Is a New Metroid Title Imminent?

Nintendo are notorious for winding up their fans and leaving franchises dormant for extended periods, but the Metroid series has upheld such a terrific standard throughout its history that it seems like only a matter of time until we see a new entry. And if recent events are anything to go off, that time could be closer than we think.

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mikel1015892d ago

I don't really think Samus being picked on during the Smash bros trailer has much to do with a new title coming eventually, but it does seem that Nintendo have been giving off a lot of signs that it's on their mind

AKR891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

While on plain paper it doesn't seem that way; there are a ton of characters they could have picked. Bowser, King Dee-Dee-Dee and Rosalina are the best ones they could have picked, to emphasize how "little" Little Mac is; but they didn't.

There has been a lot of tell-tale signs that N is in the works of a new Metroid title and this is the latest tidbit. It's starting to add up.

Dravidian891d ago

It's a reference to Little Macs first SSBB appearance as an assist trophy. His height was compared to Samus' that time as well.

DEEBO892d ago

strider is the new super metroid it's so good.

Realplaya892d ago

Your comment makes no sense. You mean strider is trying to be like the old Metroid. See I fixed it for you.

Geekman892d ago

Your trolling is bad and you should feel bad.

MaxwellBuddha891d ago

The new Strider is great, but being side-scrollers is about the only thing the two have in common.

That said, I wouldn't mind at all having a new side-scrolling Metroid title with new Strider-like aesthetics.

T1125P892d ago

Of course we will see a new Metroid game. But who's knows what console, Wii U or 3DS...I for one would like a full fledged 3D Metroid game on 3DS. I loved the prime series. Who knows what surprises Nintendo will have at E3...June is far away but can't wait :D

Geekman892d ago

If anything, all hyped exclusives need to go to Wii U to get the console to sell more. Focusing too much on the 3DS and letting the Wii U struggle would be bad for the company. Even so, the idea of a 3DS Metroid sounds very intriguing....

CrossingEden892d ago

Hopefully a new game that Team Ninja has NOTHING to do with, Other M was terrible.

TheSsus892d ago

The proverbial sh*it stain on an otherwise perfect record. Loved the Prime trilogy.

fossilfern891d ago

Wasnt team Ninjas fault. Blame Sakimoto.

MaxwellBuddha891d ago

Team Ninja didn't write the story. That was done by the co-creator of Metroid himself, Yoshio Sakamoto.

DanManDantheMan892d ago

This is speculation I'd like to read.

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The story is too old to be commented.