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Submitted by idivanoff 650d ago | opinion piece

Titanfall is nothing but a next-gen Call of Duty clone

Gamer Headlines writes: 'Unless you have been living on a distant planet, you have probably heard about the latest next-gen FPS title from Respawn Entertainment Titanfall. As we are closing in to the official release of the game on March 11, lucky players were able to get into the closed beta version, which will reportedly become open to everyone in a few hours time. However, a question we dare ask ourselves is what is all the hype about?' (Call of Duty, EA, PC, Respawn Entertainment, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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insomnium2  +   650d ago
As I saw Angry Joe playing this game the biggest possible problem with this might be the DLC milking. Giving only 3 titans and a low number of maps in the beginning and then milking the living s*it out of it by DLC has the potential to murder the excitement for this game after the initial rush.

The COD devs have a bad track record regarding all this too.
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idivanoff  +   650d ago
Yet, hype all around ... Oh, EA .. you get me every time! ..

'Buy our newest titan-flavored coffee! For 75$ you get the specially designed cup to hold the coffee! Additional ingredients to be available with the upcoming DLC packs!!! BUY NOW!!!!!"

I can't wait! #March11
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insomnium2  +   650d ago
LOL there is indeed a big concern about DLC milking going on. They should release some info regarding this asap.

About your coffee mug referance I'll much rather take my glowing condom thank you LOL!
Septic  +   650d ago | Well said
Yeah it plays a lot like COD (on foot anyway) but is it a bad thing? It isn't a clone that's for sure (flamebait). And a lot of hipster gamers (not directed at the op) throw the term "COD clone" but did they even play Modern Warfare 1 and 2?

I think some people were expecting the second coming with Titanfall. Others, like me, knew what this game was about. It was a mashup of the likes of Quake with its fast pace, of COD, with its gunplay and the Titans adding their own depth. And Titanfall delivers (in terms of gameplay)

I think people don't get it. Its an arena based competitive FPS. It was never more than that.

**Titanfall is nothing but a Call of Duty DLC**

Wtf? I don't get this thinking.

Someone please tell me; what differentiates, say, Killzone Shadow Fall from Call of Duty? You have classes, you have loadouts, you have people that die in a few bullets. What's different? THe one way shield? The little turret you can deploy?

The hate regarding Titanfall irks me particularly because it shows that this new generation of gamers doesn't want a pure arena based FPS.

Look at the comments regarding bots. I mean, you must be doing something drastically wrong if you're going around talking about their A.I. By the same standard, I should berate the minions on League of Legends who follow the same track.

The bots aren't A.I opponents; they are there to supplement additional points, unlock attachments etc. Actual pilots appear on the map as a far
t red dot. I hold my hands up in bewilderment as to why people are struggling with the concept of the minions in this game. Maybe I should upload some gameplay to show you lot how the game is supposed to be played but then again, I shouldn't have to do that because the mechanics should be obvious at a cursory glance.

Titanfall is the kind of jump I expected from the next Call of Duty game after Modern Warfare 2. In that sense, then maybe it is a COD game with mechs but it is not a clone.
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Edsword  +   650d ago

Wow that's a lot just to say, "I like Titanfall eve if it is a COD clone." The problem is not that it plays like COD. COD is obviously still the most popular thing going right now in FPS. The problem is that this has been touted as the end all be all fps game changer of the new console generation. Why? Because MS needs it to be that because the XB1 is not selling well compared to the PS4. XB1 sales are great compare to last gen timeframe, but that just doesn't matter as much as the ratio of PS4s to XB1s. The bigger that divide, the harder it will become to get 3rd party exclusives and the harder it will become to catch up. MS cannot let this sales gap get out of control and Titanfall is the quickest bandaid that can be applied. If this game were on the PS4 they would have to be defending its resolution and downplaying its significance. Stop getting caught up in the PR crap. Titanfall is a good game, but not what it is being touted to be.
FriedGoat  +   650d ago

This is hardly a arena shooter the likes of quake. The speed is still in slow motion compated to quake 3. It's very much COD with robots.

