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The Removal of the Hated Xbox One Sharpening Filter Comes at the Price of Texture Detail

When the Xbox One February update removed the much reviled sharpening filter that interfered with antialiasing and created jaggies and artifacts on games upscaled to 1080p from a lower resolution was welcomed by many as a very positive change, and it definitely is, yet it comes at a price. (Xbox One)

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ShugaCane  +   534d ago
I could say a lot of bad things about Microsoft, but honestly those are details I wouldn't even have noticed lol. Games still look a lot better now that before the update, imo.
The_Infected  +   534d ago
I think it should've just been on PS4 also then we'd have a better console version without all these sacrifices made because of Xbox One. Also people could play it on consoles for $100 less. But It's EA and Microsoft so money talks right?
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b00mFargl3  +   534d ago
Having it on ps4 wouldn't make a better version. It's on pc as well with the same overall scope and comparable visuals. PS4 may look closer to the pc but you can barely tell as is between x1 and pc.
jgrigs09  +   534d ago
Wow okay
Angainor7  +   534d ago
you will never play titanfall on your ps4 my friend. Microsoft already spent so much money to this IP, so most probably will buy it just like Gears. But don't worry, you still have your indies..
The_Infected  +   534d ago

I've got a Xbox One "although I'll probably sell it" and I'm playing Titanfall:)

You think indies are all PS4 has? Lol what about Driveclub, The Order: 1886, Uncharted PS4, Infamous: Second Son, SSM new game, GG new game etc. oh and all those indies also. Looks like PS4 has the best of both worlds:)
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nukeitall  +   534d ago
If this was on the PS4, you would get better visuals but really crappy online connectivity and downgraded experience due to the lack of dedicated server.

Remember, Respawn went both to MS and Sony asking for a solution to their nagging cloud problem, and only one company had the resources and the motivation to meet the server needs. Namely MS!

Graphics is overrated, and game play is what makes me play a game over and over and over. Until this day, I still play StarCraft and Ninja Gaiden Black!

You can stare at graphics, and I will play the games!

Besides, we are getting to the point of diminishing returns on graphics anyhow.
Omegasyde  +   534d ago
PS4 fans need to accept that Titanfall isn't going to be on PS4.

Just like Uncharted 4, starhawk mmo, and Planetside 2 will not be on Xbox One.
stuna1  +   534d ago

You're more than likely right about the first installment of TitanFall not appearing on the PS4, but at this point in time it's unbelievably shortsighted to even speculate that if there are any chances of a sequel being made that it wouldn't become an automatic top priority that it be released on the PS4!

Right now EA and Respawn are probably smashing their heads into brick walls, steel doors, and glass tables! Anything that could cause blunt trauma to their inflated ego's.

You see EA and more than likely Microsoft where possibly under the impression that the PS4 was going to be the underdog coming into this generation! Microsoft was also quoted to say they were going to kill Sony this generation! I don't know if they meant Sony as a company or, the console that they offered. Anyway, as for the console that's not looking very likely!

Making a deal to buy the TitanFall ip flat out is probably not even an option for Microsoft at this point, because just as you and I see the sells and demand for the PS4, the whole world sees it, but most importantly the developers see it! And believe me, they all want a piece of that pie that is the PS4.
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DragonKnight  +   533d ago
@nukeitall: "If this was on the PS4, you would get better visuals but really crappy online connectivity and downgraded experience due to the lack of dedicated server."

LMAO! You keep believing that nuke, keep the dream alive. It's not like Sony's been using dedicated servers for 8 years now.
zeuanimals  +   533d ago

You do know the 360 and PC don't have access to those dedicated servers, right? Only the X1 has access to them and somehow Respawn are supposed to make the game work on both of those platforms as well without the Cloud...

PC also doesn't have MS's server capabilities and so it shouldn't be able to run on there either, right?

The PS3 actually had more games that ran on dedicated servers. Even way back in 2007 with Warhawk. The 360's only exclusive with dedicated servers was Gears of War Judgement, every other game was a multi-plat like the Battlefield games. So... Sony lacks dedicated servers and MS doesn't. We still haven't seen many games use the Cloud or MS's dedicated servers.
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H0RSE  +   533d ago
I keep hearing this talk of the PS4 version of games being the "better" version. Not only is this a vague statement, it is also not accurate as to what is being implied, and also subjective.

