Microsoft selling Xbox division to Amazon: "Ridiculous" says Aaron Greenberg

Aaron Greenberg commented this after a fan asked him to stop the insane rumours about Microsoft selling its Xbox division to Amazon.

Finally, someone from Microsoft denied what the insider atFamousmortimer suggested.

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GamersHeaven1527d ago

Yea ok Greenturd why should we believe a lying sleazeball like you? Btw love the tweet below Greenturds tweet lol

Angels37851527d ago

Not that I think this is very likely...but even if it was....a person from the xbox division would not tell you it was happening.

especially greenberg

jimbobwahey1527d ago

Yeah, the guy's one of the slimiest liars in the business. I'd love to see Xbox sold to Amazon just to see this clown put out of a job, 'cause people like him are nothing but cancer to the industry.

cleft51527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

The problem with this is that Greenberg and Major Nelson credibility isn't strong enough for you to believe anything they have to say. Greenberg has gone on rants about the Cloud making the Xbox One more powerful and Major Nelson is famous for the whole Angry Joe thing, where he said it's not like you can just flip a switch to turn off the DRM. A short period later, basically Microsoft flipped a switch and turned off the DRM.

Looking at this news, it wouldn't really surprise me if it was true that Microsoft was selling the Xbox division off. The Xbox division has cost them billions of dollars every year and the rumor is that their new CEO doesn't want to keep the Xbox division around because it is costing them profits. Then you have all of those key CEO quitting Microsoft with no real reason being given. Something is clearly going on and you can't take Greenberg's word or any of these guys word on it because they shot their credibility in the foot. Only time will tell if this is true or not.

georgeenoob1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

This is nothing more than wishful thinking from fanboys. Ever since the X1 was announced they've been on some propaganda mission to make it seem like Xbox is doomed, yet it had a MUCH more successful launch than 360.

In a way, I like how the playstation fans speak loud because MS is listening to everyone of them, and improving the X1 accordingly. The more criticism, the better. MS will constantly make up for ANY criticism, as they did with last E3.

Can't wait for E3 2014 when MS when they showcase more exclusives and improvements to X1 in response to the playstation fans' desperate campaign.

TomShoe1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Not surprising, of course he was going to say no.

What would be the point of buying an XBO if you knew the company was going to sell of the brand in a year? A lot of uncertainty surrounding the future of Xbox.

ArronC071527d ago

Yeah because its not like they've u-turned in the past, right?

lolCHILLbro1527d ago

@Angels, he was NOT lying about seeing all games outputed in 1080p, they are upscaled and outputed in 1080p even if they arent native 1080p, samething for PS4 aswell i imagine, but i guess its an Xbox guy so.........

ABizzel11527d ago

2 days later:

Amazon buys Xbox division.

OT: I don't see it happening, if anything I'd prefer they shrink into a smaller company and continue making their IP's, peripherals, and XBL for PC and/or PlayStation.

They could really focus on bringing to the PC space what many hoped Steam Machines would, a simplified, harmonious, solution.

scott1821527d ago


He was lying in a way though, because the average person wouldn't understand what he was talking about, and that's why he said it.
The picture is being stretched to 1080p, it is very different than native 1080p in clarity.

If there wasn't a big difference then companies wouldn't care about making a game in native 1080p, they would just let the machine upscale it every time.

swansong1527d ago

Maybe thats why Amazon bought Double Helix Studios. Amazon would be a benefit to the XBO.

Pro Racer1527d ago

Sell it to Amazon to get even more ads all over the place like the Kindle Fire as well as a premium-priced "no ads" console? No thanks, the current dashboard is bad enough.

InTheLab1527d ago

I believe him. It's not like they can just flip a switch and ...... Oh wait

Giul_Xainx1527d ago

I think Amazon would do a much better job with future Xbox consoles if they did purchse the division.

I know for sure that Amazon would not force a stupid camera in every box. They also would not have crazy check in ideas sprawling from it. And above all: I would actually buy an xbox without worrying about being screwed anymore.

As long as Microsoft is attached to any console's market strategy I will not touch it.

Anon19741527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Not that I believe a word Greenberg says (his track record speaks for itself) but as others have mentioned, what's he supposed to say? Even if they were working on a spinoff, they're not going to breath a word of it until they're ready to unveil their plans.

At the end of the day the Xbox division hasn't been about to keep up to the other divisions within the company when it comes to return on capital invested. That's a problem, and we also know that forces within Microsoft consider the Xbox as "non-essential" to Microsoft's overall strategy and are actively promoting the spinoff of the business. There's no secret here. The question is with Ballmer no longer there to champion the Xbox as he's been doing for years, what's next?

If anything happens though, I can't imagine we'll hear anything until after their fiscal year end which is towards the end of July. Bloomberg had a good look at this issue a few months back that's worth a read.

