Titanfall Dev: 'Don't Buy The Game On Faith', If The Gameplay Isn't Acceptable 'Don't Buy It'

"Despite the overall enthusiasm towards the Titanfall beta, Respawn Entertainment has been fighting an uphill battle to address complains regarding server issues, ping problems, gameplay and more."

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XiSasukeUchiha1375d ago

A company that understand the consumers and being realistic towards perfences of another individual we need more companies like respawn who understand creative opinions!

come_bom1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

"Titanfall Dev: 'Don't Buy The Game On Faith', If The Gameplay Isn't Acceptable 'Don't Buy It'"

Got to respect the dev that says that.

Haven't played Titanfall yet, but I like what I've seen. It will most likely be a day 1 purchase for me on the PC.

ManyFishToFry1375d ago

Respect? Does that really exist anymore? I suggest this to the team behind the game, start filtering out the lunatics out there. You know who you are.

The game is getting a ton of hype and when that happens comes a wave of those who are either sick of the hype so they try and downplay, or worse are the folks who want it to fail. Likely because either they hate mainstream products like this or they don't like the platforms the game is on or isn't on.

NewMonday1375d ago


and then we have gamers who just don't want bots in MP, and other gamers who don't like the small player count.

TheGreatAndPowerful1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

The game is alright but I don't think it's going to be a system seller. I've been playing the PC version for a few hours now and I'm already tired of it. It's most definitely not worth $60 but more like $25 maybe $30 max. BF4 demolishes this game in terms of gameplay..hell even COD does that. MS you're in deep sh*t.

JokesOnYou1375d ago

Love it!

Back to Titanfall.

kopicha1375d ago


sorry but i played the game. imo while the game is definitely not a bad game. but it wasnt as great as it was being hype up to be. this game dont sell a system. and least it does not do it for me. i seriously think it is being overhyped too much. some times hyping something is good since it helps marketing it. but overhyping something can on the other hand kill it too. since the expectation level would be different.

denawayne1375d ago

@TheGreatAndPowerful - Sadly, it will sell systems because of the hype alone. This coming from an Xbox One owner. I played the game and it's not for me so I won't be buying it.

DragonKnight1375d ago

Guys, don't listen to ManyFistToFry. He's a duplicate account who comes to N4G to cry about the site in general, me and few others specifically, and you won't have any good discussions with him. His opening is proof enough of that.

Respawn definitely shows some uncharacteristic (from an industry standard, not from themselves) ideals with this statement. Shows they have personal pride in their work and that's always a good thing. EA however probably won't like that sentiment one bit.

H0RSE1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )


"and then we have gamers who just don't want bots in MP,"

- considering the staggering amount of people that play LoL and other MOBA's, who's "bots" function in a similar way to the AI in Titanfall, I'd have to strongly disagree...

"and other gamers who don't like the small player count."

- which is a minority...the overwhelming positive comments about this game before and after the beta, confirm this.

Small player counts make up virtually every competitive match, regardless of genre. If you are playing a league match, it's going to be a small player count. People who exclaim they don't like the small player count, are likely people who have no experience/knowledge of playing at a competitive level, and the competitive aspect aside, they are also people who apparently don't even have a basic understanding of game design and deliberate design choice. These people can range from casuals to even those who label themselves as "hardcore," who seem to have a one-track mind with a "bigger is better" mindset.

So what I take from your statement is that inexperienced, unknowledgeable, and even ignorant gamers aren't interested in this game, and instead, experienced, open-minded gamers are - I can live with that.

FriedGoat1374d ago

Have you played the game Horse? I've been a competitive fps player since doom m and Titanfall is really a very average game. It's funny because I see a lot of people with the same opinion getting down voted.

The game does not live up to the hype, I just wonder whether it can sell systems on hype alone.

Tiqila1374d ago

"Titanfall Dev: 'Don't Buy The Game On Faith', If The Gameplay Isn't Acceptable 'Don't Buy It'"

I would also recommend not to buy it, if the gameplay isnt good. I never bought something unacceptable but often things that did not met my expectations, like a ton of steam sales games.

H0RSE1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )


"Have you played the game Horse?"