People need to choose their words more carefully and say what they mean, which would be claiming that the PS4 version would be the the better LOOKING version, which is also subjective.

The "better" version of a game, is the one a player prefers, regardless of reasons. I own a high-end PC and an X1, and I say the X1 version is the better of the two, because that is the one where I can play with my friends, and thus, the version that will grant me the better overall experience.


"You do know the 360 and PC don't have access to those dedicated servers, right? Only the X1 has access to them and somehow Respawn are supposed to make the game work on both of those platforms as well without the Cloud..."

- you are flatout wrong:


"Microsoft has a cloud service called Azure (it’s a real thing – you can go on their website right now and pay for servers and use them to run whatever you want). Microsoft realized that they could use that technology to solve our problem.

So they built this powerful system to let us create all sorts of tasks that they will run for us, and it can scale up and down automatically as players come and go. We can upload new programs for them to run and they handle the deployment for us. And they’ll host our game servers for other platforms, too! Titanfall uses the Xbox Live Cloud to run dedicated servers for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360."

Did you catch that last line -

"Titanfall uses the Xbox Live Cloud to run dedicated servers for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360."
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arkard  +   533d ago
Did you catch the words used in that last line? "Dedicated servers" not cloud based computing. The 360 is not and will not use Azure for more than hosting.
cozomel  +   533d ago
Sony had dedicated servers all last gen, and fanboys didnt care, now suddenly when MS is talking about using them more, than suddenly they matter. Xbox fanboys only care about something when their corporate overlord is doing it. And listen to them whine about how graphics dont matter. Then why spend $5oo on a disappointing system for when they have their 360s? Its all bs and they know it. MS let y'all down
H0RSE  +   533d ago

"Did you catch the words used in that last line? "Dedicated servers" not cloud based computing. The 360 is not and will not use Azure for more than hosting."

- which is completely irrelevant...

I was responding to zeuanimal's claim:

"You do know the 360 and PC don't have access to those dedicated servers, right? Only the X1 has access to them and somehow Respawn are supposed to make the game work on both of those platforms as well without the Cloud..."

Let's break this down Barney style so you understand it:

- He is claiming that 360 and PC don't have access to MS's dedicated servers, which is obviously false, since a Respawn dev confirmed it:

"Titanfall uses the Xbox Live Cloud to run dedicated servers for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360."

- Not only does that confirm that the 360 and PC versions will in fact have dedicated servers, but his claim of "somehow Respawn are supposed to make the game work on both of those platforms as well without the Cloud," is also debunked since they are in fact using MS's Cloud for those servers.

- You injecting talk about cloud-based computing, has absolutely nothing to do with discussion. The topic was on dedicated servers (or lack of) which I clearly disproved, with a source.
ITPython  +   533d ago
@Nuke- lol, from what I remember, every exclusive PS3 game has had dedicated servers. Even Resistance Fall of Man had dedicated servers, and it was a PS3 launch title. Games that didn't were some multiplat ones like COD, which ran p2p.

As far as dedicated servers for online games go, Sony's track record speaks for itself. So please, stop trying to use that as XB1 'victory' ammo.

I know you guys are reaching for straws, but at least do some research before claiming victory in a battle you lost years ago. There is absolutely no doubt that if TF was on PS4, PS3 and PC, BOTH PS3 and the PS4 would be getting dedicated servers. Not sure about PC, I know things tend to work differently in that universe as people pride themselves on hosting servers of their own.
ShinMaster  +   533d ago
You can see white outlines with the sharpening filter. You can get the same effect by adjusting the sharpness on you TV anyway.

I don't think it needs it.
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DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   534d ago
I honestly can't tell the difference, I have a 40" Samsung, it looked fine before as it does now.

Might fire up Ryse and see if I notice anything but I'm pretty sure I wont.
Baka-akaB  +   534d ago
You would never notice a change in Ryse . Crytek already disabled the MS filter to apply their own .

Basically it was never there for Ryse
medman  +   533d ago
"Might fire up Ryse"...you do that. If you had any sense whatsoever, you'd throw that hunk of garbage they call a game into a fireplace...that would fire it up nicely.
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dsswoosh  +   534d ago
A new low from n4g and neogaf liars.

