Why the Xbox One could dominate 2014

IM PLAYIN looks at the potential of the Xbox One to catch up to the PS4 and perhaps even overtake it in the coming year.

"In perhaps one of the fiercest and most memorable console battles in recent history, so much focus has been put on these two new consoles. Both the Xbox One and PS4 had insane starts in their hopefully long and prosperous lives, but it appears that the PS4 is simply selling better. As much as any Xbox fan wants to argue, the numbers don’t lie! With over 4 million units sold, the PS4 has broken all kinds of records, becoming the best selling console of all time, beating another Sony console (the PSP) and getting the PS4 into the history books. But I don’t think that Sony fans should decide absolute victory just yet, with the Xbox One selling over 3 million units and growing, they are just getting started. While the opening battles may be won, the war is far from over."

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mania5681344d ago

i still dont see this happening, xbox fans believe all xbox needs to win is titanfall but the hype is bigger than the sales will be, its a great game, yes it is but one game doesnt make all the difference, to me and to all should be about games.
ps4 offers games at better quality when multiplatforms and it will have more exclusives than xbox down the line, we know sony had WAY more exclusives with ps3 compared with xbox 360 and they will have as many or more with ps4, indies alone will give ps4 a sheer amount of games but that does not mean it will have any less AAA.
im hoping xbox one can deliver good exclusives too but if history is to be repeated xbox wont have as many exclusives as people hope they can offer.

To me one big point that will decide who has more or better games will be this year E3, im positive playstation is just starting to amaze players, with the news ps4 has over 100 games planned for ps4 this year and who knows how many more for the next one, E3 will be a deciding point to help players foresee which console will be better for games for the next year

LeeMajors1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

"To me one big point that will decide who has more or better games will be this year E3"

Going by the past three year's E3s we know exactly how it will turn out. Sony will have yet another show that is completely filled with games with major new titles being announced. While Microsoft will spend 75 percent of their show hyping the Kinect junk, show off the same tired tiny group of Xbox franchises, and then try to make a huge deal about some multiplatform game that they try to pretend is exclusive to the Xbox One.

And then Sony will go and do two more complete shows, Toyko Game Show in Japan and Gamerscon in Europe. And those two shows still won't be enough time for Sony to show off major new PS4 titles that get their own special announcements.

Sony is going to be absolutely flooded with exclusive content this gen:

1. The largest first party of all consoles. Absolutely dwarfs Microsoft's first party. Even worse when ignore the casual shovelware Kinect focused developers for Microsoft

2. Pretty much the entire Japan console gaming market outside of Nintendo first party exclusives for the PS4

3. The huge number of PSN exclusive smaller developers. Made even larger with the PS4 this gen thanks to Microsoft alienating so many of the smaller studios out there

4. And with how badly the PS4 is crushing the Xbox One in sales in Europe, we might start seeing European console developers start going Sony exclusive

Hocking1343d ago

LeeMajors: "And with how badly the PS4 is crushing the Xbox One in sales in Europe, we might start seeing European console developers start going Sony exclusive"

Yes, even the absolute best case for Microsoft is getting killed in two out of the three major console markets - Japan and Europe. At best Microsoft might see some better sales in the US. But that would only less how badly they are losing to Sony.

Even a pick up in the US market seems unlikely for Microsoft with just how badly people are reacting to the game that is supposed to save the Xbox One - Titanfall. People are calling it a CoD clone with mechs. Last gen graphics and resolution with a frame rate only in the 30s. On top of all that it is available on the 360 and the graphically superior version is on the PC that no one needs an Xbox to play.

With the increasing number of rumors of Microsoft preparing to dump the Xbox, 100 dollars more expensive than the hugely more powerful PS4, and the smallest first party supporting it, the Xbox One even dominating just the US is something that would take a miracle.

Rig_Master1343d ago

And of course the most important problem for Microsoft this gen: no RRoD to help massively inflate the Xbox installed base numbers.

Convas1343d ago

"While Microsoft will spend 75 percent of their show hyping the Kinect junk, show off the same tired tiny group of Xbox franchises, and then try to make a huge deal about some multiplatform game that they try to pretend is exclusive to the Xbox One."

Ummm, did you see MS' E3 2013? Seriously, NONE OF THE ABOVE HAPPENED AT E3 2013 DURING MS' press conference.

loulou1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

The stupidity of fanboys knows no bounds.. So European devas are could ignore the Xbox one install base because the ps4 sells more over there??

