Inside Elder Scrolls Online: No Auction House, What?

ESOHut Writes:
"The Economy in any Online Virtual World plays a big part in many aspects of every players day to day activities, whether it be Crafting, General Looted Items, Finding Rares, Buying Weapons and Armor and equipping yourself with Potions and Food ready for the adventures that await you that day.

Now, the obvious choice, and for all WoW players, the most known way of buying and selling anything in an MMORPG is via an In Game Auction House. It’s simple, quick and makes selling fun and easy.

But unfortunately… There is no Auction House in Elder Scrolls Online."

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KrisButtar1530d ago

I never understood why selling items in MMOs to NPC give you so little in return. Is it to make you use an "action House" system or is it there just to make it so you have to play longer. I guess what I'm saying is I don't see why it doesn't work like single play games.

In FF14, I just gather and craft everything I need myself because I don't like the whole economy system in MMOs and I will try and do the same in ESO.

cleft51529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Without an auction house Zenimax Online is going to have people buy items off of gold farmers and other shady people. The auction house was a realistic recognition of the fact that players will buy goods and items from others, so by having an in-game auction house it served as a nice compromise where the MMO developer was able to ensure that exchanges was happening safely and make a profit as well.

This is yet another poor economy choice being made by Zenimax Online. I don't know who is in charge of making these decisions, but they really need to be fired because ESO has doomed written all over it, which shouldn't be the case at all.

KrisButtar1529d ago

In Auction Houses that I seen, everything is over priced anyways and I understand that RMTs are like a plague. I don't think the auction house is the problem, I think its a poor solution for a bad system.

Why don't MMOs have an economy more in tune to say Skyrims where you get decent coin for selling stuff instead of the usual pennies that are offered in most MMOs. If money was as easy to come by like in Skyrim there would be no need for Auction Houses. There likely would be a ton less RMTs in MMOs to begin with because you could buy/sell with NPC stores.

I think Zenimax is using a poor economy choice with an already broken economy system.

Xristo1529d ago

This is an interesting idea as in order to have your guild's shop be available to the rest of your faction, you must own a keep in Cyrodiil (this will make AvAvA huge). You can be into up to five guilds at once and each can have a shop always available to that specific guild. Some may find this "archaic" but I think it will foster a FORCED community between guilds/players. One thing MMOs have been losing is the need to interact with others in the game. I am all for this!

Now, this next link is the most comprehensive preview from a 6+month beta tester I can find. He doesn't dig into his experience with trade but WOW does he talk about everything else!! Must read! (yes, i post this in every ESO article because it NEEDS to be seen)

_LarZen_1529d ago

This is a good thing. It makes people communicate and makes it more fun. Not going in to a auctionhouse and shop away.

Summons751529d ago

yeah, not to mention if you take a look at let's say the auction house in WoW, everything is very over priced and people expect unrealistic expectations from others. Not to mention a lot of players will only use the auction house to get their gear instead of playing the game to get the armor and weapons they want.

I agree, this is a good thing. They will bring focus back to the gameplay and the idea that if you want to improve your character you will need to play the game and work for it and communicate with people if you want to sell items, get help on quests or pair up for dungeons. I'm not a huge WoW fan but it kind of killed the game when they added dungeon finder.

il-JumperMT1529d ago

From Beta I can say its SP game with Co Op elements nothing more.

_LarZen_1529d ago

And what level was you when you stopped playing? Don't lie now... ;)

Kane221529d ago

idk this seems like a very bad idea. Ive played so many mmo games where you get crappy items or weapons in return from doing some long missions. i shouldn't have to join some stupid guild in order to buy stuff from another player. and no im not gonna go around constantly asking other gamers what there selling that would get boring in a heart beat.

Xristo1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

If it is any consolation, you do not have to be in a guild in order to access guild shops in Cyrodiil owned keeps. Its just, if you are in a guild (and you can be in up to five guilds at once) you will have access to those guild shops also when they do not own a keep.