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The Elder Scrolls Online: Previewing the Magnitude of the Disaster | VgamerZ

I honestly don’t understand all the hype around this game. There’s simply no logic background behind so much expectation. The game turns out to be just another MMO carrying out a popular series name. In the core, there’s absolutely nothing new or creative. The gameplay is extremely casual and competitive PvP will be inexistent. And the worst part, players must pay a quite high monthly subscription just to login. Is there any prompt to failure condition missing? TESO is definitly a prime candidate for a huge disaster. (PC, PS4, The Elder Scrolls Online, Xbox One)

theDECAY  +   528d ago
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joab777  +   528d ago
So...theres nothing good about ESO...according to this article. Yeah, maybe $15/month is too much but plenty of ppl are paying that amount right now to play plenty of mmo's that they enjoy. And many ppl enjoy Tamriel. Also, there are many mmo's that attempt to offer solo content to casual players orthose who prefer to play alone...and it isn't odd to see ppl leveling alone. At the very least, this is a new mmo in a familiar world. For the countless millions of mmo players, that is enough to give it a try. Add in many single player gamers and console rpg gamers that may fall in love with the mmo genre for the first time, and ESO has a great chance to succeed. But, this brings me to the one thing that really matters....end game content.

Supposedly, Zenimax has a jump on this and the world to create it in. If they can keep old and new mmo fans happy with end game content, they will succeed. If they listen to players and make changes accordingly, they will succeed.

Yeah, it may use familiar genre traditions but they are traditions for a reason. Its a risk and personally I believe that this game will appeal more to mmo fans than elder scroll fans...but I also believe that many rpg enthusiasts will fall in love with the mmo genre for the first time playing this game. Assuming articles like this onerous not scare everyone off.
kingdom18  +   528d ago
I don't understand the hate for this game. I enjoyed it during the last beta weekend. To each his own.
Xristo  +   527d ago
And then you have a TRUE beta tester and his opinions:


I was very skeptical but now I'm sold!

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