You could not make this stuff up

The comments above me are priceless. But I'll tell you whyms won't dominate this year...The price

AlexanderSRS1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

The PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 4-1 right now. And that is with the PS4 being sold out almost everywhere. That is already at point where it costs Sony almost nothing to secure exclusive deals. If it continues at that rate developers are going to start dropping Xbox One versions of their games just like they have on losing platfoms all through the history of the console market.

Even worse for the Xbox One is the increasing number of reports of Microsoft actively looking to dump the Xbox or try sell of parts of it. That's not a platform developers are going to have much confidence in and are going to devote many resources to.

redwin1343d ago

Sony "always" tell you they have all this CG movies/ games exclusives for this year only to get you excited and then push it back a year or to and then ending up to be a regular CG movie/game like the others. Hence below and that Freetown play car game they told us we would have last year. Hey are great about getting you excited about games I give you that. They have been doing that since the first ps. I know, I've had them all. We all bough this system thinking its a core gaming machine but the other one it's getting all those great games and it's making us look skinny . Now they tell us they have 100 games for us this year but I wish they don't include the indie games in this so called "100" games. Is MS can not include kinect and indie games, neither should we. We gotta stop giving them as pass or they are going use us. Ps the bigger force against DRM but the first giving you the playstation now paid service and Kojima giving us discount to buy the digital version of a game so we can not resell it. AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT SEES THIS ? I'm loving my ps4, but they better stop playing me.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31343d ago

"xbox fans believe all xbox needs to win is titanfall..."

I don't believe that. Not when there are MORE games coming out in 2014, lol. If anything they mean for the month of March...

scott1821343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

I could see the sales looking more comparable on a week by week basis for a month or two, but to catch up to the PS4 completely it would have to be the second coming of halo 1... And a multiplayer only game might not be that. I like the look of Titanfall for the most part. And it's not like the PS4 doesn't have some awesome games coming, they just don't market them as much as Microsoft.

Look at The Last of Us, so many people claimed it the game of the year, the game of the gen and some even claimed one of the greatest ever, and even that didn't make people hoard ps3's(I loved the game btw, just being honest)

As for the month of march, there is a chance the X1 could perform as good or better in some markets, we will just have to see.

ABizzel11343d ago

Based on current sales it's not likely, but it is possible.

The XBO needs 3 things to be the top selling console this year.

1. Exclusive "in demand" Features: XB-TV, Better apps, delivery on all the promises of the reveal (Halo series, etc...).

2. A great E3 showing, with confirmed release dates for everything shown thus far, so gamers can prepare to get on board when a game they're looking forward to is close to launching.

3. A price cut. This is the main and most important obstacle to overcome.

AngelicIceDiamond1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

I'm not sure why people are disagreeing with @Convas's comment none of that happen this past E3.

"While Microsoft will spend 75 percent of their show hyping the Kinect junk, show off the same tired tiny group of Xbox franchises, and then try to make a huge deal about some multiplatform game that they try to pretend is exclusive to the Xbox One."

If hes speaking about 2010, 11, 12 sure but 13 was a complete turnaround around and was reminiscent of 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

But if you wanna talk about E3's as to which company made them the most money and pushed more consoles that holiday. Then MS did just that.

But as to appealing to the hardcore audience, clearly Sony.

@Majors your comment doesn't even cover both sides of the argument. Its just a pro Sony comment with out looking at both sides of the spectrum.

What about those studios and games MS has been talking about that's been in development? Or the rumored price cut this summer.

I'm not saying these things are a winning factor but it certainly will keep MS competitive.

Sony's games, and services looking more appealing by the day but MS is cooking something up to simply stay competitive.

I'm not gonna give a prediction on who wins anything. Not only is it WAY to early but I really don't care. Just as long MS and Sony are selling fine then its ok.

ZodTheRipper1343d ago

Games will decide and Sony can't lose in this category, simple as that.

Automatic791343d ago


"Going by the past three year's E3s we know exactly how it will turn out. Sony will have yet another show that is completely filled with games with major new titles being announced. While Microsoft will spend 75 percent of their show hyping the Kinect junk, show off the same tired tiny group of Xbox franchises, and then try to make a huge deal about some multiplatform game that they try to pretend is exclusive to the Xbox One."

Delusion is great with this one. Last years E3 MS won and they did not show any Kinect junk, or same tired group of Xbox Franchises, what really bad is that sony won off politics not showing off any other games. There February reveal was better the E3.