Withdreday1527d ago

Didn't he deny the PS4 being more powerful and even when as far as to say "games are looking the exact same" as well?

Why should anyone believe this guy? Seems like he'll say anything to not hurt sales.

Nocando1527d ago

So what choice does he have then? If he says nothing, then you would say its true, and if he flat out denies it, then you say he is lying.

DragonKnight1527d ago

@georgenoob: "MS will constantly make up for ANY criticism."

And yet Kinect is still bundled with the Xbox One.

SilentNegotiator1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Even if it were true, you'd have to get MS executives to have a meeting at Watergate to find out.

Wizard_King1527d ago

Oh please, please, please MS sell up and leave the gaming world for good. From GFWL, to Xbox live, to yearly subs, to season pass's (vomits) MS has done nothing but crap on gamers and the gaming industry as a whole since their entered the ring.

Only children that don't know better love MS.

Please sell up, please...

Go back to making new operating systems that nobody wants to upgrade to.

UltimateMaster1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Don't think selling it to Amazon would be a good idea.
Google or Apple maybe, but Amazon?
It's like selling Xbox to Walmart.

Aomizuchi1526d ago

Well seeing as Greenberg is not on the board of directors and is basically just PR for Xbox, common sense tells me that even if there was a decision to dump Xbox he isn't going to know about it until the decision is made. His comment is baseless.

ThanatosDMC1526d ago

@Wizard King

Totally forgot about how horrible GFWL games are. I just stopped playing those games because for some odd reason they always required me to reset my password every month. No idea why.

chaosdemon091526d ago

Or he's not even in the loop when these talks are happening. Amazon is a great company. If they got behind the Xbox I may consider getting one. And I've hated the Xbox since day one. Always loved Sony and still do. But if amazon gets in on the Xbox is a game changer. There customer service is one of the best in the world. Hell I preordered my ps4 with them and they charged my card before they shipped. What did they do to make up for it? Change my standard shipping to next day shipping so I got my ps4 day one. That's something I won't forget.

Lets not forget they take back any kindle fire and give me a new one every time. My mom,sister and her kids all have them. The charger port messes up, they send another,broken screen? Here ya go.

It's not a matter of getting what I want. They know there product is made cheaply and don't bitch back to a customer when it breaks. If it doesn't break great you have a happy customer, if it breaks? Where's another. They stand behind there name and deliver no matter what. So ya buys Xbox ill get one.

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Automatic791527d ago

People will believe anything these days.

Mr Pumblechook1527d ago

I do think the story is ridiculous. But if there was some truth to it Greenberg wouldn't know because he is not high enough in Microsoft to be in talks about these things.

dedicatedtogamers1527d ago

Yeah dude. Remember those hilarious rumors about Microsoft last year?

Oh man, it was just so dumb! Microsoft was going to DRM-lock every single game. And...and get THIS! They were going to require their new Xbox to be always online!

Cant you believe that people actually thought those rumors were true? Just crazy.

Wizard_King1527d ago

A sub division that doesn't make and money is a sub division that doesn't make any money. It doesn't matter how you twist it, going broke and not making profits will send a company under or force it to sell of said sub division.

Here's hoping anyway.

Akuma071526d ago

There is some credibility to it.

These days companies are looking to streamline themselves, Microsoft's new CEO is championing streamlined products and operations.

The XBox division is a big thorn in the new CEO's grand plans for MS. It will be interesting to see what happens.

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Pogmathoin1527d ago

Gamers.... Very mature... People will stop and listen to you now.... Not!

Automatic791527d ago

The fact that you judge on one Bubble shows you immature.

TheSaint1527d ago

@MichaelLito79 You have to do some serious trolling to lose even one bubble.

So, yeah, one bubble people are not worth listening to.

christocolus1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )


sthu...whats with gamers like you acting like kids all the time. if you have nothing relevant to say then learn to control your tongue. keep jumping into articles and taking old are you?

Hicken1526d ago

You're right. Your comment is SO much more relevant. And remember that time when your comments pretty much amounted to "lol" for like a week or two? TOTALLY relevant.

Anyway, when I hear things like this, I remember when Bobby Petrino told us Falcons fans he wasn't going anywhere, only to hear him calling the pigs in Arkansas the very next day.

Greenberg and Microsoft have a far less reliable track record- especially recently- than Petrino, and I hate that bastard.

SniperControl1527d ago


And you still think Sony are gonna sit on there hands and do nothing further to improve PS4.

That Sony has no new games coming out, that E3 will just be a showcase for MS......

You seriously need to open your eyes and stop being a total fanboy.

Magicite1527d ago

Microsoft = "Ridiculous"

showtimefolks1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

its MS their executives like major nelson and greenberg are known for lying and or making up stuff. Investors are not happy with how much money MS spend on gaming division writing those blank checks to cover for exclusive content or times exclusives

calis1527d ago

Greenburg's a PR mouthpiece. As if he would know.