99% of xb1 owners know nothing about this. The picture was great before and it is great now.

I cant see any difference in any of my games. Whatever people are talking about in this article it wasn't hated or even a slight problem.
die_fiend  +   533d ago
Graphics looked really jaggy before and now look slightly less laggy. If this is xbone's exclusive graphics, I'm glad I jumped ship. All of my ps3 games look better than this
medman  +   533d ago
People keep on making excuses for the xbone, and that makes me chuckle. If you have to explain away all the problems that system is having, you're part of the problem. Dat bone takes one step forward, and two steps back. Only the deaf, dumb, and/or blind would pay good money for an inferior, overpriced, lackluster xbone. Dat bone will be behind this entire generation. Enjoy.
Chaostar  +   534d ago
I'm not sure which is worse :S

I love high texture details but hate too many jaggies, somewhere in between these two would have been better imo.
Bathyj  +   534d ago
Yeah, seems like they just cant get the balance right.
s8anicslayer  +   534d ago
Although the game play is there, the graphics engine is so last gen, I pre ordered the game bought the Titanfall XBOX One controller and I'm playing the beta and enjoying it all, However I can't wait to see this year's iteration of MW since the devs are building it with next gen graphics enhancements with hopefully new features maybe vehicular combat implemented like BY and Titanfall.
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hkgamer  +   534d ago

MW? as mean modern warfare? I don't think there will be anymore MW, infinity ward(or whats left of it) made Ghost. A new team will make the new COD and then treyarch will make Black Ops. COD turned into a 3 team francihse. Think the extra year of dev time could help the COD series.
CharlesSwann  +   534d ago
There is no in-between. You always have to sacrifice when up-scaling to in indivisible resolution. That is why 1:1 in resolution is so damn important.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   534d ago
Like i thought this was going to happen (losing detail, less power all for $500)
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Mexxan  +   534d ago
Simple, just give us the option.
MegaRay  +   534d ago
We have a genius here.... we dont have much on n4g

OT "kinda": its a bad time to be an xbox fanboy and a good time to be a PS fanboy lol (no offence intended)
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hduce  +   534d ago
Its never a good time to be a fanboy.
kickerz  +   534d ago
Well why are you in this Titanfall article then. Go play knack already
Baka-akaB  +   534d ago
The option is literally on most TV settings .
Mexxan  +   534d ago
Of course. But it seems to be do or die on most X1 stories lately. I on a Ps4 but considering an X1 too
OrangePowerz  +   534d ago
There is always a tradeoff when a picture is upscalled. I think it was the better decision to remove the sharpening because it sharpened too much or they could have reduced the effect to have it somewhere between the two.
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shivvy24  +   534d ago
Either somewhere between the 2 or they could just give us an option to turn it on/off or scale it
Baka-akaB  +   534d ago
I dont see the point of adding it as an option . It's already there on any HDTV . Those wanting it can fiddle with the default sharpness of their screen and usually always have access to some fancy named BS post processing effect affecting sharpness and contrast
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djplonker  +   534d ago
Lol the amount of times I have heard the excuse 720p doesnt matter it is all about the textures... Well then whats the new excuse to buy an xbone over a ps4?

B-radical  +   534d ago
Some people might just prefer the x1 exclusives.
djplonker  +   534d ago
I guess...

But the Forza > halo > gears of war > fable cycle is getting old and halo 4 and gears of war judgement were terrible all they seem to do is make new mp maps and add one new gun to each side and say its a new game with a new season pass and its pathetic!

Oh and dont get me started on the microtransactions in forza and ryse...
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alexkoepp  +   534d ago
And the uncharted > god of war > gran Turismo > killzone cycle isn't getting old?

Afterall, if you look into it you'd know the x360 had 500 more games released on it, and more games sold per console.
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B-radical  +   534d ago
Hence MS reasons for bringing in new franchises whilst keeping older ones go....but anyway gran turismo>killzone >uncharted rah rah rah both companies are gonna keep building on franchises they know will make money and both are bringing new ones with each console release the way it goes mang
djplonker  +   534d ago
Yeah while ms is bringing in some franchises and sony has used some of its ips alot sony proved with the ps3 that it is always going to win the exclusives battle!