PeaSFor1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

"the Xbox One could dominate 2014"

it could happen....but that is if ONLY the Ps4 dont sell a SINGLE unit until 2015 and the console never launch in Japan, so yeah it could happen....but in a blatantly impossible way.

now back to reality, the ps4 will launch in Japan wich will sell a lot with Yakuza Ishin, then you will have many games announced at E3 wich will generate a lot of hype and attract peoples toward the console even more than now.

TheRedButterfly1343d ago

Guess you missed last year's E3 where MS showed nothing but games and Sony spent the whole time making wise cracks about their competition… smh, you'll believe whatever you tell yourself - regardless of the reality of the situation.

chrismichaels041343d ago


"Last years E3 Microsoft won"
Really? What show were you watching?

"Sony won off politics"
No, Sony won by catering to the gaming community and by not lying to us or trying to sell us on a cable box service that happens to *also* play video games.

"not showing off any other games"
Sony showed off a ton of great games at E3 including a flood of indie supported titles. Funny how Xbox fans loved XBL arcades when the 360 had a drought of AAA titles, but now that almost every indie studio is supporting Sony, Xbox fans say indie titles don't count.

I agree with you that MS had a much better E3 last year than they did the last few years before it. Kudos to them. And i give them credit for trying to recover after all of their questionable decisions of the past several months. But everything else you said just makes you sound like a bitter fanboy that doesn't want to give Sony the credit they deserve for another successful E3 showing.

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joab7771343d ago

I agree that it shouldnt matter but it just may. Titanfall is a system seller. It just is. Yeah, ppl will complain about it and nitpick...but it will sell like crazy.

Now, the ps4 will continue to do very well. And Infamous is shaping up to be much more than its predecessors. Its gonna b an interesting 2014.

Rowco1471343d ago

I may buy titanfall for x360 since there's really no graphical difference really. So no not a system seller

Rig_Master1343d ago

"System Seller"

A must have game that can only be played on a system.

Titanfall on the Xbox One is a downgraded port of a PC game that no one needs an Xbox One to play. It has gameplay that has been called CoD with Mechs and bots with horrendous AI. Titanfall isn't a 'system seller' anywhere but in fantasyland.

Grave1343d ago

"Titanfall on the Xbox One is a downgraded port of a PC game that no one needs an Xbox One to play. It has gameplay that has been called CoD with Mechs and bots with horrendous AI. Titanfall isn't a 'system seller' anywhere but in fantasyland." -Quoted for truth.

djplonker1343d ago

Yeah and the comparison video shows it is better on pc!

MysticStrummer1343d ago

Titanfall is on three platforms, and XB1's is second best. That's not a system seller.

SasukeX161343d ago

Most people are buying it for 360. The chances that someone will pay 540 dollars do they can play the game is slim.

Edsword1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

It's not going to be a huge system seller because it is on 360 and PC. If you want a PS4 and have either the 360 or the PC I just don't see Titanfall convincing you to buy the XB1. If you were going to buy an XB1 regardless or you don't have a 360 or a capable PC then maybe you'll pick up an XB1 if you can't live without Titanfall. However, my guess is that many COD fans can live without because they are still playing Ghost.

1343d ago
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dsswoosh1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Hardware tiled resources is going to hugely boost the graphics of the xb1.

I can't wait to see the ps fanboys jaws drop when they start seeing xb1 games looking better than ps4 games and they don't understand why.

32 mb of esram can display 6gb worth of textures at a moments notice and continue to stream 6gb at a time. This is magnitudes more than the ps4 can display in a total period at all.

2015 will see the xb1 dominate ps4 graphics.

The faster ddr3 memory ms chose to use over the higher latency gddr5 makes perfect sense and was the best choice.

HTR coming soon to an xb1 near you.

wardestroyr1343d ago

This post highlights why taking magic mushrooms is not advisable.

zerog1343d ago

Smoking crack is bad lol. Esram may be fast but its got a limit on what it can do for the whole considering everything going through it has to be chopped up into 32Mb pieces. You're probably one of those who still believes in magical clouds too. There is already a performance gap and if you think x1 will close it with better optimization keep dreaming because even if they do improve you know the competition is also improving right along with them.

Rig_Master1343d ago

"Hardware tiled resources is going to hugely boost the graphics of the xb1."

This is the delusional technobabble that led so man Xbox fanboys desperately wanted to believe with the PS3 and 360. And after the seven years the PS3 absolutely crushed the 360 in graphics.