Visiblemarc1527d ago

Yeah not to mention that:

- the division is unprofitable.
-there have been internal/external rumblings within/outside Microsoft for ages about selling.
-Amazon is moving into console gaming and has a large bankroll.

So yeah, how is this a ridiculous theory?

snake_eater1527d ago

those disagrees...looks like the xbox and greenberg fanboys are in full force today.
Yes the guy is pretty much a douchebag.

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Angels37851527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

This whole thing is a bit unlikely least until more information surfaces.

Naga1527d ago

At the end of the day, most people will believe whatever they want to believe, regardless of how reasonable that belief may be.

This is no different.

General Pinky1527d ago

Microsoft is not stupid to sell off Xbox.
Its the only band that is known worldwide now for them plus its in most living rooms in the UK, USA. Remember the all in one entertainment box which they need to battle it out with APPLE TV & GOOGLE.

ShwankyShpanky1527d ago

<85million is "most living rooms in the US/UK?"

BattleAxe1527d ago

It's 80.5 Million, and at least 25% of those are no longer functioning due to RRoD.

ShwankyShpanky1526d ago

@BattleAxe: Personally, I'd put it at even less than that, but I figured I'd just use sales numbers to be generous and avoid dispute. ;-)

Akuma071526d ago

80.5 million is the total number of Xbox 360's sold.

This includes the numerous consoles that people bought when their 360's RRoD'd. So the number of people who own a console is significantly less. Also there is a large number of house holds with multiple consoles in the house, again, reducing the number of house holds in total.

BitbyDeath1527d ago

Windows and Office are far more known worldwide than Xbox.

Nathaniel_Drake1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Yes and that is the reason investors want to drop the xbox and focus more on making windows more of an intergal part of more devices. They see windows is faltering a bit so this could be the case

MorePowerOfGreen1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Well the trolls got what they wanted anyways. PS fans running around saying it's a possibility or that it could happen. They're trying to chip away at MSFT consumer confidence. A flat out lie is now a possibility now, if things don't work out according to the trolls movable goal post criteria. Why would a company invest so much money in a market that brings them impressive revenue only to get rid of it? LMAO Getting rid of XBox would cripple the company from a loss standpoint. The XBOX brand is infused with the ecosystem and is symbiotic to the other products. XB1 is the platform for many of their services.

Like Google selling Android times 2.

jgrigs091527d ago

Guarantee 7 of those disagrees
Is a fanboy who wants Xbox to go away. Or knows the market now

Kingthrash3601527d ago

lol...your a funny guy.
i think this fanboy war thing makes you lose sleep at night.
smh "getting rid of xbox would cripple the company from a loss standpoint"? lmao....just wow. they survived the loss of the original xbox...they survived the massive loss that was the rrod.
why would getting rid of xbox branch cripple a multi billion dollar company that is ms?
smh your fanboy logic defies all that is truth...congratulations.

jimbobwahey1527d ago

Xbox/Surface/Bing are all part of the same division, which happens to be causing Microsoft to bleed a LOT of money. The longer Microsoft keeps these things going, the more money they lose, which is why shareholders have long been demanding that Microsoft get rid of them to focus on their enterprise business (Office etc.) and Windows, which actually do make the company money. So far Xbox has just been a failed effort to win the living room, costing the company a lot of money in the process.

hellzsupernova1527d ago

the xbxo brand is not infused into shit, the xbox arm is just an entertainment devision that could be sold just as easily as sony sold vaio

SniperControl1527d ago

If the Xbox brand is doing so well and earning MS a bucket load of money, why are two major board members/investors asking the brand to be sold off?

mmc-0071527d ago

you're comparing xbox with Android? wow... just wow. This only shows the level of intelligence the average xbox fan has.

Akuma071526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

The mentality of Xbox fanboys is so interesting to me.

I am not sure what it reminds me of, pure denial, or stockholm syndrome.

It is kind of like when you see the women who marry serial killers and maniacs. You can look at them all day long and never understand why they chose to side with someone like that.

No matter how many facts or credible pieces of information are shown to yolu guys, you fiercly deny anything that would harm your beloved XBox brand.

The facts are:
-The new CEO of Microsoft has defined his vision for the company, a vision which contradicts the Xbox One's existence.
-Several investors in Microsoft have been calling for them to sell off the XBox brand and focus on core products for many years now, and with a new CEO who ALSO shares the same desire to push core products, now could be the time for this to happen.

Of course doing this RIGHT NOW would utterly destroy the Xbox brand forever. So it probably won't happen for a few years, but it is not impossible, and recent events lend credibility to the rumors.

Of course, XBox fans will scream and shout and call me a Sony Pony (worst name ever), because they can't come to terms with the two facts above.

EDIT: Third fact I forgot to mention. Amazon has been looking to expand into the gaming industry in a big way.

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