I've played a bunch now, it's more fun onfoot than in the titans. Its a mixup of COD and Hawken nothing more. The game is totally overrated. Although it is a good game, i'm fairly bored of the beta already.
whitefang1988  +   650d ago
I think the bottom line is (disregarding all the cod clone stuff) if you enjoyed or still enjoy cod you will most probably enjoy titan fall.
If you were someone (like me) who recognised what was happening with cod after modern warfare and stopped playing them. You probably will find this a tired old concept of gameplay.
Yes its a fun game no doubt when it gets hectic and with friends.
But for me. I feel its not worth the price. To me it would be like halo taking away master chief and single player and selling you full price mp. I just don't see the value. Don't get me wrong I think battlefield was better when it was pure mp. But to me the gameplay for tf feels slightly shallow. I would buy a sequel if it wasn't going to come out annually with no single player and I'd personally prefer it on ps4 (yes shock horror someone with a ps4 is interested in titanfall lol)

@edsword completely agree
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aiBreeze  +   650d ago

See I feel the opposite. I used to love COD back with COD 4 and MW2 however since then it's just got worse. In fact I'd go as far as to say the FPS genre in general has gone to crap. The last FPS game I think I truly enjoyed was Bad Company 2. I've played less than 30 hours on Battlefield 4 and hell, I even upgraded my PC especially for it.

But there is something about Titanfall that just scratches that itch I've had for a while. The parkour elements turn the metagame on it's head and most importantly, it's FUN. This isn't COD with a new fresh coat of paint like the boring sequels Activision churns out yearly, it's an evolution of the game mechanics that many found fun at one point or another.
UltimateMaster  +   650d ago
I can hardly imagine any game to be worst that Call of Duty.
Titanfall can't be That bad.
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minimur12  +   650d ago
I got into the beta and it's spot better than I expected, I was never originally planning to get this and didn't think much of it, not looking fps'that much, but it's pretty awesome :3
frostypants  +   650d ago
@Septic: "Yeah it plays a lot like COD (on foot anyway) but is it a bad thing?"

Yes...probably. It will sell, but a lot of gamers absolutely hate CoD. I personally like only the recent Treyarch editions a little. That said, it really depends. If if feels like the recent IW releases, I want none of it. If it on the other hand has the feel of the CoD's up to MW1, it could be OK. If on the other hand it is everything that made CoD games problematic, including the horrible netcode, that's an issue.
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awi5951  +   649d ago
They made call of duty and their games were always better than the B teams games. So which one is the clone lol.
4Sh0w  +   649d ago
I disagree feels very different to me but really I don't care if people want to compare it to COD, in the end all that matters is its a really addictive fun game and 95% of the impressions from those who have played it seems they can't wait for the full game.
RyuCloudStrife  +   649d ago
All CoD haters and CoD lovers are loving TitanFall because the haters of CoD don't want to support the CoD franchise but basically are supporting the same franchise under a different name with mechs/wall climbing included.

That's what you call a blind, foolish hypocritical person .
The_Infected  +   650d ago
Not only that it's just 6 v 6 and with useless dumb AI you kill and think YES I killed a pilot oh wait it was a grunt. This happens all the time. What's funny is I can get on top or in top 3 nearly every time without ever calling in a Titan. IMO something isn't right about this game.
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insomnium2  +   650d ago
There are bound to be some balancing issues with the game. That's why there is a beta. I wouldn't worry. Respawn entertainment should have much experience regarding balancing an online game. Atleast I hope they get it right since online is the only thing this game has.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   650d ago
I been watching gameplay on Twitch and the game have a smart pistol that give you easy kills. The AI is so dumb you can melee them easy. I'm sorry but Titanfall is trash. I don't understand why there's hype for this game.
MELMAN26  +   650d ago
"IMO something isn't right about this game"

And what's that...the fact that it is not on the ps4??

You guys find anything wrong with MS exclusive games, but games like the order, and infamous get a pass for some odd reason.
TheDrunkenJester  +   649d ago
You must be an idiot if you think a drone is a pilot, I have never made that mistake. And yes you can get top 3 by never calling a Titan only if you kill a lot of pilots (which doesn't seem like you do if you get them confused with drones) because if you only kill drones you won't make the top 3. I played a match where I had 14 pilot kills, 3 Titan kills, and 0 (yes 0) drone kills.
RedSoakedSponge  +   650d ago
im pretty sure i read somewhere that titanfall comes with 16 maps at launch. thats a good amount if you ask me! :)