The Xbox One graphics hardware is so weak and poorly designed games like Forza had to have massive downgrades just to get it to run 1080p. The PC port of Titanfall is running an outdated Source based engine and the Xbox One can't even run that at 1080p and instead has to render at the last gen resolution of 792p and a framerate that is only in the 30s.

LeeMajors1343d ago

Sony let Microsoft get away with forcing multiplatform developers to gimp the PS3 version of games down to 360 graphics levels last gen. That helped mask the massive graphical power advantage the PS3 has over the 360.

That isn't happening this gen. Sony has wised up and is making sure that third party developers are making the PS4 versions of games as good as they can.

Kingthrash3601343d ago a funny guy.

"2015 will see the xb1 dominate ps4 graphics."

and when 2015 hits it will be:

"2016 will see the xb1 dominate ps4 graphics. "

and so on in a endless loop of false hope

stuna11343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

The difference in latency between ddr3 memory to gddr5 memory is only 1ms, which is definitely not a factor that matter! Tiled resouces are still restricted and bottlenecked in how much they can achieve in overall graphical fidelity, because the 32mb Esram is still to small and not able to support 1080p resolution without troubles! Not to mention the GPU/CPU are already seriously more underpowered than their competitors.

Eonjay1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

1. First the 6GB of textures would have to be stored in DDR3 so you can only get up to 5 GB I assume.

2. Second, the PS4 doesn't need tiled resources because the main RAM is nearly as fast as ESRAM.

3. You would not want to use the entire 32 MB of memory on texture streaming because you are going to primarily need it for your render

Games such as Sniper Elite already use tiled resources, and it doesn't look better than the PS4 version, which by every indication is still superior.


the difference in latency is measured in nanoseconds. You rounded up lol.

MysticStrummer1343d ago

Tiled resources is nothing new and it's nothing PS4 can't do also. Tiled resources is simply what MS calls it.

Stop falling for MS PR hype.

XB1 will never dominate PS4 graphics.

SmielmaN1343d ago

Lol. I'll have whatever he is smoking!

Gunstar751343d ago

It might be hard to believe now, but I really don't believe that MS would have given Sony much of a hardware advantage, considering how much money they spent.

I guess we will have to wait and see.....

jessupj1343d ago

I've seen some delusional comments on this site, but wow....

I know it's only February, but I think this is going to win most delusional comment of the year.

*insert South Park snow ski intrustor meme*

If you think the xbone is going to shrink the huge gap is graphical performance from the PS4...

... You're going to have a bad time.

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killzone6191343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

kinect sucks

xx4xx1343d ago

100 games for ps4 in 2014 is nice...but if they are multiplats, arcade, android-esque, old ps titles on ps now, or games built for Japanese markets, this '100 games in 2014' loses a lot of its luster. is not like the quote was 100 AAA titles in 2014.

geddesmond1343d ago

Your right, Titanfall will not boost sales that much for Xbox One. Hype has taken over for a game that looks good but is missing many things that compel a gamer to buy. The online only is a big killer for many people and the 6v6 with bots is another. Just because its the first game from the old COD devs people are putting too much hope in it. But that's what you expect from an Xbox exclusive. It could be the crappest game ever yet the media alays over hypes it. MS PR at its best.

Sony has Europe in the bag and we all know it will have Japan. They also sell the consol in more markets than MS and once Sony start releasing more First party games it will be game over for MS.

I'm not saying the X1 won't sell well but it will never catch the PS4. PS4 has too many things going for it. 1080P at 60 frames, more power, cheaper to buy and more First party devs, constant demand with many gamers like myself still unable to get their hands on one and free PS Plus games every month.

As the sales gap gets bigger the PS4 will have even more going for it when developers see sense in make more exclusives for the Quad.

Gunstar751343d ago

Having played Titanfall all weekend, I believe that this game will be a system seller.

I fully intend to buy a PS4 but there isn't any games worth buying it for right now, and I was never an infamous fan...

What else is there???

b777conehead1343d ago

gunstar a lot of people are like me want buy titinn fall because it has no sp. im not as online player.

geddesmond1343d ago


See thats the X1 owners mentality. "What else is there to play. As I said in another comment. Esclusives only make up abbout 10-15% of games on a consol catalogue. With X1 you see more exclusives right now because MS pretty much stopped releasing Exclusives for the 360 3 years ago in order to get games for the X1.

While Sony on the other hand have still some exclusives to come for the PS3 and when their First Party devs start announcing games it's game over. I understand when X1 owners say that because frankly that's all they can say against the PS4.