While the xbox had gow judgement and nothing else ps3 had

the last of us

The puppateer

ni no kuni

tales of xillia

beyond two souls ect....

And the ps3 is far from dead unlike the 360 there is atleast 10 AAA exclusives coming out on ps3 this year!
Rainstorm81  +   534d ago
Gran turismo spans three gens (PS1,2,3) and its on its 6th....Killzone 4 games in 3 gens (ps2,3,4).....if anything only Uncharted has gotten more releases in a relative short period of time but instead of being predictable with Uncharted 4, we got TLoU....nonetheless Sony releases many more games than any one cycle could predict

Besides Ratchet and Clank has been milked more than any Sony franchise IMO
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scott182  +   534d ago

I really hope they make a proper Ratchet and Clank for the PS4.. I know they have made a lot, but for me it always great... Like Mario always is.
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BX81  +   534d ago
@djplonker you just used your 3 bubbles on a pointless argument.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   534d ago
I don't get it. Why remove the sharpening filter in the 1st place? I don't have a XB1 so is this what the XB1 fans wanted.
Tctczach  +   534d ago
It's not what they wanted. That's why they are changing it.....
Blaze929  +   534d ago
I dont know who these xbox fans are because of all the things the Xbox One CANT do right now, a filter no one knew about couldn't have been a priority.
Baka-akaB  +   534d ago
You and many people around n4g didnt know about it . Enough people complained about it from day one , hence the change .

Even resident XB fanboys noticed , as they tried to use the extra sharpening , as an argument for games like COD looking better on XB1 "with details popping out" , back in the comparison craze .

Of course it was BS then , and they are even switching their stance on the matter , as usual
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ThanatosDMC  +   534d ago
Max your sharpness settings on your monitor or tv... then you'll understand why people are complaining.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   534d ago
I always put my sharpness on max. It looks better to me.
Shakengandulf  +   534d ago
@ nowayout

What!! You truly are evil.
If tv's didn't have sharpness control, it would be 0 by default.
Its your tv but seriously you're screwing up the picture bigtime.
rainslacker  +   533d ago

Do yourself a favor and go download AVCHD. It's free. Use it to calibrate your TV or monitor, and possibly even go so far as buying a blue filter glasses from thx.com for $5 to adjust the color.

The difference overall from what most people feel looks good compared to the way it's supposed(as best as your TV can support at least) to look is pretty substantial. The default settings on most TV's are way off, and maxing out any setting usually is not a good thing except in some rare cases on sub-par TV's or monitors where you sometimes just have to.

However, even calibrating a crappy TV can change the picture quality dramatically.

No offense intended, and I do realize it is subjective, but frankly, your missing out on a lot of the picture by just doing what you feel looks good. I used to be the same way until I actually gave in and tried it.
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ExitToExisT  +   534d ago
I hope significant improvements will be made before i buy a xone. I want to play DR3 at 1080p + locked to 30 fps:(
Bathyj  +   534d ago
I think your best chance it petitioning for a PC version.
bigspleen  +   534d ago
GEt a PS4 instead it is the only choice. 1080p is not happening on x1 with dr3 lol.
SmielmaN  +   534d ago
It will come out on ps4. Just wait for the exclusivity contract to drop off after the 2014 holiday
mogwaii  +   534d ago
Oh xbone just die already
ObiWanaTokie  +   534d ago
hey man! ill buy one when they are 200 bucks trololol. sorry M$ but its true.

but seriously it cant die. its.........the one?
Bathyj  +   534d ago
Seriously, I didnt even know this was a thing.

Its one thing to zoom in on a picture and say it looks worse. Yeah, it does in those pics for sure. But can any Xbone owners here actually comment on whether its an improvement over all or not?
Blaze929  +   534d ago
I personally didn't notice anything after the update. Pixel counters maybe did.
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Baka-akaB  +   534d ago
It's not just a "pixel counters" thing . Obviously it didnt affect everyone , and some didnt even notice , but for those sub 1080p games , the filter would destroy details actually .

A game like Killer Instinct would see jaggies "smoothed out" , but at the expense of most characters details being erased too .