- Yes, I played the beta. Got to the max level.

"I've been a competitive fps player since doom m and Titanfall is really a very average game."

- I never claimed Titanfall was a very comp-focused title. I only bring up the competitive aspect to counter the negativity surrounding the 6v6 aspect of the game. If players are using this in competitive level gaming, a realm where balance is key, then obviously it can work.

"The game does not live up to the hype.."

- purely subjective. I have heard quite a few people claim otherwise. I would say that for the most part, it met peoples expectations, while perhaps not exceeding them.

mewhy321374d ago

Sounds like the critisim is getting to them somewhat.

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Newmanator1375d ago

Quite an honest statement to make considering a lot of the purchases are likely to be made in faith in my opinion.

Mikelarry1375d ago

atleast if/when some backlash arises they can say but we told you not to. the game looks fun but some media outlet are over hyping the game and as we all know anything that is hyped to this level some gamers/ reviewers are gonna look for the slightest fault to B&%^* about

mhunterjr1375d ago

When they are holding an open beta, there's little reason to make a purchase on faith alone...

rodiabloalmeida1375d ago

I was about to say the same thing. They got my respect. I'm not buying the game 'cos I really suck at First Person Shootters, but even so they got my respect with this attitude. I'll look into future games from this dev for sure.

TopDudeMan1375d ago

It is good that they're confident that their product is good. They don't feel the need to hype it. They're letting the game speak for itself.

Biggest1375d ago

I take it that you've been in a coma since Titanfall was announced. That's the only way you could think they haven't been hyping this game to kingdom come.

Salooh1375d ago

They are great. They just need to evolve some other stuff. Maybe the budget and the team they have isn't that big so they just focused on gameplay. Anyway, if it comes to ps4 i will buy it day one. They deserve it for giving us a masterpiece (MW1). I just got the beta code for pc. My brother will try it and tell me what he think :P .

ITPython1374d ago

Not to nitpick, but it's referenced as COD4, not MW1. MW2 is referenced as MW2... but COD4 should always be COD4, not MW1.

I know, ridiculous thing to correct somebody on, but as a vet COD4 player it is almost insulting to hear it referenced as MW1, since MW2 was the beginning of the end for the COD series. Whereas COD4 stood alone and redefined the FPS online experienced forever. MW2 just rode on the co-tails of COD4 and taught the FPS world about overpowered everything... of which every COD since has been plagued with.

COD4 stands alone and has no match. Tying it to MW2 (even though it was the same devs) is the equivalent of spitting on COD4's grave.

Salooh1374d ago

Agree. I wish if they make an hd version of the game for the ps4 ,that would be better then making 10 call of duty games

thezeldadoth1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

the first day of the beta i was enjoying it a lot. This morning its been pretty awful. The server lag is terrible, to me it looks like a guy came around the corner and downed me in a split second, but on the kill cam it clearly shows that he had been around the corner and unloaded his entire clip long before it registered to me.
Secondly, the smart pistol is game breaking and needs to go. its pathetic when you see a kill cam that a guy didn't even try to aim at you, his gun was 45 degree angle away from you and he pulls the trigger and the gun locks onto your head and kills you. Its the other way around too, i've used it and its a pathetic weapon

will probably cancel my pre-order and get south park rpg instead

lsujester1374d ago

The extra people coming in definitely hurt the experience. Once it went open, the lag start climbing up considerably.

And the smart pistol is by no means game-breaking. It takes several seconds to lock onto another pilot, more than enough time for him to kill you with an SMG, Carbine, etc. Run into a room with a shotgunner and see if you live long enough to lock-on.

Honestly, it's a good starter weapon, especially against bots. Against pilots, it's considerably more effective if the target doesn't know you're there, but he's likely just as dead if you're carrying another weapon.

LoveOfTheGame1374d ago

Yeah, if anything my friends and I laugh at anyone using the smart pistol, because they will always be the bottom of the scoreboard.

It is by no way groundbreaking, and other then killing grunts quickly it has no redeeming qualities. A gun that takes almost 2 secs to lock on to a pilot for the kill is just pathetic. I assume playing against ppl with regular weapons I have less time than that or I'm dead.

