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Submitted by GraveLord 722d ago | rumor

USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 02/08/2014

PS4 60,307 (-19%) 2,403,025
3DS 43,662 (+22%) 11,945,244
XOne 34,121 (-21%) 2,160,491
X360 16,081 (+6%) 42,515,298
WiiU 15,065 (+9%) 2,241,561
PS3 13,855 (+2%) 25,947,242
Wii 5,568 (+17%) 41,452,562
PSV 4,777 (+18%) 1,694,298
PSP 1,343 (+24%) 19,790,797

Software Sales and Positions at the link. (3DS, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Grand Theft Auto V, Industry, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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GraveLord  +   722d ago | Well said
PS4 nearly doubles Xbox One sales this week.(assuming this chart is accurate)

Is this going to become a trend? Is the Xbox One selling poorly or is the PS4 just doing really well?
TomShoe  +   722d ago
I have a feeling things will keep going like this. After Titanfall and Kinect Sports, there is no Xbox AAA exclusive with a release date. PS4 will most likely continue to lead sale throughout February, but March will be up in the air with two big AAA games coming out.

Speaking of PS4:

EDIT: Isn't it amazing that Smash Bros 3 and Mario Kart Wii have been out for nearly SIX years and they're still in the top 100? Ridiculous.
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Abash  +   722d ago
Just wait till inFamous: Second Son launches, PS4 sales will get even crazier around then in the USA
Eonjay  +   722d ago
Well the gap isn't some had predicted. It only gets bigger

Last week it was 165k This week the gap is 242k (which is larger that than all hardware combined sold last week.)
HomerJDog  +   722d ago
so after infamous what's next.
scott182  +   722d ago
The order, Drive club and deep down a bit after I would think. other major releases they are probably waiting for E3 to say.
illustratedDEO  +   722d ago
Forget that ...what about a whole another week from know, that Japan PS4 Console launch.
itBourne  +   722d ago
Titan Fall will most likely effect X1 sales more then every exclusive Sony has this year.. MS is 10x better at marketing then Sony, and Titan Fall is another CoD mass market money maker. Which sucks, I wanted the shooter genre to refresh and actually change this gen.
amiga-man  +   722d ago
PS4 almost double the sales of the xboxone, if Sony could keep up with demand who knows how big the gap would be.

if VGA charts is showing such a lead it really isn't looking good for the xboxone, official numbers will almost certainly show the PS4 with even greater numbers
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UltimateMaster  +   722d ago
I don't know how much Microsoft is spending on marketing. Certainly a sh*t to of cash compared to Sony PS4 which has virtually no marketing.
But the PS4 is outselling the Xbox One.
In my book that means that marketing isn't remotely effective.
abzdine  +   722d ago
inFamous, DriveClub are around the corner!
People also understand how amazing value PS+ has.

Titanfall?? it's coming to PC and 360. Why bother?
Perjoss  +   721d ago
"so after infamous what's next."

MazzingerZ  +   721d ago
Don't forget MLB 14 is also launching soon
stuna1  +   722d ago
It's going to be hilariously funny when it turns out these numbers are off by a large margin! I have to take a screenshot quick.
GribbleGrunger  +   722d ago
VGChartz hasn't adjusted the X1 numbers down since the January NPD numbers came in. They have the X1 overtracked by around 100,000 units and the PS4 undertracked by 10,000 (so pretty accurate there)

And on a side note, the PS4 is now approaching 3:1 in sales WW against the X1, WITHOUT Japan.

The PS4 is going to have a 3.2 - 3.4 million lead by this fiscal year.
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stuna1  +   722d ago
Yeah I know, I was one of the ones who pointed out the PS4 was undertracked by almost 300,000 consoles! Which is why I made the comment.

They changed it when Sony went public! My comment is the 8th page of my comment history.
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GribbleGrunger  +   722d ago
I Apologise :) And a bubble for the my mistake, but where are you getting the 300,000 undertracked from? They were only 10,000 out for January.

The X1 is dead in Europe, will be dead on arrival in Japan and now it's dying in the US. It's not over yet but those shareholders are going to have very tight buttocks at the moment.

For some reason VGChartz decided to just split the difference between their own numbers and the NPD numbers with the adjustments:

PS4 undertracked 10k, adjusted up 5k.
3DS overtracked 70k, adjusted down 33k.
XBO overtracked 88k, adjusted down 46k.
Wii U overtracked 37k, adjusted down 27k.
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stuna1  +   722d ago

Even looking at the figures, doesn't strike you as kind of odd that even here in the U S the gap is steady shrinking, but yet there are no concrete sales data to account for just how much, but looking at the numbers it's shrinking pretty fast.

