This Is What The Elder Scrolls Online Looks Like On Minimum Graphics Settings

Daav from NoobFeed hasn't forgotten those who are overlooked in the resolution wars of 1080p/720p vs 30fps/60fps. For the ones running small PC rigs, here's what The Elder Scrolls Online looks like on minimum graphics settings. With everything turned off, it's like a Lego MMO.

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ZodTheRipper1526d ago

Looks like my grandpa played this, truly antique.

Angeljuice1526d ago

You should play a few games from just 20 years ago, then you'd change your tune. Try playing "Magic Carpet" a huge AAA title in its day (early-mid nineties), you'll feel ill within half an hour.
It hurts your eyes big time (at the time it was amazing, one of the first games with 3D graphics (as in 3D polygons rather than 2D sprites).

Daavpuke1526d ago

And in Anno 2013, we have Arcane Worlds, as an inspired succession to that game. It actually has a few similar graphical styles. Doesn't look too bad.

ZodTheRipper1526d ago

That was a joke, my first game was pong ;)
In 1993 though so I'm not truly "oldschool".

frostypants1526d ago

Yeah. Looks perfectly playable to me. Still doesn't solve the biggest problem with this game: it's an Elder Scrolls title in name only, with no gameplay similarity.

hkgamer1526d ago

its struggling to find its audience tbh. its either attract elder scrolls fan or to attract mmo fans, can't be both

TopDudeMan1526d ago

Well, MMOs have to be kinda accessible. They want people to be playing it on their work computer on their break etc.

nohopeinc1526d ago

Are you guys tracking that he has it on the lowest settings?

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The story is too old to be commented.