Fans Port Trevor's Model From "GTA V" To "Left 4 Dead 2", Looks Surprisingly Great

DSOGaming writes: "Surprisingly enough, this model looks amazing on the Source Engine, thus giving as a small taste of what a GTA title would look like in Source Engine."

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erathaol866d ago

If only it came with Trevor's 'unique' dialogue.

WillGuitarGuy866d ago

They also put Trevor, Michael, and Franklin in GMOD. It's pretty cool.

HystericalGamez866d ago

Trevor, Mike, Franklin & Lamar ported to L4D with some of their lines would be amazing!

crusf866d ago

Its possible actually:D

Geekman866d ago

Now all they have to do is set him on fire and they'll be duplicating Ending A. I cannot get that ending outa my head. Choose C, people, choose C.

cyclindk866d ago

GTAV Trevor: nearly unstoppable

Zombie Trevor: loads gun, puts pistol in mouth

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