a looser. if alot of poeple here would judge themselves the way they jugde others they'd fail miserably. this is just some hating because it's not a ps3 collection.

@creepa: if you love videogames enuff to comment on a gaming site regularly, i'd like to see u at 40 finding out u still love videogames, and becoming the very evil u preach against.
pwnmaster3000  +   2350d ago
well atleast he has a wife so is not that bad u kno. hes not those 40 year old virgin living with there mom still, but sooner or later he needs to drop the games
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tweaker  +   2350d ago
He shouldn't have to drop the games. Why would he? If that's what he loves, why stop?
Bnet343  +   2350d ago
Exactly, I'll keep playing video games till' I die.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2350d ago
I know a 60yr old guy that builds computers, and plays racing and flying games.
There saw a pic of a 45 year old lady on Live the other day, she still looked gof for 5 kids and 3 grandkids. My mom is 57 and she play's the hell out of Final Fantasy, Warcraft, and Fable.
PoSTedUP  +   2350d ago
damn....whats his address?
Creepa at GameManx  +   2350d ago
Fux4Bux  +   2350d ago
That is freaking pathetic. Just don't buy some of the crap games and you'd have a lot more good stuff.
OMGLOLZ  +   2350d ago
Hey look, it's power of green!
What a nice collection you have!
Cpt Longcock  +   2350d ago
no it's TheMATT @(su)xboxkings
Zhuk  +   2350d ago
I applaud Matt's contribution to making the Xbox 360 the premier choice for the ultimate high definition home entertainment experience. With all those AAA titles and award winning peripherals, Matt is undoubtedly in gaming bliss with his enviable selection of Xbox and Xbox 360 products.
R Kelly  +   2350d ago
i want to pee on you
Creepa at GameManx  +   2350d ago
your sick mann
R Kelly  +   2350d ago
i feel a rumble im ma belly
i am r kelly
Bathyj  +   2350d ago
I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire.

You make me taste bile Zhuk.
AngryTypingGuy  +   2349d ago
R Kelly - "I Want to Pee on You" - One of the greatest comedy sketches ever, courtesy of Dave Chappelle.
joydestroy  +   2350d ago
he gets paid nice apparently.
MEGANE  +   2350d ago
i bet i least two of those 3 xbox had the RED RING OF DEATH...lol
The only good thing i see on those pics is the TV..lol
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avacadosnorkel  +   2350d ago
Yeah I wonder
how many boxes he's lost to failure having all the games.

I only had 8 or 9 games and got RROD twice.

Maybe he doesn't really play the games...they're just for show?
macalatus  +   2350d ago
Geez...I wonder if his wife looks just like Bill Gates. ;)
Creepa at GameManx  +   2350d ago
he probably turns down the pu$$y on a regular basis to play halo....
RobotIsTheFuture  +   2350d ago
Above: ROFL! I bet he does!

on Topic: Seriously...I feel bad for u Matt. What a waste of dough in all "that". Actually u could be playin REAL games if u knew were's the REAL DEAL; but that's what u like so... enjoy my friend, enjoy.

MGS4 TW!!!
Link: http://www.gametrailers.com...

-Robot Is The Future-
Robearboy  +   2350d ago
I Wonder what his gamer score is?
Creepa at GameManx  +   2350d ago
good question...hmmm
Exorgasm  +   2350d ago
Obama  +   2350d ago
Looks like Matt doesn't have to decorate his house during chrismas.
donator  +   2350d ago
Proof of the existence of the die hard Xbox 360 fans?
Neurotoxin  +   2350d ago
"Honey..... Its me or the Xbox"

I`m guessing he will be going for the Xbox.
VesNL  +   2350d ago
Most of the times faced with such a question the husbands choice their wife without a heartbeat thinking.
Diugu  +   2350d ago
"I choose you baby!"
-Runs off to buy a PS3/Wii.
Britjadg  +   2350d ago
so THATS why the attach rate on Xbox is so high.

i applaud the guys enthusiasm, but come on? 247 games? a dozen controllers? how many headsets does one man need?
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kwicksandz  +   2350d ago
Beat me to it brijadg
You sony guys need someone like this to up your attach rate! Maybe nazsim or shadow hearts has a secret playstation bunker.

He must have bought some godawful games though. Some games dont deserve to be in your collection lol.
Bathyj  +   2350d ago
Theres no way he could have even played all those games more than a little bit each, and 2/3's of them are crap, talk about achievement whore.
jones smokey  +   2350d ago
u need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
SL1M DADDY  +   2350d ago
Very interesting...
But not too practical...
Strife Lives  +   2350d ago
Guess who took their mom
To prom lmao
IzKyD1331  +   2350d ago
i wonder how many RRODs this guy had in his MS "adventure"
felidae  +   2350d ago
Matt???? ... you mean "Mart"
KLEPTOMANIAC  +   2350d ago
i bet he can sure kick some a$$ on XBL
sumfood4u  +   2350d ago
Hes a Gammer what do U exspect?
Not Surprised at all!
Noah  +   2350d ago
If he was really Obsessed with Microsoft then he would own a HaloXbox.(which i Do.)
DOOMZ  +   2350d ago
poeo  +   2350d ago
How can you get obsessed with a particular brand? Weird stuff.. He's missing out on a lot of good stuff on other consoles. I mean jeez, at least get a DS or something.

EDIT: Not that i wouldn't mind having his collection lol
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adalwolfe  +   2350d ago
I don't know why you guys are giving him a hard time for gaming when he is 40.. nothing wrong with gaming, Im 29, and I wouldn't want to stop gaming just because i am 40.. hell, i am looking forward to the day I retire at 55 so i can game as much as I want without having to worry about work. What else would I do? watch tv, its all media control garbage, movies are generally remakes, rarely is anything actually new. Read about politicians and the corruption of the government? no thanks. play cards?! Last thing in the world I would want to be is a miserable senior not gaming because it is not socially acceptable for someone that age.. the world can take its stereotypes an shove em.. what would I care I would be old!

I mean sure my kids will come first, and sex is nice now but when your "over the hill" you sorta loose interest..

yup.. I would not want to stop gamin.. not ever, think of how much games progressed over the past 20 years.. could you imagine what they'd be like in 20 more.. why on earth would you want to stop??

of course buying an entire collection of a console is a little strange.. who are we to judge though if a person has a passion for something.. I say more power to him, at least he isn't a bible extremist or even a trekie.
#27 (Edited 2350d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
poeo  +   2350d ago
Hey hey heyyyy.. trekkies are alright!
Ali_The_Brit  +   2350d ago
rofl at the sony tv
caffman  +   2350d ago
Sony make great TVs
nanometric  +   2350d ago
Where's Vista? :D
Strife Lives  +   2350d ago
I cnt see a pic of him? ?
Due to his obsession,im sure he'd like a wii and wii fit
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