What you gonna play?

Well I still can't get my hands on a PS4 because they always are sold out and I'm not paying 400 euros in advance for a pre order I wont get for weeks.

But when I do get a PS4 I plan on getting Driveclub, KZ shadowfall, BF4, COD Ghosts, Infamous, Watchdogs, Elder Scrools only, DC Universe, Dying Light. Those games there are enough to kill my spare time for the next year and then I'll have all these First party games to enjoy once they get announced.

Don't kid yourself, we all know what happened towards last gen with games for the 360.

rafaman1343d ago

When people notice that play 4 has no good exclusives games, they will buy a Xbox one. It is already happening

mania5681343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

we are only 3 months in a 7-10 year gen cycle, it seems most xbox buyers are way too deeply concerned with the games that are already out rather than the games that will come down the line, yes xbox 1 has a good set of games released in this 3 months but no matter how you look at it playstation 4 will have more and better exclusives, xbox most likely already showned 90% of their exclusives until mid 2015 releases while ps4 didnt even show 50% of whats comming on the second half of 2014.

AngelicIceDiamond1343d ago

@Rafaman Sony already hinted they have a huge portfolio first party of games that were in development. "Sony has no games is not an argument" especially when they have great indie and F2P support.

@Mania "yes xbox 1 has a good set of games released in this 3 months but no matter how you look at it playstation 4 will have more and better exclusives,"

That's a subjective statement More than likely yes but better is a debate. To you they are better but there's other that will say otherwise. Of course its your choice over there's so therefor you ultimately win.

One could say the 360 exclusives sold better than PS3's most of last gen as well as third party games.

We can't just ignore the games that were being pushed on 360 more than its competitor.

Going with that track record I think MS's games will look just as attractive as 360. Titanfall is getting very similar hype to the first Gears at the time. (I know Titanfall isn't a MS game just using hype as an example.)

I think ultimately third party games could sell better on PS4 through out this gen.

geddesmond1343d ago

"It is already happening"

Eh the PS4 sold 140k units last week compared to Xbox 1s 53k, thats nearly a 3-1 difference. When did it start happening? and that sales difference will only get bigger after Japan gets thrown in.

I'm also sure you played all of PS4s exclusives right to know that it has no good exclusives. Yeah that's what I thought.

AngelicIceDiamond1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

@Mania "i still dont see this happening, xbox fans believe all xbox needs to win is titanfall"

Sorry that's a complete lie I never heard any Xbox fans state that.

Hey maybe some have stated that. But I assure you its probably a very, very few.

Maybe you can link me to those statements.

mania5681343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

every time a comment is made remotely saying ps4 will sell better or will have better exclusives this year they all mention titanfall is the system seller that will change all that, following with the normal trash talking we all are used to from either side, i am not a fanboy, just a person who will buy a ps4 soon having a xbox 360, sadly xbox did a good amount of decisions i didnt agree on for the next gen so im going to buy a ps4

AngelicIceDiamond1343d ago

@Mania Ok I got it confused.

I thought you were hinting Titanfall, one game could pull a win for MS this year.

System sellers are different. System sellers temporarily boost sales of a console its not made to carry vicory for the entire course of the year. Well, depending on when it gets released though I suppose its possible.

Every gen a console does have that system selling game. Uncharted 1, Metal Gear Solid IV for PS3.

This is really no different then Gears Of War, Mass Effect or Halo 3 at the time.

So in regards to that why can't Titanfall be a system seller? Considering it is on 360 which is the main and only reason I can think of.

sinspirit1343d ago

It's beginning to be like the Halo excuse for the 360. And then, after a while they'll start listing off other exclusives that have hype to them, like Ryse and Forza 5 in this case, even though they lack content and were quite disappointing, just to add weight to their justification.

Blasphemy1343d ago

the only way xbone will dominate 2014 is if they see a price drop. no way ps4 will be outsold by the weaker console that has a higher price tag.

showtimefolks1343d ago

we will see i see both ps4 and xbox one being successful but ps4 will do the dominating this generation while xbox one will be selling steadily

what's amazing is how sony hasn't even shown most of their studio's games and ps4 is still selling. This is like ps1-ps2 domination on the way. And all because MS was too stubborn to see what developer or fans want

how could you force people to buy a kinect in every box?

how could you make a weaker console and charge more?

where is Halo 5?

medman1343d ago

The headline of the article is the funniest joke of 2014 thus far. I almost fell off my chair I laughed so much.

k3rn3ll1343d ago

Outselling 4-1? Where do u all come up with these nimbers? That's ridiculous

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lifeisgamesok1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

It will so far... Sony has Driveclub, Infamous, MLB, and Order

If that's all they have X1 will definitely be the console to purchase this year as far as triple A titles go

Quantum Break, Halo 2, D4, Titanfall, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive

The_Infected1344d ago

It never fails. The one bubble guys always make the most ridiculous comments. Will they ever learn? /s

JoGam1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

When you have one bubble its only right to go outrageous. Whats funny is they always seem to have the one guy who agrees.

