Why the Romance of Link and Zelda Matters

Zelda Informer: "Though we very rarely get a concise confirmation that they did, in fact, get married and ride off into the sunset together, we do get a pretty clear idea of what must have happened behind the scenes; in the grand majority of the games, we at least receive a hint that Link and Zelda end up together, even when this makes for something incredibly dumb and sexist, which really is inexcusable for, basically, any games made after the NES era, when romance was justified by a male and female sprite standing next to each other, congratulating you on your victory. It really is shameful to see such deep, emotional games fail to deliver on what I believe to be such a crucial aspect. By no means do I expect each and every game to deliver a charming, whimsical Zelda, that really loves Link and grows with him on- and off-screen throughout the experience, as in Skyward Sword and Spirit Tracks (games that were, to me, defined by Zelda’s character), but I do expect Nintendo to give the fans something meaningful, and if it doesn’t fit the experience, I hope they don’t even bother trying."

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RobbyGrob1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I agree. It's not the only game where an obvious romance could lighten things up. But the Zelda games are certainly a series in which a romance at least would make it all more sensible. All the things Link goes through to save Zelda would be more believable if we could see Zelda actually giving something back for it. Blow-jobs and jokes aside, i think the entire series would be even more beloved if the two for example had children. Children which became the playable ones in the games to follow.

We don't really need more time-travel (in the Ocarina of Time time-line). Just have some kids like any sane man and woman would and let them save the world for your retirement! ;)

However, why would Link do these things unless he loved her? Frankly, i think Miyamoto intended for there to be a clear love-connection between the two from the very first game. But he also understood that he doesn't really need to make it much more than the concept of a man saving a woman for people to understand that there is love involved.

So, on one point i think Miyamoto made it clear enough that they are indeed in love. But on the other i don't see the harm in taking this further. At least for the more adult and gritty games in the series (the Ocarina of Time time-line), of which i look forward to seeing more of. A hard-core Zelda game, kinda like the difference between the old and the modern Batman movies, could just turn out to be the best game ever all over again.

I'm not sure how much the Zelda games could improve with more realism. But honestly, as many hours that most of us have been running around saving Zelda as Link, i don't see what the harm in doing something to renew the series. We know our Link well enough by now. We don't really need more games with the exact same character (in the Ocarina of Time time-line). A child of Link with a more bad-ass attitude for example, that could be one hell of a spin-off.

ChickeyCantor1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

" All the things Link goes through to save Zelda would be more believable if we could see Zelda actually giving something back for it."

Links mission is NOT just to save the princess of hyrule. It's his obligation to the goddesses and the people of hyrule to protect his world.

I think a lot of people miss this big factor. In Windwaker Zelda was doing fine until she was captured. She was a badass pirate. She was not a helpless damsel in distress.
In Ocarina of time she was a certified NINJA.
In twilight princess she picked up a sword but couldn't fight the dark lords for the sake of her people. ( she possesses the power of wisdom ffs)

Zelda had her moments of "oh no i'm a woman please save me". But it's more about link growing and overcoming all his obstacles. He is thrown into a situation he did not choose but is willing to take. This does not mean you deserve nooky at the end. Let's be honest, he could have just walked away from all of it and have as many hookers as he wanted.

RobbyGrob1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

But i was talking about LINK being bad-ass (the playable character), not Zelda. However hard-core Zelda is doesn't really matter to me. In fact, Zelda doesn't really matter to me at all. When i play a Zelda game i don't even think about Zelda since she doesn't really add any value for the player. It could really be any random character being the "magical" important one in every game because Zelda actually fulfills very little real purpose in her own games. I really don't see why they couldn't be a married couple by now. That would at least make the player FEEL more committed to saving the world and thus Zelda. And if not Zelda, some other girl. The story would simply be better if Link had a partner. It would however obviously make more sense if that partner was Zelda, as some woman sitting around at home while Link saves the world isn't very interesting either.

I think a more vivid love for Zelda still would make Link's efforts more sensible as he would have a realistic reason to work so hard saving the world. If the world has nothing for him, why would he save it? Because some gods said so? He was never ordered to do anything. He's doing it out of good will, but good will still has a limit. He's still "human" after all. Just working for the gods makes him sound like a religious fanatic, which i doubt was the idea Miyamoto had behind his character.

"Let's be honest, he could have just walked away from all of it and have as many hookers as he wanted."

Hehe, i doubt prostitutes would add more to the story than a marriage with Zelda. ;)

Although i see your point, i hope you also see mine. The series would hardly be HARMED from them simply SHOWING some of the love that they logically must have for each other by now. What i and the article-author mean is that it's a wasted potential for a stronger emotional connection to the game. I would absolutely find more interest in the entire series if there was marriage and kids involved. I would actually consider buying a Wii U just to play the new Zelda games if they had more down-to-earth relationships in them like some Final Fantasy games have. Call me cheesy, but i think romance adds a lot to a story. Nintendo could actually increase their sales from this change alone.

I honestly feel more interested in the sub-characters in the modern Zelda games. The families who have real lives, as they make more sense and are very easy to connect to. I feel more inclined to save them than to save Zelda. The pregnant woman in Twilight for example, that was a positive surprise that actually made me want to do more quests for her than for Zelda. I thought Nintendo was too self-censoring to even consider adding anything that involved sexual reproduction.

andrewer1555d ago

But would be different romance (Link/Zelda) practically each game, don't think it would be good.

sammyspam1555d ago

The undertones of romance add a lot to the entire experience, it does that in a lot of games, movies and even anime. It never has to materialise but seeing characters have realistic connections makes them easy to connect to.

BattleN1555d ago

Impossible love is why it matters!

ChickeyCantor1555d ago

I think it doesn't matter.
Despite the fact it's called the Legend of Zelda, it's about link and his journey. It's not about a love story. Yes Skyward sword explains the origin of Zelda and the recurring chemistry between all Zeldas and link( reincarnations ). However it does not mean that link and zelda should get it on every game. It's boring, shallow and dull.

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