i do agree that the game will still be milked a LOT after launch with loads of DLC, but im still hoping it will be enjoyable enough to justify buying it.
Magicite  +   650d ago
titanfall is anything but next-gen
assdan  +   650d ago
I completely agree with you, even though I never really thought about it before.
But what the author of this article is saying is what I've been thinking since I first heard about this game.
LoneWolf019  +   650d ago
13 maps is low?
ThanatosDMC  +   649d ago
You're definitely their target audience if you consider that as a lot.
LoneWolf019  +   649d ago
Thats average so not low to me.
SilentNegotiator  +   650d ago
It's COD with mechs and filler AI. There's lots of one-hit melee kills and you get rewarded with advantages given to the players that don't need them (faster mech respawn), just like COD.
kopicha  +   649d ago
kind of... after playing it, it makes it true that it does have a similar pacing to COD with the exception that now you have AIs to shoot at instead of just human players. The movement and shooting mechanic is similarly close to Blacklight Retrib which is another COD clone except you have jetpack and wall running giving you additional tactical movements around the map. With an addition of mechs is just like having additional artillery on the field like a replacement to tanks with a twist. while the game overall have a different tactical approach due to those additional twist in the game. but still does not take away the fact that it play and feel like COD. thou it dont come as a surprise if you know who the devs are. but imo this is no way a game changer like ti claim to be. i feel that the dev previously also make some over claim like how hectic that his heart could not take it. i dont feel that tension at all despite more things to shoot on screen due to those AIs. half time time I know I am killing AIs more than actual players. just feel weird for an online shooter
Harmy666  +   649d ago
Low number of maps? Lol

It's either 13 or 16 maps, but even if it was the latter, 13 is still more than most FPS games…
FlunkinMonkey  +   650d ago
This game will still sell extremely well and get very good reviews (just like most COD games), purely because it is perfect for the western culture, which is happy to invest itself in shallow, repetitive, gun-toting and extremely one dimensional games, which will only bury themselves in a sea of monotony in a over-saturated genre.

I wouldn't call these graphics next-gen personally, and I wouldn't call a MP only game with shocking A.I. (masking poor human player count), which just happens to allow you to double jump and get in mechs, anything close to next-gen in my books.

I would not have a problem with this game if it wasn't hyped through the roof by the same idiots who claim things like COD ruin the industry, yet grasp at this game as some sort of saviour.

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idivanoff  +   650d ago
Madness? This is EA ..

This is the way they do things and why they've managed to get to the bottom of the pit when it comes to the human-likeability factor and even though they are at the very bottom, they still somehow manage to continue digging going deeper and deeper ..

Plus, don't forget that Titanfall is the selling point of the Xbox One, now that PlayStation 4 did double the sales of its competitor in January .. The Kinect and the bought Machinima campaign did nothing to help Microsoft so .. Plan C - Stand By for Titanfall ..

This is the next-gen world we are living in today, my friend .. Aahhhh, Good Times .. Good Times Indeed!
FlunkinMonkey  +   650d ago
Praise Jeebus, thanks the Lawwd!
palaeomerus  +   650d ago
It's an EA partners game not an EA game.
AGoodPerson   650d ago | Spam
stuna1  +   649d ago
Well Said!!!! The same one repeatedly said COD need to die a quick and horrible death, yet at the mention of the next iteration being ready to drop, continuously said they weren't hyped about what was being shown up to release, but miraculously found themselves in line at some midnight release event, only to get it home to play it nonstop! Until someone asked them the question; Hey I thought you were done with C.O.D! Their reply; I got because all my friends are getting it!

Now those same one's are suffering withdrawal symptoms over the thought of not being able to get into a simple Beta of a facsimile of C O D with some improvements, but also some things that should have essential with those improvements.
Paulie_gualtieri  +   650d ago
Definitely has a heavy COD vibe to it but im loving it so far.The Mech action feels amazing.

Not a fan of the AI tho.Would be better with no AI at all.
SniperControl  +   650d ago
Then there would empty maps everywhere my friend.
Paulie_gualtieri  +   650d ago
I suppose i should rephrase that!

No AI + More players is what i would like.
There's more then enough room.
TheDrunkenJester  +   649d ago
I think ai is fine, I wish they where harder though. I have actually played a game and got 0 drone kills. So I don't think they completely ruin or get in the way of the game, but if they made them a little smarter and harder that would add a lot more challenge to the game.
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ElementX  +   650d ago
Another COD clone article. I like Ghost!

