Brand New Screenshots from Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

Hasbro just released brand new screenshots from the new Transformers game, Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.

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3 p I c1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Now what they need to add are pilots.. And give the pilots jet packs. Oh and it should say standby for(insert transformer name) when you call it in.

Obviously wasn't being serious.. This was directly from Titanfall. Must be Sony guys :P

GusHasGas1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Take Michael Bay's universe out of this game and I'll play it.

ironfist921256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Its being developed by High moon (who undoubtedly had their arm twisted by Activision to include the film universe), so I have faith.

sorane1256d ago

It's not being developed by High Moon as far as I know. Believe it's being done by Edge of Reality.


No, it's not being developed by High moon.

GusHasGas1256d ago

Nope, Edge of Reality's developing it. They made Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect, and The Sims 3, apparently.