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This Is What The Elder Scrolls Online Looks Like On Minimum Graphics Settings

Daav from NoobFeed hasn't forgotten those who are overlooked in the resolution wars of 1080p/720p vs 30fps/60fps. For the ones running small PC rigs, here's what The Elder Scrolls Online looks like on minimum graphics settings. With everything turned off, it's like a Lego MMO. (PC, PS4, The Elder Scrolls Online, Xbox One)

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ZodTheRipper  +   433d ago
Looks like my grandpa played this, truly antique.
Angeljuice  +   433d ago
You should play a few games from just 20 years ago, then you'd change your tune. Try playing "Magic Carpet" a huge AAA title in its day (early-mid nineties), you'll feel ill within half an hour.
It hurts your eyes big time (at the time it was amazing, one of the first games with 3D graphics (as in 3D polygons rather than 2D sprites).
Daavpuke  +   433d ago
And in Anno 2013, we have Arcane Worlds, as an inspired succession to that game. It actually has a few similar graphical styles. Doesn't look too bad.
ZodTheRipper  +   433d ago
That was a joke, my first game was pong ;)
In 1993 though so I'm not truly "oldschool".
Stallion  +   433d ago
So indie...
hkgamer  +   433d ago
not bad tbh.
frostypants  +   433d ago
Yeah. Looks perfectly playable to me. Still doesn't solve the biggest problem with this game: it's an Elder Scrolls title in name only, with no gameplay similarity.
hkgamer  +   433d ago
its struggling to find its audience tbh. its either attract elder scrolls fan or to attract mmo fans, can't be both
TopDudeMan  +   433d ago
Well, MMOs have to be kinda accessible. They want people to be playing it on their work computer on their break etc.
bohemian 23  +   433d ago
Morrowind online?
nohopeinc  +   433d ago
Are you guys tracking that he has it on the lowest settings?
jlo  +   433d ago
Minimum Graphics Settings looks a bit like the PS4 version
frostypants  +   433d ago
Detoxx  +   433d ago
simonuk  +   433d ago
heh nope - I'm told the PS4 settings are kinda midrange to high.

On High, as I had it running on my PC (not a top end gaming machine) it's gorgeous. Really nice.

I was surprised how shite it looked on low as I hadn't tried it.
stuna1  +   433d ago
So I take it you play the Xbox1 version!? Which technically just a little bit better than the commodore 64's version.
Metallox  +   433d ago
Don't give me wrong, it looks good. It almost feels like you were playing in the early 2000's.
hkgamer  +   433d ago
if ps2 was able to have a massive open world running this smooth and graphics like that then it probably would have been game of the year XD

That's what I love about PC gaming, you ccan apppreciate it even if the graphics are set to minimum
Grave  +   433d ago
Looks like World of Warcraft. /zing!
DanteVFenris666  +   433d ago
Haha it still looks better then wow when wow is on highest settings
simonuk  +   433d ago
That's funny - but you're right. On MIN settings it still looks better than WoW.

It does look bad though.

Thankfully, on high the games looks AWESOME. I've been through more than one beta already, and run the game on HIGH, and it's BEAUTIFUL :)
hkgamer  +   433d ago
i did think it looked better or similar to wow as well.

I actually think graphics like that is atually playable on an mmo.
MxRBrobaFett  +   433d ago
Looks like someone threw a turd at a fan and this is what's left on the wall behind said fan
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MachineGunnTalk  +   433d ago
darn, thats pretty good
kingdom18  +   433d ago
My late 2012 iMac was able to play it on ultra high settings with little drop in FPS, the PS4 and the Xbox One should be able to run this on max settings easily.
CapsLocke  +   433d ago
Looks like average console game on.
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Detoxx  +   433d ago
Which console are you referring to? The PlayStation 2?
CapsLocke  +   433d ago
Detoxx  +   433d ago
Stop trolling dude.
CapsLocke  +   430d ago
just a joke bro, relax
GusBricker  +   433d ago
Reminds me of Morrowind. LOVED that game.
RexLex  +   433d ago
Looks like crap on both (on low or maxed out) and EQ2 maxed out looks way better,.. and that is 10 year old and free...

Basically this game is not a looker,.. Hell if I would not say that maxed out Morrowind actually looks better. Hope it is good,..

I personally cannot wait for EQ Next
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RE_L_MAYER  +   432d ago
this is how I played and probably hated it because of that

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