After looking at your last response with the sales figures I notice a pattern, all the ones you listed were overtracked except 1 the PS4, and looking at VGchartz it has been consistently undertracked since release.
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GribbleGrunger  +   722d ago
We'll have to wait until after the Japanese launch to start seeing more consistent numbers. Sony will have and will be stockpiling for the Japanese launch (probably between 800,000 to 2.2 million) but once the spike settles down and the average appears, Sony will then allocate those free consoles to the US and Europe.

I think we'll be looking at between 220k - 280k a week on average with the occasional spike of 370 - 450k when the bigger games release, depending on the title. I would think an Infamous: Second Son spike will be closer to my highest estimate and Thief my lower estimate (for example).
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GribbleGrunger  +   722d ago
Just to note: Thief might be a bad example but you should get what I mean.
Rimeskeem  +   722d ago
Its going to be hilarious when you are wrong
NeoTribe  +   722d ago
Your prolly right. I think ps4 is winning by a larger margin than this. It surely will be once japan launches lol.
Prime157  +   722d ago
Hey, gribble, when do you take over for pachter? Lol.

I'm just saying, I agreed with your analysis as I've seen and concluded too.
abzdine  +   722d ago
i agree! take a screen fast so you can laugh at yourself when NPD numbers come out :)
BattleN  +   721d ago
I remember when WiiU was selling 3k a month so it looks like it's seeing a small boost unless the numbers are off like you say.
GribbleGrunger  +   721d ago
I just spotted a typo in one of my previous posts!

(probably between 800,000 to 2.2 million)

should be

(probably between 800,000 to 1.2 million)
Riderz1337  +   722d ago | Funny
A bit of both really. PS4 doing super well, Xbox One is selling like shit (No offence to shit).
IIZANGETSUII  +   722d ago
Enough with your fanboyism, "selling like shit" even when its selling faster than 360? LMAO with your logic, just because the PS4 its the superior console and offers a better value overall doesnt mean the One is selling like "shit", get your facts straight.
Riderz1337  +   722d ago | Well said
You're telling me to get my facts straight when you say the Xbone is selling faster than the 360?

Comparison to other consoles during the 1st week of their 1st February's:

Wii- 221k
PS4- 140k
360- 81k
PS3- 67k
Xbox One- 53k
Wii U- 37k

The Xbone is only selling faster than the Wii U.

Get your facts straight bro.
reaperofsouls  +   722d ago
" no offence to shit " funny + bubble for you sir
condemmedman  +   722d ago
I can't really begin to explain the total horse manure coming from you idiots. Xboxone dead already? wow I'm still getting one and titan fall. see you online titans.
come_bom  +   722d ago
Is anybody surprised by these numbers?

If Microsoft doesn't do something, their numbers are going to get worse and worse... I predict the Xbox One will reach WiiU numbers after the Titanfall fever, if the X1 continues at 500$.

Seriously !!! ... $500 console. Microsoft never learns.
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HaveAsandwich  +   722d ago
if titanfall can't sell it, what will? that game is the bread and butter of the xb1. it's the epitome of the xb1 experience, for the next year, at least. it's everything an xb1 type buyer typically wants in a game.....
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   722d ago
They need to get rid of that Kinect bs and drop to 400$, even my dumb dog could figure that out.
reaperofsouls  +   722d ago
@ HaveAsandwich

the problem with titanfall is that M$ are launching it on the 360 as well so there no reason to buy a Xbone if you want it, so i don't predict much of an upturn in xbone sales
bryam1982  +   722d ago
but...but...but the cloud!!!
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   722d ago
I know N4G is severely slanted toward MS,and it is not a safe thing to give Sony any kind of a compliment here on N4Xbox.But Sony really seems to be doing well in what became Xbox territory last gen.Maybe they will take back a good chunk of the US market.
AWBrawler  +   722d ago
you're new huh? n4g is Sony turf
pupa  +   722d ago
Only since the E3 M$ Xbone reveal and DRM disaster. For most of the prior gen any Sony PS3 owner who dared to comment on N4G were lambasted. The wheel turned and all that's left of the old entourage are the Xbox apologists and M$ shill's as from the numbers it seems that most gamers defected to the console of note or became multi console owners!
condemmedman  +   722d ago
quick and pupa seriously deluded. unbelievable?!
Xbox territory lol you must be trolling
pupa  +   722d ago
quick and pupa seriously deluded. unbelievable?!
Xbox territory lol you must be trolling"

Yea you' are really the deluded condemned man condemmedman as all you did was trolling instead of backing up your statement.