Here's a little example , and while it's zoomed for demo , it was still apparent for enough people at it's original size .

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air1  +   534d ago
Yea I get it's an improvement, I'm not taking any credit away from it at all.. It's just when I'm playing ki.... I'm not exactly looking for sabre wolfs nipples, again we will get great looking games and already have great looking games and don't think that a lil extra dark shadows is going to effect it all that much.. Maybe it does when your looking at a picture... But not while you are playing.
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air1  +   534d ago
I'm having trouble knowing if I downloaded the update! Lol... I thought we had to do it manually but couldn't find anything to update any where, I did notice a green bar in the middle of my tv when I turned it on as if something was loading but my tv turned on a lil late after the xbox on command so I don't know.. I would thing I had to ok an agreement no?

But to answer your question, I haven't noticed a thing and I've been playing fora ac and ki.. I think ppl take this pixel counting thing too serious and far IMO this gen is going to have dome sick games from both corners this gen.

I get that the ps4 has more power but some ppl make it seem as if the xb1 I's a wiiu lol.. It will deliver great looking and playing games..
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Baka-akaB  +   534d ago
It's not a ps4 issue , pixel counting or just Sony fanboys complaining .

An IMPROVEMENT happened because the issue was actually there , and enough customers highlighted it , that's all .

Dont forget that the results varied even more depending on everyone's personal tv and screens sets . probably making it even worse to a few . If some didnt notice , cool , they were even more happy then , cool for them ... but others did , and it's cool MS stepped up and fixed it
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sak500  +   534d ago | Well said
Since you ps4onies have hijacked this and every other news about xbox you wont' find many of us here. We're busy with our 360s/xboxones enjoying the updates which have improved the console's interface a lot and gave features which gamers had been asking for, while you guys just keep waiting and crying over the other sides consoles. Guess your $ony God haven't graced you with enough material to keep you occupied.
Bathyj  +   534d ago
Well thanks for taking time out from your busy schedule to give a crying, whining ,self pitying, overly defensive fanboy answer to what was an honest, legitimate question.
rafaman  +   534d ago
Ryse ir still the best looking game of all. Sony boys are angry because of it
iMaim  +   534d ago
And what does have to do with anything?
Baka-akaB  +   534d ago
Lol you're a fool ... Ryse isnt even affected by the filter or its removal . So yeah nothing to do with the subject
Rockstar  +   534d ago
Old cheddar is my preferred type of cheese!

See, I can be off topic too!

OT: I agree that there should be a choice to turn the filter on and off in the settings. I also think it is definitely an improvement when it's off.
Bathyj  +   534d ago

Thats no Gouda.
Rockstar  +   534d ago
I can see that Cheddar is Nacho kind of cheese, my apologies.
Bathyj  +   534d ago
I do like nachos. I edam when I can.
LordHiggens  +   534d ago
C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker
Hyper_Tension140  +   534d ago
Wow you guys dont get it do you.

The sharpening filter is what made games look worse on xbox one even digital foundary said that, it just made the games look more like sub hd than it should.

Now the games look better and is less noticeable to tell if is sub hd thanks to the reduction of jaggies, so this is actually a good thing and it WILL make games look better.

I dont even own an xbox one, I have a ps4 but you guys have to know this.

@ShugaCane you notice too I see.
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S2Killinit  +   534d ago
christocolus  +   534d ago
i play killer instinct alot and i havent noticed the drop in textures, same with ryse and dr3. with the overdone sharpness gone things now look more smooth especially around the edges. its very noticeable in cod:ghosts. and whats with the titanall image? zoomed in x 100?
#14 (Edited 534d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
richierich  +   534d ago
So do we have to manually update the latest update or does it update automatically?
mr233  +   534d ago
It's automatic. You will know you have it when you see your controller battery power indicator at the bottom right of the screen. Also when you go into "My Games and Apps" you will see games and apps separated into two categories.
RexLex  +   534d ago
Lol at the article,..

Both have same textures,.. Sharpening crushes blacks and make 720p games look even less than 720,.. and all the problems that causes to AA.

Sharpening may look like the textures 'pop' more,.. but they don't ,.. It just gets rid of all the details in coloration because everything is over-saturated,..

