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Five games that could hit PS Plus on PS4 this year

PlayStation Plus has been a staple in our diet for just over 18 months now, bringing fresh meaning to the word back catalogue and destroying people’s free time the world over. But is it possible to predict what might be coming soon to PlayStation Plus?

This time we'll be taking a look at the newest member of the PlayStation family, the PS4. (PS4)

Omar91  +   647d ago
I think Assassins creed Black Flag could eventually hit PS plus this year. That's the only one I am would really enjoy playing for free.
minimur12  +   647d ago
I doubt it'll be this year, maybe the end of next. Us getting AC 3 1 year later was to show up Xbox getting AC2, lol

And I don't see why everyone's thinking knack will come to PS Plus, Sony plasters it everywhere, only games with metacritic of 70+ (althoughthe EU rep messed up and said 80)
Knack has a meta rate of like 54, iirc so it's not going to get it, unless they go against their own policy....
CertifiedGamer  +   646d ago
Even though I am not a fan of Knack, I can estimate why Knack will be on Plus. Sony is currently bundling a code for Knack in Japan which gives it high probability that Sony will throw it over the Plus members. It isn't getting the same love in the USA as compared to other franchises and Sony doesn't seem to mind giving it to there fans over seas so chances are that it can end up being a Plus game.
Insomnia_84  +   647d ago
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is a sure bet.
Mikey32230  +   647d ago
I would love to see Heavenly Sword come to PS3's PS+.
iamnsuperman  +   647d ago
Knack will (I think sooner rather than later). Killzone I am unsure about. It sold well and it will have free DLC (last time I heard it would get the maps free). So it wouldn't be a big think for the PS4. I think AC:Black Flag will. DLC will be a big reason why Ubisoft will do it.
Philoctetes  +   647d ago
I'd take Knack for sure. It got crapped on, but the twitch streams made me want to pick it up.
Mr_Writer85  +   647d ago
I (very stupidly) actually put time and effort into getting the Platinum for Knack.

It's not a great game, and on hard and very hard it can get stupidly irritating.

You know when you play a game and you die loads and you feel like every time you die it was cheap?

It's that sort of game.

Is it as terrible as some reviews and fanboys make out? No.

However play it on easy you will enjoy it more, and don't try the plat if you get annoyed easily. I'm a pretty laid back guy but even I got a little heated at some points.
kingdom18  +   647d ago
@Mr_Writer I agree to a point, but on easy, it is way too easy. Normal is a challenge for some enemies if their weakness isn't clear, which irks me. But time and patience can get you through a level easily.

I still say it deserves somewhere between a 6 and a 7. Its far from great, but far from horrible. I like the replay value it has for collecting relics and gadget parts. But it does start to get boring after awhile. The game has a good concept but it doesn't seem to have been executed as well as it could have. If they made it open world, in the way the first Jak was, and more of a platformer I think it could have gone better.
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nero2082  +   647d ago
Knack is actually VERY unlikely to appear on PS+, they have a policy that games appearing have to be over 70% rated on metacritic, Knack is not even close to 70%
CertifiedGamer  +   646d ago
They gave us Contrast which scored a 62% on metacritic and was a game that was already released on 360 and PS3. I am sure Sony knew it wouldn't score anywhere near the 70s
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iamnsuperman  +   646d ago
They may not like to buy <70 games (that is how plus functions and the policy makes a lot of sense because of the monetary input needed for it to work) but this is a Sony game. They just need to put it on.
Clover904  +   647d ago
I still believe the reason Basement Crawl was delayed is because it'll be the ps4 plus game of March. Wouldn't be surprised if Daylight is April's plus game. Sony announced Secret Ponchos would be a Plus game, though we don't know the release date for it.

As for bigger titles, I imagine Plus will offer one big title that sticks around for 6 months or a year, and a smaller indie title every month. We all know Driveclub will be on Plus, so I wouldn't expect another big title on Plus for a long time.
admiralvic  +   647d ago
As I posted in another topic, Polygon reported Secret Ponchos would be the April plus game. While they're not the most reliable of sources, we do know for a fact it will be a plus game and the site says it is releasing in Q1. Ignoring the fact April is Q2, it might be delayed a few days so it could be the April plus game.