Pleas explain then why the PS4 are outselling the Xbone 2:1 worldwide including in America. Considering that achievement tells me that the USA for now are Sony PS4 territory in my books.

Ask dad or big brother as maybe they are wise enough to know, hell even ask mum in the kitchen as maybe she can count and thus understand the numbers like 2:1 sales ratio(50%) more in favour of the PS4!
reaperofsouls  +   722d ago
If you look at the global sales for this week then ps4 / bone is nearly 3:1. i'll do the maths

PS4 = 140,308 bone = 53,670

140308 / 53670 = 2.6
= 3 to 1.SF

If you look at the global totals then PS4 has sold 1.8 million more unit than the bone already! and we still are waiting for the japan launch which will be plus another million at least.
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Gamer1982  +   722d ago
Double sales in MS home territory in which they dominated last generation. Its a pretty bad in Europe too and once Japan enters the fray its gonna get a whole lot worse.
harrisk954  +   722d ago
Well, the PS4 is the number one selling video game item and number 1 electronics item on Amazon. It is almost he most wished for item on Amazon. XB1 is number 31. There were PS4s available yesterday. They are sold out today again. XB1 continues to sit and has never been unavailable since Christmas.
TomShoe  +   722d ago

If you can even find a PS4 lol
Eonjay  +   722d ago
Wow. Okay lets hope they didn't overtrack the Xbox One again because that would be a shame. The lead grows.
Paulie_gualtieri  +   722d ago
Poor PS vita.Such a slow and agonizing death.
Unreal01  +   722d ago
Zeldass hahaha. Oh god, there's just no escaping the world's greatest Zelda tattoo.
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WeAreLegion  +   722d ago
It outsold the Wii U this week. Both consoles will be fine.
Geekman  +   722d ago
Nowhere on that chart did I see such a thing. And according to THIS chart, the Wii U outsold it far more. The Vita DID outsell it a couple of weeks ago, which might be where this information came from.
Majin-vegeta  +   722d ago
Great not only do i have to keep seeing that article on my feed but now yoUr grav??*Shrugs shoulder* Ehh could be worse.

OT:I would take these numbers with a grain since it;s vgchartz.But that don;t mean PS4 aint kicking butt
r21  +   722d ago
Man, I wished n4g removed that post. I dont want anyone seeing my browser open with that image. They might think im looking at porn or something.
MRMagoo123  +   722d ago
All it means is the ps4 is doing even better than what vg says as per usual.
Geekman  +   722d ago
I can't say I agree with you, nor can I say I don't like your picture ID.
MRMagoo123  +   722d ago
Is it just me or anyone else noticing a massive influx of "new" accounts that troll Sony , is this the only thing left for xbone fangirls to turn to because of the xbone downward ?

It's getting pretty sad now and should really have something done about it.
Paulie_gualtieri  +   722d ago
lol how am i trolling??

I'm dead serious.How can you look at vitas sales and say otherwise?

God damn.Say anything but praise for Sony and you're an instant outcast.
stuna1  +   721d ago
No you're not the only one noticed! I was saying it yesterday, but the new accounts are even more prevalent in any and all TitanFall articles. And you guessed it, nothing but positive PR at its finest.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   721d ago
ZeldaAsstro.turfer.. Just say'n .. M$ has to try and sway that opinion, One way, or another.
midget_gem  +   722d ago
Yeah it's a shame. It's a great little handheld, with some superb games and doesn't deserve to die, unlike the bone.
Naga  +   722d ago
If the figures are accurate, that represents a fairly substantial drop-off in sales for both next gen consoles, given the meteoric rate at which they had both been selling for the months prior.

But to be honest, I find the global sales disparity for the week much more striking:
PS4 - 140,308
XB1 - 53,670
#5 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Eonjay  +   722d ago
Its not possible to say because one of them keeps selling out.
Naga  +   722d ago
Note that I simply said drop-off in sales, not drop-off in consumer interest. I think you may have mistaken my statement for the latter.
#5.1.1 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
Eonjay  +   722d ago
No I understood what you meant. I just get frustrated because I can't make accurate predictions when they don't have stock. I want to know what actual demand is but its really impossible to tell. The only really why its important to me is because I want to be able to definitely disprove rumors that console gaming is in decline.
Naga  +   722d ago
Ah, that makes sense. I didn't realize that was a rumor in circulation.

