The Elder Scrolls Online – Beta Opinion & First Impression | by MMOCast

Here we are are, with less then two months before the official release, talking about one of the most controversial MMO of 2014, The Elder Scrolls Online. MMOCast finally managed to get a Beta glimpse during this weekend Stress Test, so they decided to share their thoughts and first impression with you.

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porkChop1074d ago

Why do people keep mentioning Bethesda? Zenimax Online is developing the game, not Bethesda.

Bigpappy1074d ago

Was about to post the same thing. I bet most people do think this was made by Bethesda.

porkChop1073d ago

If Bethesda had made it I guarantee it would be a very different game. It doesn't feel like a Bethesda game at all. I mean it's a pretty decent game, and it does somewhat feel like a TES game, but the Bethesda magic is missing.

Bigpappy1073d ago

That's exactly what I thought would happen. Bethesda is a special team. Most of those guys have work together for years just doing opened world RPG's. That is not easy to do in either case.