Vampire RPG– Bloodlust: Shadowhunter gets a New Demo

LGN "WRF Studios has released a new demo for their single-player vampire RPG, Bloodlust Shadow Hunter. The latest version of the demo features new enemies skills, talents, “persuasion” dialog options, quests, weapons, items and looting including some changes made to the user interface."

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Whatsupdog1615d ago

Hmmm..sounds interesting so might give this a try, though Dark has tempered my expectations in this genre.

AnotherProGamer1615d ago

For vampire games? You should try Vampires the Masquerade: bloodlines

SlapHappyJesus1615d ago

One of the best open world games to be found.

Anyway, having played the demo I can honestly say the game is on my radar. The puzzling was fun, combat, if simple, was fairly engaging and there was just an overall level of polish to the game that I really wasn't expecting.
Hoping that the main game opens up a bit more for the most part though. What the game showed in the demo was good, though it felt a little restricted.
Still fairly well done though, I thought.