At this point, I'd say it's readily apparent that we have a very healthy industry. And as far as Sony and Microsoft are concerned, they are in control of their own destinies. If Microsoft can deliver on the game front (Titanfall, Project Spark, Halo, etc.), and if Sony can continue to just be Sony while delivering supply... then we will have a long road of healthy competition ahead of us.
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Gamer1982  +   722d ago
Hmm its true finally got my PS4 this week but took me a few weeks to finally get one. Had to constantly log onto Argos at midnight to quickly reserve one for pickup the next day.. Persistence paid off though 3 weeks of trying netted me my PS4. I feel there won't be as much of a problem after Japanese launch.
jacksjus  +   722d ago
Uh oh it looks like KZ:Shadow Fall passed up Ryse. How can this happen to the best looking next gen game? j/k
Riderz1337  +   722d ago
Lol KZ is already way higher than Ryse. I think KZ is at like 1.3M wordwide (not including digital).
grassyknoll  +   722d ago
Sony announced it sold 2.1 million about a week or 2 ago. It's also the highest selling next gen exclusive title apparently.
jacksjus  +   722d ago
Fellas I'm speaking in the U.S. Isn't this what this chart is about?
I know about the global numbers.
DoggyBiscuit  +   722d ago
PS4 is A$$ Raping every other console
IIZANGETSUII  +   722d ago
Even in USA PS4 dominates, im sure it will keep like this for the rest of the gen, i don't see how MS could turn this around unless they release some major games AND most important remove that piece of crap called kinect.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   722d ago
I will never understand why worthless guestimations on vg chartz get attention on this site.
DanielGearSolid  +   722d ago
Cause they're not worthless...

And they're definitely better than your guesstimations
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   722d ago
Kind of a childish argument if you really think about it considering I've never published any sort of estimates to a site. That's like saying its wrong to think a movie is bad because you haven't personally created a better film yourself. I'm not attacking vg chartz because I think I can do better. I personally have a soft spot for them because thats actually the site i started out at first. I just don't understand why so many n4g users clamor to their estimates articles and speak in the comments as if the numbers are legit. Just look at some of these comments and TRY to tell me that people are saying these things knowing that their numbers are estimates. People are free to do as they please, but I feel like people on both sides only "trust" vgc when the numbers lean their Consoles way. One week its a fanboy site run by PlayStation fanboys, yet the next week the estimated 500 million titan fall preorders predicted by vg becomes the only reliable source for sales newz. Again, nothing against vg personally as I love love love the site. I just dislike the amount of heavy enthusiasm users seem to put on its numbers depending on how much it favors their console.

@hicken, I visit n4g On a daily basis. If time and time again I see sometbing that I don't agree with, would it not make sense for me to speak up? I follow sales just as much as any individual on this site, but that doesn't mean I'm going to seemingly put stock into a bunch of estimations. Im not trying to take away anyone's right make what they will of the numbers. I'm just saying that its perplexing to see people so invested in educated guesses as if they're legit. But at the end of the day you're both right in a sense. "Worthless" is kind of a strong word.
Kos-Mos  +   722d ago
Haha, you were owned and of course if you talk positive about vgtards, you deserve no less.
Hicken  +   722d ago | Well said
Then don't bother coming into such articles and commenting.

Some people like to speculate on sales. Believe it or not, they DO have an impact on various aspects of the industry, and many gamers here think about more than just the enjoyment of their next game.

I look at the numbers and guess what the companies will do next to maintain or improve their current sales. That has a direct impact on my gaming experience, or can, anyway.

So, just like PR statements, factory acquisitions, and developer personnel shufflings, sales are something I pay attention to.
DanielGearSolid  +   722d ago
Gotta say Hicken, you make some sensible comments

Wonder how you dropped to 2 bubbles
pupa  +   722d ago
That all some fanny boys have left to do and that is play the downvote and de-bubble game.

@hicken Bubbled up on both comments for well said and because I can!
stuna1  +   721d ago
sensibility and logic doesn't compute on this site at times, and when they do, it's at those times, the "Senseless and illogical" ones do everything in their power to try to silence it!

