Free Xbox games: Toy Soldiers: Cold War now free on Games with Gold

Not to fret, Xbox 360 owners. Yes, those of us fortunate enough to own an Xbox One may be spending the weekend with giant robots in the Titanfall beta since it opened to everyone - but there's new free stuff for those of us on the older console too - it's like Christmas in February!

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Septic1763d ago


One day Xbox Live Rewards will actually give me a game I care /knew about.

LogicStomper1763d ago

You didn't care about Dead Island??? :O

Septic1763d ago

Ah I had it on PC. Didn't really care for it tbh.

SuperDan-Dare1763d ago

I think it's the first game I've got on Gold where I've actually got some enjoyment out of it. Continue to give us more mainstream games like Dead Island, please Microsoft!

Eonjay1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

So what you're saying... on never mind.

tjg591763d ago

Wow great games Ps+ better watch out lol

GentlemenRUs1763d ago


I'll just put that there encase ;)

SniperControl1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Currently i have been playing Outlast, Don't Starve, Borderlands 2, Metro: Last Light, BioShock Infinite, Modnation Racers, Guacamelee, Sonic Transformed, Soul Sacrifice all for £40 a year!!!

You Xbox guys get Toy Soldiers? what gives???

jackanderson19851763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

IGC is nearly 4 years old now... GwG is 8 months... that'd be part of the reason.

it's a relatively new offering by MS, while Sony's took a while to be established.

IGC is great now but when it started it was poor... GwG will eventually start bringing X1 games with it and hopefully as the time passes it'll get better to a point where it's level standing with PS+

RedSoakedSponge1763d ago

i just dont see Microsoft being as generous as Sony when it comes to free games. they choose money over pleasing the Xbox community.

Oschino19071763d ago

Except it's not 4yrs old and closer to 3 1/2.

Also MS has been charging people "membership" money for years in advance and to tens of millions at that, no reason for them to be lagging behind what another service offered from the start of membership.

PS plus continues to bring out newer and higher quality games and over 3 systems now. Why can't MS keep up other than that they don't want to... and they just want to see how long they can keep the charade going.

PS plus started with exclusives for the IGC, games PS fans loved for the most part and within the first year was offering newer third party games while continuing with exclusives. 8 months in with more money to offer and MS GwG still has less games, lower quality games, very few quality exclusives and no sign of anything coming to X1 anytime soon.

Lets not forget either that whenever you sign up for PS+ you start with a Isntant Game Collection that maintains a general number of games and offerings which are rotated out weekly except some exclusives which switch out around e3 with a bunch more exclusives.

jackanderson19851763d ago

@ oschino that'd be why i used nearly 4 years... in 4 months it's 4 years

yeah MS has been charging money but the service provide by MS has been considerably better...PSN goes down for a number of hours when it's being serviced (yes i know there is a way around it by logging in before a certain time) but XBL hasn't had that kinda downtime before

yeah PS+ brings newer games out these days but that's almost 4 years since it initiated... it's first 4 games were wipeout, critter crunch, mushroom wars and zen pinball over a 4 month period (was 1 a month to begin with) (only wipeout was exclusive by the way)

depending on your own personal preference "high quality" and newer third party games started coming over a year and a half later on PS+

no-one is denying that IGC is the considerably better offer right now (unless they are completely deluded) but if you compare IGC's first year with GwG's first year, GwG could arguably be better (depending on gaming preferences)

from the beach1763d ago

Very nice, this'll keep me busy until Strider.

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