Sayai jin1375d ago

Two words comes to mind...Confidence....Honest!

dsswoosh1375d ago

Textures on the xb1 look great.

Cboat is a proven filthy neogaf liar.

DoubleM701374d ago

Yep I took pictures of it and the Beta looks great of TitanFall. I even put them in my face book group. I was playing on my 720P TV. Textures nice and crisp. Haven't even put it on my 1080P Samsung yet.

ITPython1374d ago

Sounds like respawn is a PS4 dev at heart, shame they have to wait it out until Titanfall 2 to actually become one.

Kribwalker1374d ago

They are just trying to get the trolls to shut up. I personally think it's fantastic

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lifeisgamesok1375d ago

It seems like the general consensus is that this game is very fun

At least from Alpha/beta players

OrangePowerz1375d ago

It's ok, I got bored rather quick by the cannon fodder AI running around that is no challenge at all to kill. I would have preferred to have just humans vs. humans. It's fun to fight against a real person, but the AI makes it less enjoyable for me when playing competitive.

Bigpappy1375d ago

Like the man said. This game is obviously not for you. If he makes it the way you want. Then that would cause someone else to complain. I believe in developers making the game they envision and only change what they agree would make the game better. They are the one who have to spend months on balancing. If they read your opinion and do not want to make that change, you should just move on.

I can't get out of Cuba in Assassins Creed 4, I had the game for over a month. It just is unappealing to me. But I don't beat up on that game.

Games are made to be fun, not realistic. The bots are not there to challenge. You are to kill pilots and titans for your challenge.

TRD4L1fe1375d ago

and to me the AI adds to the excitment, and not once did i get bored playing it

creeping judas1375d ago

The AI makes me feel like a FPS champion! Which I am not even close to being.

MorePowerOfGreen1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )


He said "At least from Alpha/beta players"

I have not heard lots of people complain about it. People know the point of the beta was to try and break the servers. Perhaps Vince was talking to the rabid PS fanboy trolls.

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curtis921375d ago

I've played the beta a couple hours now and I honestly don't get the hype. The titans are perhaps my least favorite thing about it. I think I'd enjoy it more if it was just a more acrobatic COD, honestly. The titans just feel like you're a big, slow behemoth.

J_Cob1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

There is a quick and nimble Titan in the full game. It's just not in the Beta. I think the one available is the medium chassis.

thezeldadoth1375d ago

i would enjoy it more if it was only the pilots

Bolts-N-Rays11091375d ago

The game is a blast. I see people have issues with the bots. Yeah, they could be more challenging, but I never really run into them cause I'm always moving up on top of the buildings. If you're on the ground just shooting bots, you aren't going to win the game and get picked off from people like me who are up top.

thekhurg1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

Every game I've been in I've averaged around 7-8 player kills and 13+ grunt kills, with 1-2 titan kills.

Rarely have I seen players with higher player to grunt kill ratios unless they avoided grunts all together and just killed 5-10 players per round.

Sorry, but that's just not enough player to player fighting for me. I'm glad I got into the beta though, it allowed me to see basically everything I needed to see regarding the game, and I can make an informed decision when the game launches.

Bolts-N-Rays11091375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )


I typically get more bots kills than human kills to cause I shoot anything that moves on the ground, but I have plenty of pilot vs pilot battles to settle my competitive needs. How many Titan kills do you average? I average around 3 a game, so that adds even more to my competitive needs blowing up their Titans.


The game is "unbalanced" when you add in more players. I don't see why people, like you, have such a hard time understanding that. They tested the game with up to 12v12 and 6v6 was the best. The bots weren't just added in after testing it out and finding that 6v6 was the perfect balance and they needed bots to fill in the battlefield. The bots have been in the game since it was revealed back at E3.

Salooh1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

No need to defend it. AI shouldn't be there. More real players would have made this game a blast. I hope they hear this feedback and add more players in titanfall2 (which hopefully come to the ps4) and remove that AI or make it optional. I want skilful gameplay , i don't want anything about noobs. Respawn team can do it.