As far as Drive Club goes, I wouldn't consider that a "big one". To me, Drive Club PS Plus edition sounded like a nice way to offer a big game for free, without offering a big game for free. I think a lot of people have started to forget that it is a stripped down version of the game and falls in line more with when Starhawk wen free with Plus. That is to say, Starhawk was the single player and you could buy the multiplayer. So while some of Drive Club is free, you would still need to purchase the game to get the full experience unlike a lot of other games that have gone free.
Pillsbury1  +   647d ago
My guess is killzone sf by E3.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   647d ago
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   647d ago
Don't really see KZSF being on plus, but if it does it will be late this year like December. Because as of now its Sony's biggest exclusive.
CertifiedGamer  +   646d ago
Killzone will likely make it around November or December to celebrate its anniversary and give customers something that shows the power of the PS4 with an exclusive.
Dirtnapstor  +   647d ago
Don't see KZ SF happening, but Knack, Injustice, and TR Definitive yes.
Hoping for TR. PS3 version was phenomenal! I'd definitely replay the PS4 version...for free.
patsrule316  +   647d ago
We know Secret Ponchos, Binding of Isaac, and Drive Club will all be games sometime this year for PS+. I expect that Knack probably will be a PS+ game. I would say Killzone is less than 50/50 for this year. I would say that Tomb Raider and Injustice are well under 50/50 for this year. Doki Doki Universe, who knows? Still. I would expect 2 or possibly 3 disc based games at the most would make PS+ this year. I would expect the rest to be Indie style games. But, time will tell...
admiralvic  +   647d ago
I don't know about anyone else, but this post is WAY too optimistic about the future. Going off what we already know...

Jan - Don't Starve
Feb - Outlast
March - *Rumor* Dead Nation

So this leaves roughly 9 slots open. However, we already know Secret Ponchos, Drive Club and The Binding of Isaac are going to be Plus titles. This lowers our slots to 6, though going off the same March rumor saying Tomb Raider would be free on the PS3, I would say that lowers the odds to 0. I haven't a clue why the author thought that somehow made it more likely, but most people dislike "double dip" titles and it really makes no sense for them to release it like that.

Using real "logic", Knack is almost guaranteed and will probably be the June game. This will let them announce it at E3 and get a bunch of people hyped for a free PS4 game. Killzone Shadow Fall is possible, though I wouldn't say there is much reason beyond giving away another retail title. Doki Doki seems extremely unlikely, because Sony tends to shy away from giving cross-buy titles and it would make more sense to give away older games like Sound Shapes before Doki Doki. Injustice is possible, though not the PS4 version. It makes more sense to give away the vanilla PS3 version and score sales on DLC characters and costumes, than the GOTY edition the PS4 got (same with PS3). This wouldn't be the first time a GOTY edition game had the vanilla version go free with Plus (Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Batman, etc).
ShiftShock  +   647d ago
What about Octodad: dadliest catch? I'm hoping that it will be part of the PS plus line up. It fits in the same category that the other free games are right now.
admiralvic  +   647d ago
The lead programmer said on reddit that it wasn't coming in March and they don't currently have any plans like 2 weeks ago. It might still happen, but far less likely.
Akuma07  +   647d ago
"No Guerilla game has ever entered Plus."

Not entirely true.

Killzone 3 was offered for Free on the PSN. Can't remember if it was part of PS+ or before that system began.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   646d ago
Are you sure? I have been a member almost since the beginning. I might have missed it when I did make a pause though but I think there haven't been any Killzone for rent at PS+
fhizikz  +   647d ago
Ps plus is better than xbl now MS NEEDS to step it up
TimeSkipLuffy  +   646d ago
I guess Knack would be the first title after Drive Club. For the next 1-2 years we probably see more Indie games and only once a while maybe right before a big gaming event a retail game for promotion. I take any game I can get :D
_FantasmA_  +   646d ago
So every game is very likely to come to PS Plus. Did Michael Pacturd make this list?

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