Borderlands 2 on Vita will either be a miracle or a disaster

Joe Donato:

Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you I’m a pretty big advocate for the Vita. It's my favorite handheld game console of all time, and I take it everywhere I go. It’s powerful, the screen is beautiful, the interface is slick, and there are a ton of awesome and unique games. By all accounts I should be excited for the Spring release of Borderlands 2, but Vita history and what we know about the game so far has left me extremely pessimistic. If BL2 on Vita is a good port, it will be a miracle.

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Rockefellow1524d ago

Nice read. I think there's two important factors into the prevalence of this game: what this article discusses, and the actual title of the release. Review scores will be a large factor in getting people to buy this (and potentially Vitas as well), but the name of the game will also sway people's minds.

How many people will ignore the title "Borderlands 2" because they already own it or played it on another platform? Conversely, the name of the game might draw old fans of the series in, knowing how addictive the gameplay is. I'm not quite sure how much the name will influence things, but it's interesting to consider. Would a separate subtitle helped out more?

DonDon1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

The game came out FREE on PS plus not long ago. Plus the Vita version lacks features such as split-screen co-op, a large enough online community on the handheld, and will not do cross-play with ps3 players. So it would be better to get ps plus for ps3. I love Sony and Borderlands 2, but they didn't think this through considering that ps plus giveaway.

admiralvic1524d ago

"but they didn't think this through considering that ps plus giveaway."

Well, the Vita version includes some DLC, which would cost as much to buy as the Vita version does. That and the portability factor will be more than enough for some people to get the Vita version.

r211524d ago

How in gods name would split screen co-op work on a HANDHELD. They can easily remedy that with ad-hoc if you want to play close to another person.

Honestly, seeing as I finished(not all side quests) it on PS3, Ill be gladly be buying and playing again on the vita :)

As long as performance is smooth.

maniacmayhem1524d ago

I really don't understand how a port of a game released two years ago is going to be a saving grace for the Vita. If this game would have released sometime close to the launch of the sequel then I could see where the hype might be good.

Beetey1524d ago

Nobody thinks this game will be the Vita's saving grace. It should be a fun game that, if done right, should manage to sell decently well.

maniacmayhem1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

I disagree, the game has been out for a couple of years now. There really isn't anymore buzz about the game.

I don't think it has the potential to sell decent on the Vita.

This goes to my other statement that Vita needs more exciting original IP's and not ports of older console games.

3-4-51524d ago

No Buzz about an FPS game with RPG elements for a handheld with a beautiful art style ?

You don't think that will sell ?

Hicken1524d ago

And who's called it a saving grace for the Vita, besides you?

maniacmayhem1524d ago

No one is calling it a saving grace for the Vita, besides me. And I told my reasons why.

Anything else you would like to add or do I have to waste another bubble repeating myself?

hkgamer1524d ago

i wouldn't call it a saving grace, but if this game does reasonably well then maybe we get the sequel on vita aswell.

however, i think vita needs more smaller games. games that cost between £10-£20.

Odoylerules0001523d ago

@Maniac: Why so negative, Nancy?

Th4Freak1524d ago

Who's saying this game will save the Vita?

vergilxx31523d ago

Saving grace for the vita?
I beg to differ
1 vita does not need saving
2 borderlands 2 will be second biggest port on a handheld (after ff x)
wihich sold incredibly well
3 Anything else you would like to add or do i have to waste another bubble repiting myself?

maniacmayhem1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

1. Vita does need saving, Sony admits this, maybe it's time you did too.

2. You think? I beg to differ.

3. Where else did you repeat the same statement made towards me on the subject? Ooooh, you took what I said earlier and made it your own in some crazy comedy attempt...gotcha.

maniacmayhem1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Hooray for double posts!

vergilxx31523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

WoW some people realy can't read sarcasm
oh and it seems your out of bubbles i feel sorry for you ..
No i don't

Hicken1523d ago

You made a statement implying that SOMEONE- other than you- thought this game would be a savior for the Vita. That's why people, myself included, asked you who said it. Perhaps you didn't mean it as such- ad perhaps you did- but most people familiar with the English language would have come to the same conclusion we did.

Whether or not you want to "waste" your bubbles is your choice, but there's really no point in getting mad because YOU screwed up.

Nobody said this game would save the Vita; therefore, no need to approach it as such. And no need for you to make a comment implying that someone is doing so.

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Geekman1524d ago

Is it that hard to make a game for the Vita instead of giving us games we could get used on Ps3 for cheaper?

CrossingEden1524d ago

Apparently it is. The lack of unique system seller games and a constant flow of ports is why the 3ds has been dominating the vita for years.

Gooch_suplex_Hold1524d ago

For years? Saying it like they both been out for a long time.

Nabbic1524d ago

Lack of unique games? Sure, they may not be system sellers, but there are unique games.
Want to know the most popular titles on the 3DS? Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Mario Racing... Those don't sound pretty unique to me.

Now, let's hear what popular titles are on the Vita? Gravity Rush, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice. Sure, you've got remakes like P4G (the highest rated Vita game), but they add enough new content to justify its existence, unlike Ocarina of Time 3D which adds no new content (and is the highest rated 3DS game).

Sure, like I said, they're not system sellers, but you want to know why the Vita is losing out? BECAUSE its library is unique.
While recently EU in particular were looking forward to Danganronpa, Ys Celceta and Toukiden, the 3DS got Bravely Default... But you know, BD is a Square Enix game that looks and acts like Final Fantasy, so you've got a huge market there. But you ask the average gamer what Ys, Danganronpa or devs who made Dynasty Warriors are and they'll have no clue.

3DS's library isn't considered better by many because it's unique, it's considered better because it's more mainstream... It has more high profile games.
But when you look at it objectively, see the first party new IPs for each system... You know what? I'll let you research into that one though I'll give you a hint: Vita has over double the amount that 3DS has.

Niche library has less sales. That's all.

Blastoise1524d ago

I agree Nabbic. Well said bubble for you!

1523d ago
Geekman1523d ago

@Nabbic, I'm pretty sure the highest rated 3DS game was A Link Between Worlds, which has plenty of unique quality. All the games you mentioned have quality, else they wouldn't still be selling after all these years. And besides, when did I say the 3DS was better anyway? All I asked was that we get MORE of the unique games you mentioned instead if console games remade for a handheld. I love the Vita.

Pancit_Canton1524d ago

They should have cross play it with the PS3. It's already available on the PS+ sometime ago.

stavrami-mk21524d ago (Edited 1524d ago ) could just be a port nothing new to see but a great game none the least

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