Although there are those who deserve to be bubble raped.
Prophet-Gamer  +   722d ago
Egh, I don't know. As of late, they're off sometimes but they do provide a good sense of what's going on. They tend to overtrack Xbox and undertrack Playstation so if they're numbers show PS4 ahead then it's probably more ahead than they show (if the makes sense)

So yea, while they may not be perfectly reliable, I look at it as a good (and fun) little gauge of what's going on.
Why o why  +   722d ago
Vgc pretty much undertracked the ps sales for the whole of the last gen. They also had to make more downward adjustments to the xbox side than the ps side. Take from that what you will. I see vgc and their guestimates as fan cannon fodder. They may try and become reputable one day but their origins just seemed slanted from the off. I didn't give them any significant weighing when their numbers were in favour of the xbox nor will I give them any more now things have switched. I guess its just not my thing but I'm fine with those who dont share my opinion on this
RexLex  +   722d ago
well ,.. Even if Vgchartz isn't reliable at all,.. we all know what is taking place everywhere,.
jkendrick  +   721d ago
That gif is absolutely hilarious!
Father__Merrin  +   722d ago
P.S.4 will be number one console in every country, I know certain fanboys are conducting their plans already to try and stop Sony

but their plans will fail.........
russo121  +   722d ago
I don't know if ms is producing xbones at the same rate as sony's ps4, because if it is the case, then ms can launch xbone in other countries. What are they waiting? I think it's the time to do it.
Whiskeyjacked87  +   722d ago
Waiting for lifeisgamesok, Truefan1, Georgeenoob and all the other 1 bubble Xbox fan boys but I'm beginning to think these articles are starting to affect them psychologically. Poor guys.
#13 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(35) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
jessupj  +   722d ago
I'd imagine they would have reacted a little something like this when they saw this article and the NPD results a few days ago.


I don't feel sorry for them at all though. I have no sympathy for anyone that blindly defends such an anti gamer company as MS.
#13.1 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Clarence  +   722d ago
The numbers are probably much higher for the PS4. We all know Vghartz undertracks Playstation numbers. If titanfall doesn't move xbones, M$ may be in some real trouble.
#14 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(19) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Nocando  +   722d ago
Didn't Sony just report a 1.1 billion dollar loss and close their PC business? Who is in trouble again?
Clarence  +   722d ago

I was talking about the console not the company

Wow the PS3 outsold the xbone.... Weird
razrye  +   722d ago
Pc is a shrinking market. It's all about phones and tablets now. Which Sony is thriving in.
TheGreenMan  +   721d ago
Nocando -

So does it make you feel good that Sony is struggling financially? Why, because they don't make the console you like? You'd want people to lose their jobs over a console war? If you do, you have lots of growing up to do my friend.
ShinnosukeRFD  +   722d ago
It's over PS4 won.
sebzhd  +   722d ago
OMG, look at M$, six feet under.
TristanPR77  +   722d ago
If it is like this on the US, expect an even bigger margin around the world. Titanfall will not change this trend because it is releasing in 3 platforms so the sales will not go completely to the xbone, also, people who prefer a good experience will buy the PC version and those who just have a 360 will not jump to the xbone since they can play it on their console.

Titanfall will be a good game, not a game changer and obviously not the savior the xbone community is waiting to change the xbone position.
Geekman  +   722d ago
All 3 next gen consoles are faring pretty well, but what caught my attention is that there are still people buying a Wii. No new Wii games coming, the console was discontinued, the Wii U is backwards compatible, and if you can't afford a Wii U, then there's the Wii Mini. Why would you think buying a Wii is a smart purchase?
Bearsfanfourlife  +   722d ago
Xbox kicks ass that is all
Whiskeyjacked87  +   722d ago | Funny
Kicked your wallets ass maybe!
noctis_lumia  +   722d ago

