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While Second Son draws on the same universe of the first two Infamous games, it’s designed so that you can follow the story even if you’re new to the franchise. Studio co-founder Brian Fleming, who is serving as a producer on the game, described Second Son as a relaunch for Infamous.

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mania5681560d ago

it´s good to see this game has good previews, i loved the first and second son, sadly only got to play them when infamous one was free on PSN, after playing the first i bought the second just a month or so later and loved it even more, im hoping this game gets the score he deserves but either way im buying this game day one and so should everyone who played the previous ones.

marcodias1560d ago

i never played infamous before but the game looks great, seems to be the first next-gen experience for the ps4 so i´m buying it, just hoping theres a ps4 in stock when i get there.

amiga-man1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

From the article:
The chance to discover and wield new superpowers is exactly the kind of experience that drew us to gaming in the first place. From the looks of it, Infamous Second Son is set to deliver the first truly next-gen experience for the PS4 when it arrives next month.

Or for any console for that matter, this game looks incredible.

SniperControl1560d ago

This game is looking mighty fine and fun to play, easily the best graphics on any console so far.

DigitalRaptor1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

It really is a shame about the lack of dynamic shadows, but based on everything else the engine is doing and how astounding the game looks in motion, I can forgive.

The game looks so crisp, distinctly beautiful and runs like a dream.

Hanso1560d ago

This game is 1 Month away and i still cant find a ps4 T__T

SniperControl1560d ago

Depending where you are, has some in stock, checked about an hour ago.

Hanso1560d ago

thx but i live in Germany..

Meltic1560d ago

cant wait. About 5 weeks then i got it in my hands !!

Pintheshadows1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

We are close now. I honestly think this will be incredible. I thought before I saw the neon sword of awesome as well. I like how natural switching powers seems to me. Absorb smoke, use smoke. Absorb neon. Use neon. Simple but very clever and very organic.

I hope we get some cerebral powers. As Delsin can absorb them I would love to may around with more 'control' based abilities. Mind control, confusion, etc.

And as a caveat, to do that you have to absorb that power from organic material. ie civilians. In fact I'd even love it if there were a different power entirely depending on whether you are good or evil.

Hanso1560d ago

they already said no matter if youre good or evil this time you will get all powers.

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