First Unreal Engine 4 Gameplay Screenshot of ‘Solus’

OnlySP: Following our exclusive interview with Teotl Studios yesterday, we were sent the very first gameplay screenshot for Solus.

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Bigpappy1556d ago

Looks great, but still has that redish, unreal hue to it.

MadSientist891556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

you think that looks good? it looks awful.

TRD4L1fe1556d ago

So I bet you can make a better engine?

Anonagrog1556d ago


"So I bet you can make a better engine?"

A good engine is an 'enabler' - it affords designers and content creators a better chance of bringing about their vision of game where a different engine may be too much of a hindrance. Now, whether those "creators" or that "vision" of a game will make the most out of the engine tech is something else entirely.

Someone slating a game's visuals doesn't have to mean they're slating the engine.

kingduqc1556d ago

Kinda hard to tell on a single screenshot because it does not show much but vegetation seems alot better then titanfall,infamous, killzone and many "next gen" games.

inveni01556d ago


You don't have to be the world's greatest guitarist to know Miley Cyrus sucks.

That being said, I don't agree that this looks awful. It's just not a UE4 showcase.

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MadSientist891556d ago

TRD4L1fe I didn't say I could >.> Unreal Engine 4 is amazing it;s just this dev obviously don't know how to properly use it from the screenshot cause that looks bad.. don't get all butthurt.

D3athc3ll1556d ago

Wow this looks shit.... Sure hope some gameplay (vid) can do this engine justice..

Monolith1556d ago

Looks better than Titanfall!

windblowsagain1556d ago

I tell ya, i was playing CRYSIS3 earlier.

Still destroys 95% of games graphically.

Muffins12231556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

The original crysis looks better than that lol....

Sure the polygon count and dx11 features are better in crysis 3,but the maps and amount of plants on screen where just overwhelming in the original crysis compared to the 3rd one.

windblowsagain1556d ago

Crysis 1 does look excellent, but area's of crysis 3 are just so much better.

Crysis1 is just foliage more then anything.

As for other games, BF3,BF4 with big maps.

Love that map/