well he have skype i guess
AGoodPerson   722d ago | Spam
Qrphe  +   722d ago

Thats a funny way of spelling "sucks"
deadfrag  +   722d ago
PS4 is selling double of Xboxone like i predicted that $100+ price tag is leaving a mark!Its obvious that now the two systems will start selling less because the people that had the hunger for new console hardware have already pick is choise,but i think that the PS4 will sell the double of the Xboxone every week until Microsoft cuts the price.Lots of people i know myself included have not yet got a Xboxone because we cant accept the valor this console is selling is just to high,take kinect and lower the price.I expect that microsoft will make a price cut three months after Titanfall release,they will try to cash in the most due to Titanfall overhype and then they will indeed cut the price or take Kinect out of the box.If not the will suffer for longer,and shareholders will start making noise.Regarding the Wii U i have friends that already got the machine after picking the PS4 and they didnt even think about getting the Xboxone at this price,they say PS4 and Wii U its a better and way cheaper combo than PS4 and XBOXONE.
#20 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
CertifiedGamer  +   722d ago
PS4 will remain in the lead in March thanks to something called Final Fantasy 14 beta.
SirNintend0  +   722d ago
64,300 Nintendo hardware units moved. 50,200 Microsoft hardware units moved. And we are getting Microdoom articles when exactly?
steele80   722d ago | Spam
bornsinner  +   722d ago
2.4 vs 2.1 aint really a domination, x1 is still selling well despite its flaws, possibly due to titanfall & halo round the corner & its recent gears of war acquisition.

since ps4 has no good games i can see why it can still catch up

@pupa not one exclusives list on both ps4 & xbone are good, only decent exclusives are 3 i have mentioned for xbone (halo, titanfall & gears) & anything naughty dog pull out there a$$ for ps4. most you mentioned are far from AAA lol complete joke of a list.
#24 (Edited 722d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
RexLex  +   722d ago
I want some of what you are smoking,..
And no it will never catch up,.. they would have to drop it to 300-350 with kinectcrap included..

The way xbox one is going it is going to take years to catch up to WiiU,..
midget_gem  +   722d ago
'Since PS4 has no good games', obviously you didn't read the list. And anyway the point is xboners keep saying how xbone has 'MORE GAMES' when clearly it doesn't. Plus the fact all the multiplat titles will all perform better than the bone on the PS4.

Oh dear, not looking good for M$. What they gonna do when Titanfall doesn't shift units, what they got left, Halo?, Gears?

Looks like xbone is gonna be competing with w11u for 2nd place at this rate, by quite some margin.
noctis_lumia  +   722d ago
ah if we have to mention unreleased games then same goes for ps4...

infamous sec son
uncharted 4
the order
next guerilla game new ip
santa monica new ip
japan studio new ip
basement crawl

i can continue all day
sony have the best studios for 1st party game and the most of the two,stop it already

ps4 isnt out in china and japan yet and outselling the box where they used to dominate last gen...UK,U.S

and btw these are not WW sales btw
Father__Merrin  +   722d ago
this week P.S.3 sold more than Xbox1

Xbox1 is dropping


I can't wait for the Japan launch, PlayStation is just so much better

Wii and Xbox owners last gen laughed and jeered, NOW LOOK AT THEM

S2Killinit  +   722d ago
Sorry your comment cracked me up. But Sony is kicking ass you are right about that
noctis_lumia  +   722d ago
yep ms back to where it belong..last place just like the original xbox
Ninver  +   721d ago
MS being in last place only helps the industry. if you're looking for innovation and moving the industry forward then support Sony and Nintendo. at least they don't pull drm, parity and other bs moves.
NeloAnjelo  +   722d ago
Imagine XBONERs actually thinking TitanFall will save their TV box. And the PS4 having no games. Yeah okay. Just like all the previous gens, when Sony dominated with games.

MS rather pay to keep a game off another console, rather than making or investing in their own. Or buying instead of creating IPs. Yep typical MS bullshit.
Flames76  +   722d ago
Xbox one and PS4 about the same in america and great to see the Xbox 360 number 1 last gen in america.I will say the Xbox One needs a $399 console without kinect
mayberry  +   721d ago
I think some people assume that all TF titles will be sold on "new, or recently purchased xbones. I think that even the "hardcore" Sony fans have 360's too, and if they want TF, they(me), will get it on an old, cheap 360 they already own. Also, its on P.C. so, it wont be as big a"system seller" as some think.
Smootherkuzz  +   721d ago
Childish the way people are this gen. Makes me ashame the way people are acting. Everyone is looking for a fight and a reason to bully.
mmc-007  +   721d ago
its the same as previous gen but its now the other way around.
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BABY-JEDI  +   721d ago
Well I'm sure Sony will be very happy at this point. MS will obviously be concerned on the impact Sony is making on the US. If this ends up being the norm each month then I reckon MS will sooner than later have a cheaper a Kinect less console to try & shore up their market share.
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