Hit me up on PS4!
idivanoff  +   650d ago
Personally I don't like Ghost ... I was a Battlefield fan, until Battlefield 3 was released and the 'Betafield 4' situation ..

Now I am starting to experience CoD ... and since my FPS fanboyism first started with CS 1.5 .. well CoD is pretty great ..
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ElementX  +   650d ago
The last CoD I played was MW3. I didn't bother with BF4 after hearing about all the issues
webeblazing  +   650d ago
lol maybe because the people that invented cod made this game. people going to be surprised if the think destiny isnt going to feel like halo. this article is grasping for straws. if your into videos this deep by having a website. maybe they should look into whos making the game.
thrust  +   650d ago
The game play is amazing, just because it is not on your console you bash it, I would bet my house that if it was ps4 only you would think this was the best thing since sliced bread!
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hit17388  +   650d ago
Console had nothing to do with it. Why people think because you bash titanfall it means you have a ps4... I have the beta on pc run it on insane. I am enjoying it but the computer Ai ruin the whole experience for me. And you can't lie, it feels a lot like cod. It's a good game, but no were near being the next big thing.
aiBreeze  +   650d ago
How does the ai ruin it for you? You can easily go through the entire match without once having to engage them. You can also make creative use of them by staying by them when people come by then kill the people while they focus on the ai. I hated the thought of the ai too initially however for the most part, they don't effect my experience in a negative way at all.
LoneWolf019  +   650d ago
Please explain how AI ruin it for you? They don't hinder the game any. To me this is a fps adding minions to have a possible moba aspect? 6v6 is competitive and your play is felt. One thing I don't like about large mp counts. Contribution isn't felt as much which then just becomes casual play.
Titanfall feels like titanfall to me
H0RSE  +   649d ago

"One thing I don't like about large mp counts. Contribution isn't felt as much which then just becomes casual play."

- Exactly. It seems many of the naysayers on here concerning the player count, are basing their opinions on personal preference, specifically the notion that "bigger is better" and that "more = next-gen," whether it be resolution, frames, and now apparently, even player count...

When you play a game supporting large(r) player counts, it rarely results in the entire team contributing, and more often results in a portion of the team doing all/most of the work, and the rest kinda just doing whatever. It also makes it virtually impossible to coordinate as a full team. The small player count helps to address both of these problems, which is a prime reason why competitive/league matches are played with small player counts.
FlunkinMonkey  +   650d ago
It's on my mid/high range PC and i'm still not getting it, are any of your points ever valid?
SniperControl  +   650d ago
I got my PC key last night, TBH, it's ok, i have not played MP for a while now due to every MP game being generic as hell lately, i'am afraid Titanfall hasn't changed that for me.

I wanted to be amazed by this game, i thought my hiatus from MP gaming would make me anticipate it more.....but alas.
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Pelmete  +   650d ago
True. Every MP game seems so generic these days. I think The Last of Us had the best MP mode I've played in a while. Too bad it's a PS3 exclusive as I'm not really a playstation guy. I have one but... Well it's just not for me.
But anyways... Titanfall is pretty fun but like you said it's very generic. I've gotten pretty bored of it already
aiBreeze  +   650d ago
Some people are just going in with unrealistic expectations I think. If you've never liked cod or don't care much for FPS games, then you'll be disappointed.

I went into this expecting a true sequel to COD 4 and I was not disappointed. The parkour mechanics really do give a much needed fresh feel to a genre that has seemingly stagnated. Combine that with the fast and addictive gameplay of COD 4 and you have Titanfall. The Titans are great too and a lot of fun to use.

COD has gotten stale.. almost everyone I know agrees with this. Ghosts is by far the worst COD I've ever played with some of the worst mechanics in the series. Titanfall takes what made COD great and expands on it to make it actually feel fresh. Best way I'd describe it is that if every COD game since COD 4 felt like a fresh coat of shiny paint to an ageing car, then Titanfall is like the brand new model.
floetry101  +   650d ago
I think if you strip the game down to its core, then yes, the similarities to Call of Duty are certainly there, it is made by Infinity Ward's finest of course. With that said, I think labeling it a clone is misguided.