ThePope1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Listen homeboy the only people commenting on this thread are PS fanboys. My guess is that the amazing experience that is Titanfall is keeping Xbox fans busy, you know, playing games.

And you notice how many xbox fans have one bubble. A lot. Because this place is infested with people who think Power equals good games. And anyone who says maybe the PS4 hasn't truly done anything to earn this kind of praise, gets their bubbles slaughtered.

E3 will be a big tell for both systems as will them competing in an equal amount of markets. This time next year will paint a much better picture.

Neither console is going anywhere and to all those above predicting doom for the One, not only are you morons but you aren't gamers, because competition causes companies to excel. On top of that a small lead and yes a million (only assume cause neither you or I know the number, funny that they won't just say it) is not enough for a company to not make games for a console that has a huge install base with a history of buying lots of games (look at the last gen attach rate). Money is the biggest and main reason a game is exclusive.

The_Infected1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )


I never said power = good games. But if a multi platform game looks and plays better on PS4 for $100 less wouldn't that be the way to go? I think so.

Also Xbox One is struggling with games at launch and that's big good with a long ways to go and with even more demanding games hitting not to long away.

You're right about E3 also. Sony has won against Microsoft every time if I remeber correctly. Microsoft may turn things around still and get over this resolution hate but I doubt it and I doubt they will show anything better than Sony at E4. When they show Uncharted PS4 is say that game will take the crown at E3. That's just my opinion though.

ShwankyShpanky1343d ago

"Listen homeboy the only people commenting on this thread are PS fanboys."

ThePope = stealth PS fanboy confirmed.

xx4xx1343d ago

You're right, the Sony exclusive of an MLB game is really gonna set those sales charts on fire.

Saito1343d ago

@pope and X defenders my god the hurt level in this thread is astronomical

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GhostTurtle1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Probably not

OsirisBlack1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Titanfall is exclusive ish as I will be buying it on PC even though I own an XB1,Sunset looks fun as heck ... project spark caters to a very specific crowd.... havent seen enough of quantum break but like what I see so far and ....please dont use Halo 2..... I don't care if they upgrade the graphics its halo 2.

Infamous looks fun already have it preordered, MLB Show is the only licensed baseball game so thats a huge win right there and the Order looks like it is about to curb stomp everything graphically. However you left out Shadow of the Beast,Lily bergamo,Deep Down, Final Fantasy XIV (This one is HUGE), Diablo III (Another biggie), DCUO (Another big title),Planetside 2,Tekken Revolution,Rime, Oddworld,Outlast. Now Outlast and Diablo may be timed exclusives but as of now they are only releasing on PS4 I own both systems and am amazed how the Xbox fans always try to make it seem like the XB1 has more games than the PS4 when this is simply not true.

Edited to add.
Guilty Gear Xrd is already exclusive to PS3/PS4 and it is rumored that the next Street Fighter is also Exclusive to PS4. That would be a horrible blow for XB1. I love killer instinct but it cannot hold up against Tekken,SF4 and GG all alone.

geddesmond1343d ago

I wouldn't even bother naming games to some of these people. PS3 had no games for years according to Xbox 360 fans but we all know how that turned out. The only reason MS has more exclusives at launce is because 2 years ago they basically stopped releasing exclusives for the 360 while Sony gave us games like Tales of Xilia, GOW:A, GT6, Beyond and The Last of Us.

MS has to pay third party devs for games. Lets see how much they'll have to pay for future exclusives when the PS4 is 3 million sales ahead.

And don't forget, exclusive games only take up about 10-15% of the overall catalogue of games on a consol. Who needs Fable when Dragon Age 3 or FF15 is multiplat. Who needs Titanfall when we have BF and COD. Who needs Dead Rising 3 when we have Last Light and so on so one.

SmielmaN1343d ago

The next street fighter is rumored PS4 exclusive? That's pretty sweet. Can you attach a link or PM me a link please?