AMD Mantle Vs. Direct X Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Benchmarks – Shows Massive Improvement Over SP

WCCF: Multiplayer benchmarks are nearly impossible to conduct, but we finally have Multiplayer Benchmarks of Battlefield 4 with Mantle API Vs DirectX

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dsswoosh1611d ago

Titanfall textures are awesome.

Cboat is a filthy neogaf liar.

windblowsagain1611d ago

Textures are crap, worse then xboxone but just not as crap on PC. Titanfall.

Detoxx1610d ago

Textures are crap because "Beta"

sinspirit1611d ago

I wonder if they can have half-Mantle half-DirectX games. So, before a game is updated for complete Mantle support they can still release a few of the Mantle optimizations beforehand. Or, if a developer simply isn't experienced enough or has too low of a budget/amount of time, they could just Mantle, for example, only the lighting.

TWB1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I believe mantle is a completely different API.

What you are asking is essentially the same as asking for a game to use Direct X and Open GL at the same time.

API is a "bridge" between the sotware and graphics hardware.

For your suggestion to work, Direct X and Mantle would have to be merged into one API but the problem is that both are closed proprietary software's (?)

Open GL is open source AFAIK, meaning that everyone who's capable, can contribute and improve it.

adorie1611d ago

OpenGL would be so robust if it was the defacto standard,

JsonHenry1611d ago

^^ THIS! OpenGL would rule all if it was used as often as DirectX was.

Rearden1610d ago

Massive? Less than 10% on a high end card. about 3% on a midrange card. Apparently no one sees the benchmarks, only the sensationalist headline.