So kudos to MS to get rid of this.
#16 (Edited 534d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
gamingisnotacrime  +   534d ago
The xbox seems to be full of patches here and there to compensate the lower specs of the hardware. Xbox is not for me, I dont like to pay $499 for a console that trades texture for resolution. I prefer to have both at a high quality level, that is on PC for maximum or PS4 for medium (but great value)
Father__Merrin  +   534d ago
Ryse is a well cool game

game of the generation so far, he'll yeah

it's the best ever!!!!!!
RexLex  +   534d ago
It is probably the worse game on the system (excluding Lococycle (19.99) and Fighter within ,.. )

But whatever floats your boat.

Abd this is offtopic
#18.1 (Edited 534d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SilentGuard  +   534d ago
Looks to me like the filter improved image quality which is probobly why it was there in the first place. Where exactly are all the jaggies in the before shots that the filter caused becuase I can't find them. To get rid of jaggies, that I can't even see, the image is washed out and bluured. Looks worse now and I'd say a bad trade off. Why not just put an option in the system controls of the One to turn off the filter if your'e one that prefers a blurry image.
UnHoly_One  +   534d ago
This article is ignorant.

Sharpness and blurriness are exact opposites of each other.

Of course if you reduce one of them, the other increases.

It's stupid that anyone even has to say that.
Mkai28  +   534d ago
Why does N4g even care?
kewlkat007  +   534d ago
I'm still confused about this filter stuff..I never noticed any sharpening...I think, I just play games to enjoy myself and have fun. I wonder if the average gamer cares? Whatever it is, if most that care thinks it's better then sure.
#22 (Edited 534d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
creid2352  +   534d ago
I love how PS4 owners love to jump on an Xbox One post and complain and troll. PS network multiplayer sucks. The games no good at 1080p sitting in the lobby.
ObiWanaTokie  +   534d ago
*beam fires up and nails Xbox one*

Guys i fixed your sharpness problem.
youre welcome
Dark_king  +   534d ago
crap now I want to watch shin chin ,thanks now where can I find it?
Bowzabub  +   533d ago
Great name dude. xD
iliimaster  +   534d ago
this is what i dont get the xbox1 took massive shortcuts just like the wiiU but they are charging over 500 for their console and have all 3rd party support.... insane
TrollBusterPro  +   533d ago
What shortcuts would those be? Care to elaborate?
iliimaster  +   533d ago
charging 500 for a system that is less powerful than its direct competition ? didint think i needed to list that... not being able to go full 1080p 60fps ? is what i mean the wii u has games already at 1080p 60fps games and more to come the last i heard xbox was not or could not
LordHiggens  +   534d ago
I am Sony all the way...but it really grinds my gears when someone says the least positive thing about the XB1 and they get downvoted to oblivion...I mean really folks?
hduce  +   534d ago
If you are all Sony all the way. Why are you posting in a Xbox article? If I couldn't stand one company's products, I wouldn't even waste my time reading or posting about them.
kewlkat007  +   534d ago
The same reasons he is complaining..
Bdub2000  +   534d ago
I think I read that the sharpening filter would affect current games, but it was more tailored to developers for future games and that is where the biggest impact would be. Is that true?
Iamnemesis4880  +   534d ago
Love the xbox one just the small nit picking people say about the console why all the hate tell me. it is only the small minority that have nothing better to do and just wine about the X1,PS4 PC what is the point just leave people to enjoy the consoles that they paid for and stop trying to bring people down.
mmj  +   534d ago
The idea that sharpening adds texture detail (or any other detail) is just plain wrong, what it actually does is take away detail in order to make certain things stand out more.

The fact that Xbox One now looks 'blurry' is a result of the source material output by the console being unmolested and Xbox One's lack of 1080P in most games.
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bligmerk  +   534d ago
Good thing for a videogame console to provide choices:

jaggy or blurry

720p@60fps or 900p@30fps

Netflix w/ gold or Facebook w/ gold

Man, the PS4 gives no choices, just sharp, amazing 1080p@30fps and multiplayer and apps with no paywall.
TrollBusterPro  +   533d ago
I just rolled my eyes hard.

Multiplayer with no paywall, huh? You must be the only one that's able to play on PSN without paying.
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