My average kill in Mw1 (TDM) is 30kills.
Good players average kill is 20kills

So i want that action , i don't want luck(finding real players) to determine my gameplay.

Bernlock1375d ago

Hahaha is average kills in mw4 was 30!!! Clearly we are dealing with a badass here

Salooh1375d ago

I don't care what's there reason. AI sucks , They are so easy and you kill them more then real players. I don't want them in the game. It's unbalanced if you add more player and it's empty and too big maps if you remove them , that's your logic , i don't think you know what's balancing mean.

Bolts-N-Rays11091375d ago


I think you need to read my comment to you over again.

"The bots weren't just added in after testing it out and finding that 6v6 was the perfect balance and they needed bots to fill in the battlefield."

I never said the bots were needed to fill the battlefield. I think you need to get better at your reading comprehension.

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pompombrum1375d ago

It's very fun if you go in with the right expectations. I started playing yesterday at about 3pm, with a few small breaks in between, was playing until around 1am and would have stayed on longer if my friends didn't go off.

PsylentKiller1375d ago

The game is extremely fun. For me, the hype is real. The people that don't want the bots, get 12 people and play a game with no one calling in titans and see how it plays out. Also, try not to shoot bots, if you can, only shoot at enemies with a Gamertag above their head.

I like the bots. They fit this game. If it was just regular 6v6, the maps would be half empty. For an example of scale, play 6v6 or even 12v12 in BF4 on Caspian Border or another large map.

If you play this game like CoD, you won't enjoy it as much or maybe not at all. Play it like its Titanfall and you'll see a big difference. Do you play Gears of War like its Call of Duty? Do you play BF4 like you'd play CoD?

Galletto31375d ago

Where are you seeing these beta players saying the game isnt fun?

The beta is a blast so far. Bots are a negligible issue, unlike what many are lamenting about. You will get more player kills than bots (at least every game Ive played so far all players had more pilot than bot kills).

Speaking of the low amount of players, the balance is perfect with 6v6, especially when you have around 6-7 titans running around the battlefield. Anymore and it would just be too chaotic, and not very fun. You would be dying left and right over cheap kills, and would not have a chance for a titan as often.

To be honest, anyone who still says this is a COD rip off with mechs has not played it or actually given it a chance.

Sayai jin1375d ago

I am thoroughly enjoying the beta. I am not a COD fan or BF fan so people who are comparing it to those I don't see it that way. The game gets a good rush out of you.

just-joe1374d ago

I don't know, all I've been hearing is people bitching that it's COD with mechs. Personally, I'm having fun with the game.

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Summons751375d ago

Bold statement, very respectful for a dev to say something so challenging....however if sales aren't as expected I'm not going to be surprised when they blame consumers for not buying the game when they told us don't buy it if we don't think it's acceptable.

Bigpappy1375d ago

They might just say that the game was judgment error on their part. You don't know that they would blame gamers. The great thing about them is that they put this Beta out there on a pretty large scale, and they had no restrictions on what can be shown and said. So those who do buy it have a very good idea what they are paying for.

Summons751375d ago

It's only opened up recently but they were pretty resistant when gamers were criticising the how they handled the AI situation. They kept claiming they were right and it's clear now after the beta that the AI is exactly what gamers feared, easy kills and a hinderance to the gameplay. Sure I don't know for sure that they will blame gamers but they seemed high and mighty when the AI situation was revealed so that gets me wary plus the fact that it feels like Call of Duty in it's gameplay and it's only bringing in robots to make it different which is pretty lazy on their part.

k2d1375d ago

This way they won't have to worry about that. If someone don't like the game the first time they still might like their next game. Example: When I got tired of Assassins creed, I waited until AC4 Black Flag - I'm glad I did.

OldDude1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )


Clearly you have no idea why the bots are in the game, or you just haven't played it.

Summons751375d ago

They're there to "make the game easier" for casuals as long as fill in the maps because you're playing a cod sized match in a oversized map, oh and story fodder.

Either way no good reason why they are there.

Mkai281375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

For gamers that don't want to see companies fail, Respawn decided to put the beta up for everyone on Xbox one.. Not sure on PC..

Concerning the article: maybe they are just that confident?