The formula is still there. The fast pace, the blistering frame-rate, the action and fluidity of movement. I don't think this is the FPS to break the mould, but I do think this will take Call of Duty players away from that game. Titanfall is a game that is easily accessible, but with the head space required to master it. The difference between an average player and a great one will come in time, much like Quake, much like Counter Strike and once again much like Call of Duty.

Any game on the market looks to bring down a franchise like Call of Duty, and it ends up invariably being referred to as a "clone" and "inferior". Titanfall builds on a concept and gives it dimension. I have the same feeling that Call of Duty 4 gave me when that arrived, that same sense of excitement, but I know I'm playing Titanfall, and I have to adhere to the rules of that universe. I don't think of Call of Duty when I'm playing it, but that familiar feeling of response and action is there. If that's a "clone", then I'll take it.
christocolus  +   650d ago
This game is great don't know what people are talking about. the feedback from the beta has been really really positive but im curious though cos whenever a negative article about titanfall comes up you see alot of critics jump at it but whenever its a positive one they never make any comments. why?
Kingoftherodeo  +   650d ago
Lol at again with it being a cod clone. So then are all
Racing games a clone of each other? Are all fighting games a clone? Play the game if you think its a cod clone you are on crack it feels like cod because of the controls and people remember who these guys used to work for. Hell almost every fps has the same controls
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greenyboi  +   650d ago
IM loving titanfall the only thing that's getting repetitive on the beta is the same two maps. Last titan standing is a hell of a lot of fun !;
Ko_Uraki  +   650d ago
There is not a single right word in this article. Titanfall is not a nextgen cod because:

1) It is clearly a xbox360 game. The graphics speaks clearly. Nothing is nextgen if not the very good framerate and the definition of the image. Please stop the"it is because of the hardware" madness, because on pc is the same.

2) Nevertheless it is one of the most innovative fps ever made. Great experience and great fun.
It has a great potential.

First killer application for XboxOne.
MRMagoo123  +   650d ago
And pc and 360
solidworm  +   650d ago
This game would have been ok in 2007 but in 2014 cmon its a bad cod wannabe easy mode safe copy and paste pile of dung. Could have been amazing if theyd given the guns recoil and given perps a damage model and bots!!! Wtf in 2014. Trash.
iistuii  +   650d ago
The games pretty fun, yeah it's nothing new. But the one thing that stood out of everything is how smooth it was to play online. After spending many hours of crap lag & rubber banding on b4 it was nice to play online without any issues.
ToonarmY  +   650d ago
A clone of cod?

These guys made the original call of duty games you morons
webeblazing  +   650d ago
exactly and theyre ps fanboys agreeing like these devs didnt invent cod. like i said before if people are thinking like this theyre going to be surprised when they play destiny because its going to play like halo.
snake_eater  +   650d ago
This is EA's dream game, time to start milking our brain dead "gamers", sheeps.
Deathdeliverer  +   650d ago
The game is ok. Nowhere near the hype unfortunately. After spending some beta time on the XB1 version I can withouta doubt say it's not for everyone. This is especially debilitating for me because it's the first exclusive for my one that I was really looking forward to. It feels like it could have been great with some changes.
1) the bots have to go. Shooting a bot thinking he is a pilot, just to get shot and killed by a pilot from behind because you blew your cover on AI is annoying as hell. They are simply fodder to make things seem more interesting but in the end,they just annoy.
2) the smart pistol is the most Wtf weapon ever. A gun that locks on for quick easy kills. The evolution of auto aim? They should at least make the lock on box smaller so that it would take SOME effort. I was locking on to people that I didn't even actually see because the box is so Damn big. The range itself isn't too bad.
3) That Damn melee is almost on par with a halo plasma sword. Anytime melee is better than bullets there is a problem.

These 3 things are some of my main issues. It might not seem like much but they attributed to my feeling bored after maybe 4 games. 2 of which I was mvp. The maps are a good size for the small player count but more real players would have helped tremendously. If you have played the game you know that you get a titan every 3 minutes and kills reduce the timer. I think it would be better if the 3 minute timer was still in place but if only say 3 titans per team could be active at any one time. That way you could have MORE REAL ground forces engaged in combat instead of games full of idiotic bot murder. 16 players. So 10 battling on foot and the 6 people in titans running around. Once they lose the Titan then another person that has it ready can call theirs. Titans die so fast that in 3 minutes almost everyone should have had a turn in a Titan. I know there are supposed to be modes that have no bots but those are, as I understand it, custom matches where as the bots included will be the default. And everyone knows that the default game type on almost any game is the most played. I'm still getting the game. It's been payed off for a long time and like I say the game is kinda fun for a few matches. I just hope there's some great customization for weapons or characters to keep me interested.
TRD4L1fe  +   650d ago
that is why its a beta, those 3 things you brought up are what respawn want to know so they can in-turn make the game better for consumers, The game will have updates and it will become better to make everyone happy.

