Dark Souls - Don't Give Up

In light of Dark Souls 2's imminence, Twinfinite's Henry McMunn gives the only advice about Dark Souls you can give - never give up.

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BattleN1284d ago

Deep down looks like it took from this game and made it better!

BiggCMan1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

I agree! But I think that is a good thing. I love having both of these games exist, one for last gen and one for next gen! Deep Down will focus more on the co op and social aspects of the genre while Dark Souls 2 will focus more on the lore and difficult solo experience. So excited for both games!

FailboatSkipper1284d ago

You know DS2 is for current gen right?

BattleN1284d ago

Yep, open a bottle bubble up to that haha!

Imalwaysright1284d ago

Deep Down combat system is similar to Dragon Dogma's according to the devs themselves. The only thing that looks similar is the art style so no Deep down isn't a better Dark Souls. That is just wishful thinking.

TopDudeMan1284d ago

You can't improve upon perfection. All you can do is provide more. Any attempts to improve or change it would be making it something different.

I think it'd be doing a disservice to dark souls and deep down to try and compare them. I'm sure they'll both be good at what they set out to do.

MWH1284d ago

only visually. Deep Down seems less of a challenge, monsters die easily unless it's meant for the demo, if so then understandable I think.

but Deep Down's weakest point so far is that it's only a multiplayer game while Dark Souls 2 is both.

time will tell anyway.

WonderboyIII1282d ago

Spot on.
It is also hard to compare a game without actually playing it. I have a hunch that Dark/Demon Souls is still unbeatable. Capcom's last attempt was good, but not great, the souls series has been great from demon souls. We will have to wait and see.

Master-H1283d ago

Inspired by it and by dragon's dogma..sure, better ? aside from the visuals that remains to be seen, Dark Souls is already a classic, Dragon's Dogma while awesome , is still not on the same level as the Souls series, Dark Souls shoes is waaay too big for current day capcom to fit in imo.

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BiggCMan1284d ago

I beat DS again yesterday in preparation. So excited for this masterpiece!!

Kinger89381284d ago

I finished a second play earlier this week and have gone on to demon souls while we wait! Ive played a bit of it before but at launch and i didnt get far!

It feels alot darker and more eerie than the world of dark souls :)

BiggCMan1284d ago

Oh it is believe me. Dark Souls is perhaps a bit harder, but Demons Souls is creepier and actually frightens me at times. I think I've beaten both of them close to 10 times each, I cannot get enough of this series even if it came out every year!

Kinger89381284d ago

I really hope sony does something with demon souls on ps4 as they own that ip, that would be amazing!

Ive gone royal on demkn souls just to get through it for ds2, it makes the game rather easy but i already want to replay it as a melee style :)

Sketchy_Galore1284d ago

I remember I gave up on Dark souls for quite a while at the point where you have to fight those two knights. The fat one and the thin one. I was just certain I could not ever do that until I gave it a shot months later and did it. I then walked around for maybe two weeks with a smug glow. I then gave up again at the point where you fight the big monster made entirely of skeletons... and I still haven't had the guts to go back and try again.

FailboatSkipper1284d ago

I got disgustingly lucky with Ornstein and Smough and beat them first time. And then spent like a week with the very next boss.

kingdom181283d ago

Sorcery was my best friend with them. Beat them once with a friend on his file which was a dex. build. When it came to be my time... they didn't stand a chance. From then on out I'm sold on using Sorceries and magic weapons.

Master-H1283d ago

You beat biggie and smalls by yourself and is having troubles with Nito ? Nito is easier i believe, just get in there with a divine weapon (preferably a Divine Zwihander) and keep fighting him in the spot you fall on, don't go around in the cave or more skeletons will pop out and surround you.
And if you're having way too much trouble just summon somebody to help you with Nito.

Kinger89381284d ago

I gave up when it came out just due to another game and i had only borrowed this off a mate. Then late last year i picked it up for myself on ps3 and pushed through and ut became 5hr bedt game of the gen for me! First play took 50 hours as a messy mash up of stats melee character

Then i brought it on pc and just completed it at 18ish hours including the dlc

The game isnt as hard as its made out to br, you just have to learn it and now it feels kind of like riding a bike, everything becomes smoother, back stabbing and parrys are second nature

Soooo goood