I for one dont mind the bots at all, i think they add to the excitement and crazyness of the game. I honestly believe this game will do great with a few minor tweaks.
lemoncake   650d ago | Offensive
styferion  +   650d ago
In my opinion the biggest problem TF will face is not the jealous gamers, but the dissappointment of all those who goes overhyped and act like its the second coming of jesus. I've played the beta, and its fun really, but it's not without its flaws, for example the future milking is one of my biggest concerns.
Just like any overhyped games, one small misstep and the angry backlash of supporters can bring downfall really.
mhunterjr  +   650d ago
It's really doesn't play like a call of duty game. It looks like one, but the gameplay dynamics are totally different... The sheer number things you need to consider in order to stay alive will make you feel differnt that when playing COD.
AGoodPerson   650d ago | Spam
killzone619  +   650d ago
the gunplay is more like crysis mixed with CoD.

anyway, its still better than killzone SF MP so hush up sony fanboys. I guess sony boys are getting sick of playing resogun so they spend all their time hating on n4g. LoL
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TKCMuzzer  +   650d ago
Why do you say this. There are many comments from PC and xb1 gamers who are saying it's not as good as they hoped. The problem is Microsoft and xb1 owners seem to be banking on Titanfall like it will erase all Microsoft's errors and make the console shine, the fact is, Titanfall was not Microsoft's brain child, they flashed the cash to quick fix their problems.
You call out Sony fanboys for jeolusy as if Microsoft designed Titanfall from the ground up, the simple fact is this, Titanfall was always going to be hyped, on PS4 it would have looked better and Microsoft new that would have been a nail they didn't need so they did what they know best, paid someone off.
Stop assuming Titanfall will be loved by everyone, there will be many 360,xb1 and PC owners who won't like it, not just fanboys as you assume.
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Mattz  +   650d ago
Lol.. great game regardless.. definately different enough to stand on its own. Happy gaming xb/pc owners
CrossingEden  +   650d ago
Saying that Titanfall is a COD clone is like calling the last of us an uncharted clone.
_LarZen_  +   650d ago
"Titanfall is nothing but a next-gen Call of Duty clone"

rafaman  +   650d ago
Never heard of this gamerheadlines. Enough said
smokeyjoekenobi  +   650d ago
I wonder if any of you have read the article? Sadly I have and I must say it seems to have been written by an angry child with limited literacy and grammar skills, it's pure flame bait. Simply put all of us who've responded to it have given this boy far too much credit
90Supra  +   650d ago
I just got done playing the beta for about an hour....on PC, of course...

It's an okay game.....definitely not deserving of all the hype IMO...

The only thing I really like about it is the free-running, if you wanna call it that.....still needs some tweaking, but I like it....

The titans, while somewhat amusing, aren't all that great to use....I hate the fact that you can't jump....WTF.....and they're destroyed waaaaaaaaaaaay too easily....they should be harder to destroy but take longer respawn...

and that "smart pistol" needs to go......such bullshit......overpowered and it's got auto-lock....smh
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fractured74  +   650d ago
Wait till you play I've hit level 14 and can not wait until march,its a shooter but a very good one,it will be the best online shooter available and I hope it goes to ps4 so you can play it too.
djplonker  +   650d ago
Destiny is looking better and better compared to this!

Plus If I want to play a fps that you can get into big machines I would go play battlefield cant beat that 32 v 32 battles...
S2Killinit  +   650d ago
Well said, i cant wait for Destiny
TRD4L1fe  +   650d ago
Destiny and Titanfall arent the same game so why would you compare?
djplonker  +   650d ago
Tell that to all the people comparing infamous ss and titanfall atleast mine are both fps!
S2Killinit  +   650d ago
It does feel like Call of Duty with robots. And the parachting from battlefield
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